✛ Dates with Wanna One ✛

Yoon Jisung:
-coffee dates where he makes you laugh so hard that you almost spit coffee all over him
-stay at home dates where you guys have meme face competitions that end up with ong joining in and winning
-garden dates because this boy needs his aesthetic photos so guess who’s ready to take them for him
-video chat dates where you two chat, eat snacks and talk about how much you miss each other and getting blackmail on the boys

Ha Sungwoon:
-blanket fort dates cus he’s a child that needs to be protected and loved which you can do in there
-shopping dates where he gets you clothes and you get him insoles then proceeding to laugh at it thinking that it was a funny joke but he actually wore them
-soccer dates where you guys don’t even play soccer more like kick the ball around and throw the ball into the goal while the other isn’t looking
-Polaroid dates where you waste all your film taking cheesy pictures of each other around the house and in the neighborhood

Hwang Minhyun:
-bookstore dates where you too find books and kind of just sit there reading while holding hands and the occasional cheek kiss
-cleaning dates where you somehow make chores seem fun by giving each other random back hugs and kisses while watching Minhyun do his little dance and listening to music
-walk in the park dates so you two can clear your minds and destress and talk while making a stop at a juice place so he can get his grapefruit juice
-movie dates whenever there’s a new marvel or really any superhero movie out cus Minhyun will drag your ass to make you go see it with them so you just stuff your face with stale popcorn and cotton candy he paid for

Ong Seongwoo:
-late night drives around Seoul, actually pretty much anywhere so you two can park the car somewhere private and make out or talk about life, your pick
-bathtub dates with two glasses of wine and a bunch of pretty ass bath bombs and ong making you laugh your ass off
-Walmart dates at 2am with you two messing around in the toy section and riding bikes in there but then getting kicked out
-zoo dates where he tries to impersonate all the animals you see and you doing the same to him while the old couple right by you are like ‘da faq’

Kim Jaehwan:
-karaoke dates where you make him do rap songs but get amazed everytime bcus he’s good at rap too
-stargrazing dates because he’s cheesy like that but then when it’s all cute and stuff you hear his laugh and you are like ‘why’
-Cheesecake Factory dates where you guys just try a bunch of samples and then end up buying a bunch of cheesecake and somehow finishing it later that night
-concert dates where you sit and enjoy the music while Jaehwan is secretly preparing to make a cover of whatever group you’re seeing

Kang Daniel:
-dance dates where he tries to teach you how to break dance but you end up with a sprained wrist and a sorry Daniel so now you watch him dance and he teaches you the very basics
-pet cafe dates where you have to stop Daniel from adopting another cat and invest in a puppy instead
-beer dates where you two just sit in your living room with two cans of beer and a whole lot to talk about which usually ends up with a make out session
-snowman dates where you two compete for the best snowman but it ends up with both of them destroyed and you guys just making snow angels

Park Jihoon:
-mall dates where you say no to all of the outfits he tries on but end up buying matching ugly outfits hat only he can wear
-bowling dates where you two make stupid ass bets that once ended up with you getting sick from drinking expired milk while Jihoon laughed at you
-Disney date where you two have those mickey and minnie mouse ear headbands on and take a shitload of photos while eating churros
-picnic date which some of his friends crashed but it was okay because they bought you two ice cream after Jihoon promised never to do the Gugugaga thing ever again

Park Woojin:
-walk in the park dates where he speaks in his Busan dialect and trying to teach you but it ends up with you two laughing your ass off
-fair dates where he will try to be romantic so you two get on the ferries wheel and when he tries to kiss you at the top, he misses and face planted the wall
-lake dates where it’s late at night but you two go swimming anyways but you failed to realize that you forgot towels
-rain dates where he dances in the rain and you record him which somehow leads to a kiss in the rain cus y'all are cliche af

Bae Jinyoung:
-yogurt dates where you two just sit around and decorate frozen yogurt while talking about life and are tempted to smash yogurt in each other’s faces everytime one of you says something stupid
-animal shelter dates so you two can play with the puppies and take nice photos of each other which ends up with you guys eventually adopting one but it stays at your house
-water park dates where you guys play in the wave pool or hang out in the lazy river only to complain about how hot the cement is when you go back up
-flea market dates so you can buy some churros and get Jinyoung more bucket hats and buy a 15 dollar speaker that turns out to be pretty good

