Housefull 2

So.. I watched Housefull 2 last night.
  • It was damn hilarious.
  • John and Ritesh were both soso cute.. love them<3
  • Akki was pretty funny. Especially the whole scene with him and Asin in the bedroom, the first time they meet. LOOL.
  • Rishi, Randhir, Boman and Mithun were all really good in their roles!
  • So was Johnny Lever!
  • Imaa joking!
  • I’m glad Chunkey Pandey had more screen time than he did in the first one.
  • Jacquelineand Asin were gorgeous.
  • I’m not a fan of Zarine.. gonna skip over her. Though I will say that I wish someone else was paired opposite Ritesh.
  • Shazahn was kinda just there..
  • Yeah, so, you guys should watch the movie because it’s actually really funny. And I just want to say that the ending of this one was way better than the ending of the first one. :)