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Some of you cool cats wanted more SeriRei so here you go :9

they are getting ready for a spirit exorcism that’s at a fancy restaurant so ofc they gotta play the part (reigen with his roundabout logic……………pls just ask him on a date like a normal person)

Here’s my entry for the @trekfemslashbigbang! This is from the absolutely lovely Gals Being Pals.

i. how does it feel to drown? can you taste the fire slicking down your throat? does the salt burn like vodka, like an endless shot pouring past your clenched teeth and gaping mouth; does the water pound relentlessly on your head, beating wave after wave as you flail beneath the surface – rippling – wave after wave after wave –

ii. he, with his brine-water blood, red salt thudding heavy within his petal veins – he drowns in a sea of golden ink, fingers tangled in long black hair as he cries cradled in arms carved from bone, a voice, crash on rocks: remember, the sea is your home

iii. so you drown in a sea of molten pyrite gold

iv. yet his fingers, his eyes, his wide scar-riddled back; breathe in the scent of dirt, the bark, the sap; exhale the salt and inhale caress; moonlight puddles silver in his hair; and oh zeus he’s more beauty than you could ever bear

v. it’s midnight, and the amethysts glow soft in the moonlight, silver and lilac washing over his skin and you breathe in the forest and the musty scent within.(and his heartbeat washes over you and settles in your bones)

vi. patroclus, here, i am here, i am finally home

silver washes over you and settles in your bones | a.c.

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I think you're really sweet and cute. Your tags are great too! I always find myself smiling whenever I scroll though (stalk) your blog. You're my favourite tumblr. ^_^ I also kinda have the tiniest (maybe not so tiny) squish on you... XD I also really love how much of a loyal Jae fan you are..... Even though we all know how much you love Dowoonie! .....Please don't hate me XD ❤️❤️❤️

fhsjghfsfd ahhhhhhhhh HOW ARE YOU SO CUTE?!?! YOU’RE THE SWEET AND CUTE ONE!! I’m actually kinda speechless, this is probably one of the nicest messages I’ve ever received!! This actually made my day 26732638726x better!! COME HERE LET ME SMOTHER YOU WITH LOTS OF HUGS AND KISSES, HOW ARE YOU SO CUTE?! Thank you so much for liking my blog!! I’m happy that I can make you smile with my really awful tags :PP I am a VERY loyal Jae stan!! But who is this d man you speak of??? XD Anyway, just thank you, thank you, thank you,  and PLEASE COME TALK TO ME ANYTIME!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, JUST THOUGHT I SHOULD MENTION THAT <333 

oh, and did I say that you’re really cute yet???? CAUSE YOU’RE SERIOUSLY ADORABLE!! <33

i mean, i get it as a business decision; it certainly is a lot cheaper at various levels of zots to outsource your fandom and let people have it out over tumblr, twitter, reddit, facebok - you’re not paying for the server usage of a quickfire community that uses a lot of resources daily (tumblr, twitter, reddit and facebook are), you don’t need dedicated mods to keep the wank at bay or take people away from their actual jobs for it (QAs shouldn’t be modding forums, the Community Manager can focus on promo instead of wank)

at the same time, nuking the entire forum forever is such a salty move?? it sounds so petty? specially when the old bioware social pages are still there, the mods and projects are still there. keeping a static, lightweight, read-only version of the forums archived can’t possibly be more resource intensive than what’s already archived as mods and downloadable files?

there are years worth of resources in the forums, actual constructive and insightful discussions (even among the wank), legacy user-to-user support to old game issues you to this day don’t find anywhere else, helpful player guides, the history of whole sub-communities that were formed there, actual important lore answers and clarifications from the devs and writers that can’t be sourced or traced back to anywhere else… this is years of fandom history just going up in smoke, and… for what? haven’t we learned that letting fandom history disappear in ways that can never be recovered again is always regrettable in the long term? what does bw even get from erasing such a huge and formative part our history as a fandom (a lore intensive, discussion based and source dependent fandom) like that? i don’t get it.


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did that BS ~gender role test~ and got “casually masculine”