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List 10 biases from 10 kpop groups you like

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1. Super Junior- Donghae

2. SHINee- Jonghyun

3. Infinite- Woohyun

4. FT Island- Song Seunghyun 

5. Seventeen- Hoshi

6.  ikon- Jinhwan/Hanbin don’t make me choose

7. MBLAQ- Seungho 

8. BAP- Jongup

9. BEAST- Dongwoon (Yoseob?) 

10. GOT7- Junior

(Bonus- BTOB Minhyuk Block B Kyung BTS Jimin & 2PM Junho)

sorry I cheated here @maryprom15es do iiiiit

honestly there was no real rivalry between morrigan and leliana unless you were romancing both of them… otherwise it was just countering views and basic civil debate? leliana was just like, amazed by the whole “witch of the wilds” thing and just wanted to hear (non gross bits) about the legends or talk about the maker with her bc like whoa!!! who is this swamp woman i want to analyze her beliefs!! or go shopping with her… like she was explicitly fascinated with her bc of her origin? and morrigan just responded curt and honest and unsociable (tho, i always thought leliana was one of the banters morrigan was a little less rude during but i mean. my biases) like she did with everyone else… there was no reason for some weird jump to “morrigan cannot be trusted at all costs ever” unless theyre going to blame it on the whole “hardened leliana” thing, but even still, that doesnt seem to correlate or make sense… at least to me

When I do research in the laboratory, I have choices I make about how to analyze the data and about what of the data that I get to report. And so I might be more likely to find a way of analyzing the data that looks good for me - right? It confirms my hypothesis. It provides a result that’s exciting, that’s very publishable. I might decide that must be the right way to analyze the data, and I might do that while thinking and trying to be genuine and accurate. But - and the fact that I have a conflict of interest in this, where the results have implications for me and my career advancement, means that I might construct stories to myself that lead me to finding results and reporting results in literature that just are exaggerations of reality that just aren’t true.

Episode 677: The Experiment Experiment : Planet Money : NPR

This is an explanation about how bias works in science but when I first heard it on the radio I was like but that’s exactly how so much of white supremacy works. I can’t figure out how to shoehorn this quote into what I am working on now so for now it will go here.

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OMG. You answered me! I'm the anon from the song situation. Thank you so much! And yeah, that's why there are so many names between parenthesis. I suppose you were pretty angry and that's why you wrote your post in that way, which is normal for every angry person to do things like that. I don't have a bias in BTS, so I tend to dislike people who bring down other members just to put their favorites on top :( But I saw that you're a good fan. And I love your snaps! They are great

I know how you feel about the bias thing ~ I double bias Jimin and Taehyung and the rest are all second on my list i don’t know how people can write a bias list because when I even consider doing it my heart hurts because I love them all so much i mean even on the handwriting tag thing when it was like “Write your bias list” i just thought “impossible” they’re all so unique and i just <3 and thank you for loving the snaps !!! I hope you have a great day friend !!!!!! 

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Oh blonde!Cha is such a beautiful thing ;w; I mean, N in general is beautiful af but the blonde hair looks so amazing with his skin tone and aghhh why is he so perfect? Um. Anyways. I'm a different anon, but great job with the OT6 thing :D

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Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it - Admin N

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Heyy! I've just read your tags on the Prague gif and... well, I am from Prague! So if you guys ever need a consultation on locations or language or something, feel free to ask! I love seeing my hometown's name in fics just as every other fan :) Great blog and great community btw! :D

OH WOW! That’s pretty awesome! OK now we need a fic where Eggsy goes on a mission to Prague so he can run around the rooftops because we just need more Eggsy making use of his sick parkour skills. I’m digging around in Google images and it looks like he would have a lot of fun along the buildings. Very climbable ledges although some of those pointed roofs are going to give him a run for his money!

But yes! Thank you (and thank you!)! I may come knocking at your door one day for your advice bwahahaha!

Date Me: Day 0

content: imagine/scenario
word count: 471

S/N: Day 0 = pt. 1

Yibo is the new guest star in the popular variety show Date Me. The show gives a lucky fan a chance to date their idol up to 7 days.

“…and now cut to commercial.. have you ever wanted to date your bias? How about one from UNIQ? Well, dancing boy Yibo is the new guy up for grabs in Date Me! All you have to do is go on our website and submit a form that will give you a chance to date him! Enter now before it’s too late!”

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