How does your garden grow


Sisters, don’t be afraid to DEFY GRAVITY.



Harry, Harry quite contrary,

How does your garden grow?

With banana trees, an island breeze,

And singing boys all in a row.

Based on a nursery rhyme. (x)

The fact that Harry’s name rhymes with so many things is making it hard to be productive with non fanart work…


July 1st 2016

1 & 2: these mystery caterpillars are snacking on the kale that re-grew from the stumps of last years bumper crop in the old raised garden. Pretty, aren’t they? I haven’t a clue what they are though.

3: My first harvest of home-grown strawberries! Admittedly they look a little rough here, but I’m still so excited to be growing my own fruit! Something (I suspect baby wild turkeys) nibbled off all the blueberries on our new bushes, but at least they left the bushes intact.

4: Little cabbage heads are forming! I have seen cabbage moths fluttering about, so I’m a bit anxious about how they’ll turn out - no one likes biting into a cabbage worm :(

5: We officially have tomato blossoms! In other parts of the country, people have been harvesting tomatoes for weeks now. Oh well. 

6: The garden looks all wild and rambley this time of year. The weeds are growing like crazy and I haven’t the time to keep up with them. Oh shwell.

7: A garden bouquet! Dill blossoms, cilantro flowers, apple mint and nasturtiums - come to think of it, everything minus the lilies are completely edible in this arrangement :)

8:The tomatillos are working their way into a righteous jungle state. I’m excited.

9: Watermelon vines are really starting to take off! So are the cukes and the pumpkin, but they’re on the opposite side of the garden.

10: Ahh collard greens. So majestic. So bushy.

At The Stars
  • At The Stars
  • Better Than Ezra
  • How Does Your Garden Grow?

At the Stars (Better than Ezra)

Maybe I should drop you at your door.
Or leave tonight and vanish up the shore.
Anywhere but here.

It’s three o'clock we’re driving in your car,
You’re screaming out the window at the stars,
“Please don’t drive me home!”

Blame us because we are who we are.
Hate us because you’ll never get that far.
And who’d suppose you would go?
I’ve already learned enough to know.

Tell me all the places we could go.
And count the headlights passing on the road,
A long, long time ago.

Here we are.
Foreign to their world.
Straight and composed.
Your sermons I can do without
And I finally found.
That everybody loves to love you
When you’re far away.
Could it be we’ve done something wrong
We’d make it home to your place before dawn
“Please, don’t take me home.”
“Please, don’t take me home.”

How does your garden grow? 

Not very tall, if it’s full of dachshunds.

This peculiar illustration comes from the guest book of the Hewitt family, the founders of the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. The book spanned more than 50 years and included signatures and more involved artwork and poems.

Lacking context or explanation, “Dachshund Nursery” was probably done by Caroline King Duer, a frequent visitor to the Hewitt’s Ringwood Manor, in 1896. Learn more from cooperhewitt‘s blog.