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I was wondering if you could right some hiccstrid fluff if you are taking requests. I could really use some fluff and I love love love your writing!!!

Thank you! Here’s some fluff! :D RTTE Season 5, in “Dawn of Destruction” right before Hiccup and Astrid spar. ;)

Pillow Fight

“It’s a mess.”

Astrid stared at him, noticing how he was giving her hut a good look over. Sure, it wasn’t the… most orderly, but it wasn’t “horrible” either…

“Come on, there’s just a…” She walked to her loft steps, kicking aside stray weapons and crates of what-not clutter, “…few things… here and there.”

Hiccup rolled his eyes and set his hands on his hips, bemused. “Uh huh, says the girl as she shoves her way through the sea of trash in order to find her bed.

“My bed, mister snarky, is right over there.” Astrid waved her hand indignantly towards the said piece of furniture against the corner, piled high with miscellaneous items and rumpled bedding.

Hiccup scratched his neck, clearly unconvinced.

“Have you ever made your bed before? Have you ever seen another bed before? Because… ah,  that’s not exactly what they look like.”

Astrid huffed, nearly tripping over a giant broken mace lying in her path. With small curses under her breath she glared up at the chuckling Hiccup, knowing exactly what he was thinking.

“Make the bed then, buddy, and show me how it’s done if you’re so smart.” She shot back playfully. She gestured generously towards the bed with grand flare.

HIccup paused, then grinned as he jumped across the room to the bed, trying to avoid any potentially dangers accidents. Having a hut cluttered with weapons… not exactly the best of garbage.

As it was, his darned prosthetic caught on a bow and he would’ve fallen flat on his face had he not been so close to the bed. He caught himself against it, turning to give a pointed glare at the giggling Astrid.

“What, you want to me to kill myself or something on this..?” Hiccup shook his prosthetic, kicking the bow away. “You little mink.”

“What the heck does that even mean?” Astrid choked, fist covering her mouth as she tried to hide a smile.

Hiccup just glared, yet his lips twitched with a grin. “Watch and learn, m’lady.”

With that he promptly shoved all the beds contents onto the floor, leaving the wood bare. He then diligently picked up the soft wool blanket used to spread over the bed, tucking it under the pins beneath it. “See? Flat, and neat.” He spread his hand over it lovingly, the other waving with elegant air towards his fine achievement. 

“Beautiful. A work of art, really.” Astrid snorted, arms crossed as she watched him continue with a grin.

“Then, you gently spread the blanket- like this.” He bent to retrieve said item, shaking it out before billowing it over the bed, letting it fall slowly to rest upon it. “Gorgeous.”

Astrid laughed and shook her head.

“And- last but not least, the pillow…” He bent down to retrieve it, giving it a few punches to refluff it. “Holy- Astrid this thing is as hard as a rock.”

“I like it that way.” Astrid replied. “Got that pillow specifically for that reason. Helps me from feeling the axe… or knives, whichever I decide to use. Maybe both.”

Hiccup looked up in slight horror. “Er… sure you don’t want to sleep on a rock instead?”

Astrid snorted and shook her head in laughter, amused by his protests. “Oh please- I know my way around-”


Astrid yelped in surprise as the pillow made quick contact with her face, sending her spinning. She looked up at Hiccup’s laughing eyes in shock, utterly surprised he’d dared such a bold action.

“You… little…” She slowly bent down to pick the pillow up again, tossing it deftly in her hand. “You have no idea what you just did.”

Hiccup paled, eyes widening as he scrabbled away from the bed, “Thor! Astrid I didn’t mean it, honest!” He laughed, dodging her attempts.

She screamed in fury as she ran and picked up the pillow, tossing it again at the retreating boy. It slammed into his shoulder with a jolt, knocking him off balance to clatter into a chair.

“Haha!” She fist pumped the air victoriously.

“Not over yet-” Hiccup called back, shooting the pillow at her stomach.

She let out a very undignified oof! at the hit, but didn’t hesitate to retrieve it and toss it back, hitting her boyfriend smack in the leg. He yelped as he tumbled to the ground, sprawling flat out on his stomach.

Astrid laughed and rushed forward to help him stand, taking this as her win. Hiccup crawled to his feet with a sniff, nose in the air as he dusted himself off.

“I win.” She grinned, eyes flashing.

He snorted, then pointed towards the bed, “Not until you prove you can top that, missie.”

She laughed and grabbed his hand, shoving the pillow against his chest. “I think I need to return the favor- how about I come over and make you supper, hm?” She wiggled her eyebrows, knowing that the mere thought horrified him.

“You are a cruel woman.” Hiccup chuckled, lifting a hand to push the pillow down out of his face. “And no thanks, I’d prefer to live another day, thank you very much.”

“How about some combat lessons?”

Hiccup quirked his head, “…Or how about a spar?”

Her eyebrows raised high at such a dare, he must be feeling good today to have started both a pillow war, and challenged her to a duel. “You’re on. Sword against axe, should make a good fight, aye?” She revived a Scottish brogue.

Hiccup cleared his throat, doing the same, “Dear lassie, to the ring!” He saluted smartly, collapsing into hopeless giggles as he accidentally clipped her hair. “Ah- sorry, you alright?” He asked, smoothing back her hair, both smiling brightly. 

She smiled up at him, pecking a kiss on his lips. “Peachy.” She pulled away, tossing the pillow on the bed as she made her way to the door, where she deftly tossed her axe in the air and caught it once more. “To the ring?”

“To the ring, m’lady!”

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hello! while re-watching rtte season 5 I noticed that a few characters (i.e. Tuffnut when he faked his death and Oswald) didn't receive a Viking funeral but instead were buried. do you have any ideas as to why that is? thanks a bunches!

Hey there! That’s an interesting point! I’m not an expert on Viking culture myself and would be a little hesitant trying to read up heavily on this topic myself (though admittedly Berk’s culture diverges greatly from what actually happened in the past). Others more experienced in these matters like the wonderful @dyannehs​ could talk about traditional Viking funerals… and in fact she has made a post on this topic

Hopefully at 1:20 AM I am reading this right… She mentions that many people were cremated and some people were buried. Both of these happened. So the fact that Tuffnut’s faked funeral involved a burial would not have been unprecedented in actual past Viking culture. In regards to the chief (which admittedly isn’t Tuffnut), she mentions that one account says the chief was buried for ten days, exhumed, and burnt on a ship - in which case one person was both buried and burned.

Hiccup: This is Berk. It snows nine months of the year, and hails the other three. Any food that grows here is tough and tasteless. The people that grow here are even more so. The only upsides are the pets. While other places have ponies or parrots… we have… dragons.


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