The 100 - BTS - EP 406

Last week’s episode was absolute madness, and it showcased one of the most ambition action sequences we had ever attempted to create – our Mad Max-inspired car chase through the post-apocalyptic tundra.

While much was filmed outside in Vancouver, using camera rigs to follow our actual vehicles, we had some tricks up our sleeves, too.

And I totally forgot I had this video! 

And I thought you guys might find it interesting.

What you are seeing is a crazy rig that pumps air into little pads that rest underneath the Rover’s wheels – allowing our crew to push this heavy vehicle from side to side, forward and back. It functions like a miniature hovercraft.

The camera is inside the cab of the truck (looking over Clarke’s shoulder out the window) and from that point of view, it really feels like Bellamy is speeding up, swerving and pulling away at the last possible second. 

If you listen close, you can hear our amazing Producing Director, Dean White, shouting instructions for the Rover’s movements.

Tune in tonight for Episode 407… 

And may I suggest you bring an umbrella.

Atrium Log Update

Finally, I’ve posted all my backlog pics and the Pathfinder era begins!

I spent quite a while exploring my homeworld with the new exocraft (the above pictured hovercraft being my favorite), but soon I was out in the stars again. I couldn’t stay idle for long, the new photo mode begging me to find unique worlds and creatures to capture. And that I did.

Keep exploring the stars!