Hogwarts Houses as Avengers Gifs


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I’m quiet because...

Hufflepuff: strength doesn’t require being loud

Gryffindor: my actions speak 

Slytherin: I don’t owe you a response

Ravenclaw: I think too much to tell you everything

hogwarts house aesthetics: stress

gryffindor: heavy breathing; taking long sips of whiskey, neat. fingers pinching the bridge of your nose, eyes squeezed until grayscale zigzags appear behind your eyelids. fidgeting with the closest object, braiding and unbraiding hair/string/shoelaces/anything you can get your hands on. smiling through pressure; a false bravado of “of course - nothing’s wrong!” and sagging shoulders when watchful eyes look away. angry outbursts at those trying to help; a snap in reply, a hard sigh, and a muttered sorry through pursed lips.

ravenclaw: long walks to the library; putting down the textbook to pick up a fantasy and losing yourself in the success of someone else. willfully falling down a wikipedia rabbit hole; a preoccupation with learning something that doesn’t mean anything right now. talking in your sleep; dreams providing clarity you need and only sometimes remember. making a list of pros and cons, rambling through decisions until you arrive at the one that makes the most sense (or does it?)

hufflepuff: the comfiest sweaters, with sleeves too long balled up in too-tight fists. cup after cup of cocoa; a sugar rush to keep a smile on your face. at the breaking point, a wicked smile and a need to party - or dance, or drink, or cry, or scream, or fuck - and a sheepishness the morning after. avoidance, and you’re damn good at it, a master of white lies and excuses from thin air. calling your best friend to rant and talking through tears; “am i laughing or crying?”

slytherin: running in the rain, meant to make your stomach hurt; pain feeling better than despair, and throwing yourself into work you don’t need to do just to feel productive in the face of failure. shutting down the frantic beating of your heart; slamming a padlock shut on the nerves, the tears, the sadness, the worry. telling a wound to stop bleeding and expecting it to listen. showering only as often as you need to to wash the grease from your hair, forgetting to eat and surviving (thriving?) on a liter of coffee a day, but dressing like the media follow you wherever you go.



Ravenclaw is one of the four Houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, founded by Rowena Ravenclaw. Members of this house are characterised by their wit, learning, and wisdom. Its house colours are blue and bronze, and its symbol is an eagle.


Short descriptions and moodboards based off the meanings of each astrological house.


Your identity, who you are the outside, your passion, your drive, who you are to others, your “vibe”, what stands out from you, your overall outer personality, what people’s first impression of you is


What you value in life, what you value in others, what you value in yourself, you and your material possessions, finances, your view on the economy, how you acquire and how you spend money


How you communicate, how you think, the expression of your thoughts, your writing, your voice, what may interest you academically, your performance in school, how you choose to express yourself through words.


Your home, your mother, your childhood, what comforts you, what you find nostalgic, what means the most to you, who and what you care for, the way that you mother others


What you take pride in, your “spotlight”, romantic flings, dates, the expression of yourself and of your creativity, children, what you find fun in life, how you pamper yourself


What you dedicate yourself to, your service to others, your health, what may worry you, how you choose to organize your life, how you like to be helpful


Deep and long lasting relationships, pleasing others, what you find aesthetically pleasing, what is beautiful about you, what you may not see in yourself, how you spread your love to others


Your secrets, the parts of yourself that you prefer to keep hidden, intimacy, fears, death, the darker parts of you, what you don’t like to share about yourself, the mysterious parts of you


Travel, higher education, higher thinking, philosophies, personal expansion, what you may want to be free from, your philosophical view on the world, luck


Your career, your aspirations, your achievements, your restrictions, your father, validation, your work ethic, what you stay committed to, what you work towards, the goals that you have set for yourself


Your place in society, your view on society, your community, your friend groups, what makes you unique, what you think needs to change in the world, how you are around your friends, how you build friendships


Who you are deep inside, your spirituality, your soul, who or what you feel deeply connected to, the parts of you that are deep beneath the surface, what you may have difficult expressing, the deepest components of yourself, what may confuse you/you may be out of touch with

pluto in the houses💀

by house, pluto shows where we search for truths and deeper meaning.  it is associated with change, upheaval and issues of control. we might be driven in the areas of life associated with the house pluto occupies. 

pluto in first house -

  • radiate intensity
  • have an intimidating manner
  • protective over privacy
  • fear of being overpowered or rejected
  • gutsy and determined in new situations
  • seen as confident throughout

pluto in second house -

  • powerful instincts
  • difficulty letting go
  • fear the feeling of helplessness
  • attach a lot of sentiment to possessions
  • need for power over money
  • excellent at strategy and planning
  • great advice on saving money

pluto in third house -

  • instinctively search for hidden meaning
  • very persuasive, both written and spoken 
  • tend to learn from observation
  • find difficulty in learning from others
  • prefer to be self-taught
  • fear loss through self-expression
  • choose words wisely to limit what others know about you

pluto in fourth house - 

  • self-protective and secretive
  • might feel a sense of guilt from where you came from
  • fear of change
  • adopted fear from surrounding people
  • a love for psychology, maybe from a parent
  • shielded from negative experiences

pluto in fifth house -

  • powerful creative impulses
  • invest a lot of energy into creative arts and romances
  • take a lot of pride in whatever you produce
  • romance for you needs to be intense and passionate
  • all or nothing attitude in love
  • a deep fear of loss or rejection
  • competitive attitude - rarely lighthearted

pluto in sixth house -

  • very hardworking
  • easily obsess over finding answers to problems
  • work becomes an obsession for you
  • a strong fear of criticism
  • interested in health and self-improvement
  • you instinctively seek alternative therapies for healing

pluto in seventh house - 

  • fear of intense relationships
  • often attract obsessive, jealous and possessive people
  • can easily bring out the worst in other people
  • discovery in relationships is key for you
  • easily feel trapped in relationships or friendships
  • people fear betrayal from you

pluto in eighth house - 

  • natural attraction to topics dark, taboo or hidden
  • expert at cutting through appearances to deeper meanings
  • endlessly invested in motivations and sources
  • sexual relationships are complicated, but intense
  • attract people who want to control you
  • talented in healing professions
  • great at dealing with others trauma and crisis

pluto in ninth house -

  • extremely attached to your beliefs
  • at your best, you are persuasive and intelligent
  • at your worst, you obsess with converting others to your beliefs
  • suspicious of new ideas
  • may be considered deep or profound to others
  • a sense of adventure that leads you to unusual experiences
  • have the ability to inspire and teach your beliefs

pluto in tenth house - 

  • something unique about you that stands out from the crowd
  • well-developed and pursue goals with focus and determination
  • strong interest in research and transformation
  • often get love-hate reactions from others
  • you can be very persuasive when you need to be
  • deep-rooted trust issues

pluto in eleventh house -

  • hates being on the sidelines and will insert yourself fearlessly
  • easily fall under the influence of others
  • when developed, make great leaders
  • aversion to groups, club and organisations of any kin
  • self-healing, growth and change appeals to you

pluto in twelfth house -

  • deep interest in secrets, the underworld and the unconscious
  • exceptionally perceptive intuitively or physically
  • need quiet moments to build strength
  • often tempted to repress emotions
  • problems with addictive behaviours
  • can become extremely good leaders