Lee Daehwi:
-festival dates where he tries to win you a stuff animal but you end up winning one for him while he’s pouring but that’s okay cus he buys you all the fatty food you want
-music room dates where you lay around somewhere and let him do his thing but sometimes he just plays a random notes and makes a weird ass song about you on the spot
-finger painting dates where you guys start flicking paint at each other but it ended up with one of you pouring pain on the others head and a mad Minhyun that tells you to clean up
-park dates where you fly a kite and enjoy the sunshine until suddenly it starts raining and now you’re stuck at Starbucks playing rock-paper-scissors to see who has to go buy the other another cookie

Lai Guanlin:
-home dates cus y'all are young and cheap so you end up eating pizza rolls while laughing at funny cat videos
-dance studio dates ft. some other members and sometimes Seonho because this boy is a hardworking child that needs help and tbh you’re there for moral support
-pizza dates in your car or at the park at midnight cus you’re afraid a wild Seonho is gonna show up at your house
-ikea dates where you just look around and get samples

Christmas Break at Finn’s//Wyatt Oleff x reader ~ Part Five

Shopping with Sophia was a hell of a lot better than shopping with the boys. Not that you didn’t enjoy your day in the city with them, it was just the fact that when you walked into a shop, you didn’t get moaned at, you got encouraged. You also got a cute as hell skirt thrown at you by Sophia who demanded that you buy it. You were both currently in American Apparel, roaming the aisles for something to wear tomorrow as you were all going out for dinner and a movie. You and Sophia decided to pull out all the stops, just because you felt like it. 

You and Sophia found matching dressed but in different colours. They were tight at the top and flowed down, stopping just at the knees. You got the black one and Sophia got the red. While Sophia was buying a nice, new denim jacket to go over hers, you remembered that you had bought your leather jacket. It was hanging in Finn’s wardrobe, where it had been since the day you arrived. You loved that jacket. It had a big Guns n Roses patch on the back and cost you a pretty penny. You decided you’d wear that over the top with fishnet tights and a pair of your Doc Martens. 

“Hey Y/N?” Sophia said with a little smile, “I’m still taking you in Victoria’s secret, you know that right?”
“Seriously?” You whined, “It’s not going to be like that with me and Wyatt for ages!”
“I don’t care! It makes you feel powerful.”
“I hate you.”
“I love you too. Now come and help me pick out a jacket.”
When you and Sophia walked through Finn’s front door with six shopping bags on each arm at 6:00pm, the boys were dumbfounded.

“You’ve been shopping all day?” Jack looked shocked, “How much fucking stuff did you buy?!”
“A fair bit,” You laughed, “Now get out of the way, I need to put this stuff down before my arms break off.”
The two of you put all your bags in the middle of the living room and took your coats and shoes off. The boys were still staring at you.
“What?” Sophia asked, “It’s not like we bought loads!”
“There must be twenty-four bags between the two of you!” Wyatt protested
“What did you even buy anyway?” Jaeden asked
“We’ll show you.”
And so the hauling began. Finn decided to do a live stream.
“Hey, guys!” He said to his Instagram followers, “The girls went shopping without us today and bought a shit load of stuff. They’re now going to share it with us all!”
“So from American Apparel,” You smirked, “Sophia and I bought two gorgeous dresses, but you won’t see those until tomorrow!”

Somehow you managed to get through everything without the boys getting bored. You were about to stop when Wyatt pointed out the two pink bags that were just behind you and Sophia.

“Wait,” He leant forward, “What are those?”
“Oh, you don’t need to see those.” You were blushing now, and Finn caught on
“Yes, we do! You’ve both turned red! Show us!”
“I’m warning you,” Sophia said gravely while picking up her bag and handing me mine
“These are from Victoria’s Secret.”

Sophia pulled out her new set, as did you. They were to go underneath your dresses tomorrow, so yours were black and Sophia’s red. They were the most daring thing you owned, and as soon as you pulled them out of the bag you both regretted it.

“AHHHHHAHHAHAHAHHHHHH!” Jack screamed at the top of his lungs
“FUCK!” Finn ended the live stream and Jaeden just covered his eyes
Wyatt was as still as a statue, trying really, really, REALLY hard not to smirk. You saw right through it and looked him straight in the eyes. He smiled and raised his eyebrows, causing me to flush even more. Of course, Jack had to pick up on this.

“Yassss bitch, Y/N you’re gonna get some tomorrow night!”
You and Sophia both threw the underwear and Jack and he squealed, dodging out of the way. This should be fun.

Everyone was upstairs getting into pyjamas and taking showers. You decided to make the most of the alone time with a book next to the fire that Wyatt and Finn had somehow managed to get going. You were in your prettiest hoodie and a pair of your fuzzy socks. Your glasses were on and your book was open in your hands. The moment was everything it should have been.

