What advice would you give to other actors on working with bears? Make sure there’s country and western music playing. And don’t cuddle it. Our bear was called Bart and he was a real diva. When he stepped out of his trailer, you had to give him a round of applause. None of the rest of the cast is so demanding. - Gwendoline Christie

we need to take a moment to appreciate how viktor nikiforov, inventor of being extra, completely misread yuuri and was firmly believing he would get laid on night one

first, yuuri basically barges into the room where viktor is minding his business and relaxing after his long travel

so he just sees that like: oh great! so you’re just as eager for this as i am? better bless you with a display of my hot bod yuuri i can’t stop thinking about you since the banquet i’m desperate

then all we know is that yuuri screams (same tbh) and then we get this bit of information on the next episode:

so they barely spoke??? yuuri fainted and woke up when viktor was napping??? we’ll never know

but then viktor wakes up, exuding extra realness:


or maybe it’s just hungry for dick which all things considered is a possibility


ouch, vitya, that was harsh??? but it’s also important to remember we get a lot of examples that show viktor isn’t really savvy when it comes about reading people and that he’s capable of delivering harsh truths with a hear-shapped smile on his face

BUT NO!!! YA BOY VITYA IS NOT DONE, as soon as they get some alone time he tries to drop some questionable hints

oh yuuri i’m so sorry i had to be like that earlier, i’m just going for angry coach on the streets, passionate lover in the sheets

which,,,,you know…



if anything viktor nikiforov is a symbol of perseverance and has unshakeable confidence in what he does, bless him

At the risk of sounding cheesy, pizza, you make us melt.

So here’s to you, ruler of the pie, majesty of mozzarella, savior of the sauces, prince of pepperoni. You’re a dairy-dressed dream, a vision topped with veggies. Pizza and the doctor-recommended amount of enzymes—together always a delight.

How do you top your perfect pie? Are you pro-pineapple? Let us know!

Discussing True Crime With Friends

My friend: how do you commit the perfect murder

Me: you dont. All that shit online about using bleach on everything and feeding bodies to pigs is CSI horseshit that never works in real life. Honestly your best bet is to hit some random over the head and then just fucking sprint away, and not bother with disposal at all. The more you fuck with the body, the more evidence you leave behind, and the more likely you are to get caught. Listen to me, fam, I know what I’m talking about.

Friend: …….

Niall Horan For Billboard | Digital Painting

As soon as I saw this photo I knew I wanted to paint it, I mean look at this stunning boy! I’ve been working on it for most of the day, I’ve barely left my desk and my eyes are stinging so much but I actually managed to get it done. Its in no way perfect but I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again how do you recreate perfection?? 

Please don’t remove the caption or repost <3

veldahh  asked:

Hi! I love your art!!!! If you don't mind me asking, how do you pick such perfect colours??

Haha to be honest I don’t really have a specific method I use to pick colours, I mostly just play around with it until I’m satisfied so sorry if this answer is kind of vague;;; 

Usually though I like to think about what mood/atmosphere I’m going for and where I want the center of focus to be. If I get particularly stuck on the colour scheme, I find that making a bunch of small colour thumbnails like these helps.

Some other things I like to keep in mind are:

What time of the day is it

Where is the light source coming from and how strongly does it affect the surroundings

What are the local colours and how will they interact with this specific lighting

To unify my palette sometimes I like to throw down a base colour first, usually a warm ochre or brown.

Sorry this wasn’t more informative! Glitchedpuppet has a really good tutorial on dA that I used to read religiously way back when lolooool and I also like Ahmed Aldoori’s video on colour. These guys can explain colour theory way better than I can, so I would definitely check it out!

anonymous asked:

Hey! Do you use a program for comic page templates or do you make them yourself? How do you make them so perfect ;;;

nah I just make them myself, I use the selection tool and then cut out the shapes I want! four steps

I just realized something rather profound.  None of us–none of us–can truly describe the majesty that is Harry Styles.  That’s why, when writing about him, we resort to things like “stunning”, “gorgeous”, “beautiful”…full lips, long limbs, vivid green eyes.  Like?  There’s no words to really, truly describe him.  Sometimes I just want to write–fuck it…you know–he looks like HARRY

P.S. you can substitute “Louis” for “Harry” in the above passage.

#31-Kylo Ren

“Can I touch your hair?”

Warnings: None

Words: 1K +

Notes: You gotta admit, we’re all at least a tiny bit infatuated with Kylo’s hair. 

You watched as Kylo unlatched his helmet. His gloved fingers coming up just under the back, and clicking it open. The metal gave out a small sigh and then moved away from his face.

You had only seen him without his helmet once. But that was when you had run into the corridor where he was speaking to Snoke. Well, that had been when one of the resistance pilots had escaped. 3 months ago. They caught him and killed him before he could get back to the Resistance.

