How To Train Your Dragon 2

:3 :3 :3 :3 Turns out the workout room gym thing in my apartment complex has REALLY amazing acoustics? So I had to screw around a little bit in there? There is zero sound editing on this recording and I just did it with my crappy laptop webcam mic at like 3 in the morning.


Here is the finished series - I edited some parts and errors (especially in the first painting. It was painted in 2016 so I decided to work on it some more).

Hope you enjoy this :)


DreamWorks Animation + Villains

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Hang on Team Mom, your kids are trying to make their new sibling comfortable.

so yeah I finally watched Moana and she is like super cool and now she is gonna be one of my new faves and i can’t find the proper colour for her skin plz kill me

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