“I didn’t know you wore glasses.”
You looked over your shoulder to see Wyatt standing there in his pyjamas. His hair was still damp from his shower and he looked adorable.

“Yeah, when I’m reading I do.“

Wyatt came over to the armchair you were sitting in. You knew exactly what he was doing. You stood up, let him sit in your space, and then sat on his lap, curling into him. He wrapped the blanket over the two of you and had his chin on your shoulder as you read your book. You couldn’t see, but he was smiling. He had everything he wanted in his arms.
"I’m glad I kissed you,” Wyatt whispered
“Me too. So, so glad.”

He kissed you lightly on the neck which sent a shiver down your spine. Jaeden and Finn came into the room with a bowl of popcorn, disturbing your few moments of peace.

“You better not be making out with my best friend in my favourite chair, Wyatt,” Finn said while sitting down
“Shut up Finn,” Wyatt said, “You’re just jealous that your little bird is leaving the nest.”
“Both of you shut up!” You giggled
“Make me.” Wyatt was trying hard not to smile
You turned your head as kissed him hard on the lips to shut him up. It worked.
“Ewwwwwwwww!” Jaeden generally looked disgusted which made you kiss for even longer

You didn’t stop until Sophia and Jack came into the room and told you to knock it off as they were putting a movie on. You went over to the sofa and sat down, you between Wyatt’s legs with your back on his chest and your head resting in the crook of his neck. Everything seemed perfect. And you couldn’t wait until tomorrow when he saw you in your new dress.

(Your dress)

Sophia was already downstairs along with the boys. They were waiting for you to put your jacket on. Before going downstairs you checked yourself over in the mirror. You wore the dress you and Sophia had bought, of course, your fishnets, and your black Doc Martens. Your hair was curled and flowing down past your shoulders, and your highlight was quite literally popping. 

You made your way down the stairs slowly and stopped when you reached the bottom. Jack and Jaeden wolf whistled when they saw you. Wyatt came to the bottom of the steps where you stood and kissed you once on the lips.

“You look gorgeous, Y/N. Honestly, could you tone it down a little? You’re making me look bad.”
“You’re not looking too bad yourself.” Wyatt was wearing a white shirt and a grey blazer, along with his white Doc Martens. You looked down at his shoes.
“And so we match again,” You smiled and he did too
“Alright lovebirds, let’s get going to dinner.” Finn opened the door and you all followed, your hand in Wyatt’s. Not that you knew of course, but Wyatt was thinking about how stunning you looked tonight, and about the little pink bags you and Sophia bought back from the city yesterday. He tried to hide his blush at the thought of what they contained.
You and Wyatt were sat across from each other at dinner sharing an ice cream for dessert. Everyone was currently talking about Christmas and how it was only two weeks away. Jack was the most excited out of everyone. Finn was pretty silent throughout this whole thing. Suddenly, he stood up and tapped a fork against his glass of diet lemonade.

“If I could have everyone’s attention.”
You couldn’t help but smile.
“My Christmas present to all of you comes tomorrow. We’re going away for a couple of days.”
“Really?” Sophia asked, “Where?!”
“We’re going to Centre Parcs. We’re staying in a luxury tree house. It’s an amazing place. Loads of stuff to do. It’s amazing. You’ll love it.”
“No way Finn!” You exclaimed, “We’re staying in one of those cool tree houses?! With the hot tubs on the balconies looking over the whole parks?!”
“Yep. And we leave tomorrow.”

A/N: I decided to upload the next part a day early since lots of people wanted the next part pronto. I don’t know if everybody will know what Centre Parcs is, it’s a British thing. Basically, it’s a place in the woods with log cabins and luxury tree houses and a massive water park, restaurants, shopping complex, and lots of other stuff to do. It’s amazing! Like a mini town. The story only gets better from here guys! Thanks so much for all the positive comments you’ve been sending me and for the people that asked to be tagged. Enjoy!



House with water park is on sale in the U.S. for $ 6 million.

(According to the sequence of photos.)

It is located in Boulder City, Nevada. A 20-meter pool is one of the attractions of the house, waterfall hides a small pool at the aquatic complex. In addition to the water park, the house has more than five fireplaces and central heating. It has five bathrooms, two of them with luxurious baths. The dining room is one of the highlights of the house. The house has a balcony with a bath that overlooks the mountains of Nevada. It also includes six rooms and a private elevator. House with water park is on sale in the U.S. for $ 6 million.