You ran into the long, dark hallway, panting. Kylo had looked back at you, and you instantly recognized his black robes. What you didn’t recognize, was the young, pale man with dark eyes and thick, pale pink lips staring back at you. You nearly tripped over yourself when you first saw him. Your heart nearly exploding in your chest when the young man’s voice broke the silence when you were exiting.

You couldn’t get him out of your head before that moment, and now, looking into his eyes, his complexion was gentle. His mouth in a slight pout, his eyebrows pushed together as he tried to figure out what you were thinking.

Reaching out, you ran your thumb over his bottom lip, and he closed his eyes. Sucking in a long breath. You then eyed the thick black locks that curled around his ears. A soft smile pulled at the corner of your mouth, and you leaned forward.

“Can I touch your hair?”

Kylo then opened his eyes, taken aback by your request. Then, with a single groan, he leaned his head forward.

“Do not speak of this to anyone. Understand?”


“I’m allowing you to do this cause it’s you.”


Grinning, you brought your fingers to his jet black hair. Burying your fingers in its softness. Running your fingers through, you pushed it from his eyes, and he found that he enjoyed it.  

Moving your fingers along his scalp, and then slightly massaging his temple, Kylo breathed out, focusing on your touch. Reaching his hand up, he interlocked your fingers with his. Bringing your palm up to his lips, and planting a small kiss in the center.

You smiled, leaning over. Meeting his lips with yours and crawling on top of him. He wrapped his muscular arms around you.

When Kylo let go of your other hand, you brought it back up to his hair. Knotting your fingers, and pulling back a little bit. Revealing his neck to you. He groaned slightly, letting his eyes flutter close. But you stopped kissing him, and just looked at his hair in awe. Frustrated, he opened his eyes. Holding your hips.

“What are you doing?”

“I just don’t understand how do you get it this perfect? What product do you use? Why doesn’t it get messed up by your helmet? Why do you have black hair instead of-”

“Oh my god.” Lifting you, Kylo moved you off of him and stood up. Pushing his hair out of his eyes, and crossing his arms. Pouting, you sat on your knees, giggling slightly.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I want to touch it again.”

“What is it with you and my hair?”

“It’s just… So… Amazing. Kylo. Come on.”

“I’m beginning to think you like my hair better than you like me.”

“Now… That’s not fair. You are your hair.” Kylo raised his eyebrows, and you snickered. Getting off the bed, and walking up to him. “Don’t be so brooding… I can’t help it.”

Leaning down, Kylo pulled you up. Kissing you hard. You reached up to bury your hands in his hair again, but he shot his hands up, grabbing yours and bringing them to your chest.

“No.” He simply said. “Or the helmet goes back on.”

Pressing your lips together, you hit his chest, but he chuckled. Picking you up so that your legs wrapped around his waist. You two hadn’t ever been so close. Other than flirtatious conversations and bitter words towards one another, this was only the second time you saw him without his mask on. And you didn’t want to stop kissing him.

Cupping his face, you smiled, and moved your lips down his neck as he carried the two of you to the bed. Letting you fall on him, you moved to his side. Lightly touching his face and showering him with small kisses.

“How do you do that?”

“Hm…” You ran your finger along his hairline. Fighting the urge to run your fingers through the blackness once again. Just to piss him off. But you continued your path down to his cheekbone.

“Make me feel as if nothing else matters?” He asked, his voice quiet and gentle. Meeting his gaze, you cleared your throat, and he reached up, holding your chin in his fingers while he kissed you. You couldn’t get over the feeling of his lips against yours, his hot breath, the smell of leather against his skin mixing with ash and metal, the toxic taste of his tongue, like bitter whiskey mixed with black coffee. Sighing, you answered him.

“I’m pretty sure you’re going to have to figure out the answer to that question…”

Kylo nodded slightly, getting lost in your eyes. Silence then wrapped the two of you together like a heavy blanket. Encompassing the whole room, which was dimly lit. With the warm glow of the light in the corner, it shone on Kylo’s face, spreading the shadows of his features across one side of his face. Tracing the lines of his bones, you followed your fingers with your lips. Making him chuckle quietly when you climbed on top of him. Your knees pressing against his sides and your hands on either side of his head. Your lips moving across each distinct mark on his face.

Kissing the tip of his nose, you sat up and held Kylo’s hands in yours. Noticing the way that his hair had sprawled across the pillow.

“Wait a second-how is your hair so wonderful when I only get a small bottle of cheap, shitty shampoo?”

Kylo rolled his eyes back, raising his eyebrows.

“Just drop it with my hair already!”

I Want to Write

I want to write

Backspace after backspace

Left me confined

in an empty page

How do you piece

The perfect words to illustrate

Something so intangible

I want to write

One poor choice of word

Changed the entire meaning

Leaving me unsatisfied

I want to write

Words won’t form

The way my feelings do

Another day of imprisonment

Someday I’ll write

Words will flow

Feelings will come across

I’ll be free

But for now

I’ll struggle to write

///  hollylittleworld