The Sun in the Houses

The House the Sun falls under in the Natal Chart shows where we need to feel special, and distinguished from others. This is where our personalities shine the brightest. We need to take purposeful action here, and therefore, this is where we can effect change.

In order to find happiness and direction in our lives, we must strive to identify with the areas of life ruled by the House the Sun is in.

Over identification may also be problematic, as an overly developed ego may lead to an easily bruised pride.

The Sun is more “comfortable” in some houses than it is in others. The Sun’s energy feels “at home” in the 5th House, which is its natural domain. The Sun also thrives in the First House.

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The Houses as Fullmetal Alchemist Characters

Gryffindor: Edward Elric / Pinako Rockbell


Hufflepuff: Riza Hawkeye / Alphonse Elric


Ravenclaw: Van Hohenheim / Winry Rockbell


Slytherin: Roy Mustang / Olivier Armstrong