How fortuitous!

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Do you have any favorite fanfic authors?

I hear told it’s a day to appreciate fanfic writers. How fortuitous!

This is a difficult question to answer for me. I’m sure it’s getting boring to hear that from me. All these questions! So difficult! Surely I am unmade by questions!

But seriously. 10 years of college, followed immediately by 2 years working for an independent fiction publisher, have effectively shattered my ability to read for pleasure.

I finish one or two stories a year. And while I’m working on changing this, it’s slow going. 

This is not to say that I don’t have any favorite fandom writers. I do. I absolutely do. But it’s not any specific work that defines this list for me. It’s who they are, as artists and wordsmiths.

If I were a more diligent reader, I would be better served for this gesture. As it is, I can only hope the sentiment stands on its own.

@intheshadowofsignificance is one of the most genuine and insightful people I’ve ever met. If I hadn’t learned from years and years of experience that words can be art, you would have taught me. As it is, you reignited my inner fire by your example, and I will never have words for what that means to me.

@bellamy-taft has a diligence and dedication to the craft that I wish I could match. You’re too hard on yourself, my friend. Trust me. I know a true artist when I see one. I’ve spent a long time searching. I am proud to call you peer, friend, and colleague.

@kuraireikan‘s eye for detail is unmatched. You play close to the vest with your work, Mistress, but what you’ve shared — with me and with the world — is sharp, powerful, and stands shoulder to shoulder with everything I’ve ever put together. And that’s high praise. I’m rather full of myself.

I’m kidding … or am I?

@queen-of-carven-stone bleeds with a passion at which I can only marvel. If I had half of it, I’m pretty sure I’d burn to cinders. The indomitable, indefinable They™ say to write what excites you. You are a beacon, a shining example of what it means to embrace that principle, and make magic with it.

Thank you, for everything.

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How fortuitous that someone whose father has been a paramedic for 40 years was on your tumblr at gone three in the morning not long after I'd submitted my ask questioning how you could pretend to be a UK Paramedic after only receiving training from St. John's Ambulance. If this person isn't you and was real then she would know that the qualifications required to be a Paramedic now are very different to those of veteran paramedics. Try reading up on the subject before lying again.

aww you are cute, clueless but cute. 

Also erm just because it is 3am here does not mean it is for that Anon

Again, clueless and adorably ignorant 

Have you tried this thing called google you may learn something so you don’t make me laugh rather than think you are credible or worth giving you a real answer.

August 19, 2016

Day 10.  Have hiked about 360 miles to date. Papi and I are hiking together. How fortuitous that two women SOBOs would start within 20 minutes of each other and are going for the FKT.  When the universe speaks, LISTEN.  Both of us had planned to hike alone.  For now, we are a team.  What a gift! Hiked through Rainier National Park.  Wildlife:  flies.  Most days long.  We feel strong. Tired but not wiped.  Washington has been gorgeous.  Blueberries and huckleberries all the way from Canada. Got my mail drop & the lady stayed open when I called to tell her we were on the way.  Sign says “Closed,” but she was “Open.”  Small town America - Cool!  xxx
Who the fuck is my #DND character?
A DND character backstory generator
By Ryan J. Grant

Best friend’s boy has decided best friend must play D&D because she has not, so he’s putting together a small campaign for us and some of our other lady friends to start on Saturday. I have not played in yonks. I had the most fun when I was with people I could feel comfy being weird with and not taking things too seriously.  And then this link showed up on my FB feed; how fortuitous!


I think her name is gonna be Dinoa Shamabam (What a tweest!).