House with water park is on sale in the U.S. for $ 6 million.

(According to the sequence of photos.)

It is located in Boulder City, Nevada. A 20-meter pool is one of the attractions of the house, waterfall hides a small pool at the aquatic complex. In addition to the water park, the house has more than five fireplaces and central heating. It has five bathrooms, two of them with luxurious baths. The dining room is one of the highlights of the house. The house has a balcony with a bath that overlooks the mountains of Nevada. It also includes six rooms and a private elevator. House with water park is on sale in the U.S. for $ 6 million.

you and me, both of us together - heya
  • TAGGING: Naya Rivera, Heather Morris, Eli Morris.
  • LOCATION: Water park, Rivera-Morris house.
  • TIMEFRAME: May 23rd, 2015. Morning/afternoon.
  • NOTES: Naya, Heather, and Eli take a family trip to the water park.

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anonymous asked:

I'm a 19 yr old girl, 5'4" (almost), with blue eyes and light brown/reddish/goldish hair. My favorite things to do are paint and cook! If I took you on a date, it would be to somewhere fun (a water park, maybe?) then back to my house so I could show off my cooking skills. :)

Your hair sounds heavenly, c:

Describe yourself, and tell me where we’d go/what we’d do if you took me on a date.

I’m excited.Really excited.I’m turning 19 in 6 days!And the day after my birthday I’ll be going to the water park close to my house with a couple friends.The only thing that has me a little down is the fact that I won’t be able to bind while swimming.I use three XS sports bras and that would look so weird under my tank top I’m going to wear.Idk what to do about it tbh….but on the plus side,I’m getting my very first binder this week!So that’s exciting for me.


Mokpo is a port city, with hundreds of islands dotting its coastline. You can ferry from Mokpo to a few different islands, so 2 friends and I set out to do that last weekend. We arrived at the ferry terminal bright and early on Saturday morning to go to Heuksando (흑산도), or Black Mountain island. Guided by information we read online, we did not book tickets in advance, but unfortunately for us, all the Koreans did. We waited in line, and when we got to the front the staff promptly closed the window and said they were sold out. After a bit of running around, and talking to everyone who works at the terminal, we ended up on a small ferry to the small island of Woedaldo (외달도). 

The island houses a small water park (not yet open for the season), 1 restaurant, 1 cafe/mini-restaurant/convenience store, a smattering of houses and locals, and a few places to sleep. We ended up at a minbak (민박), basically extra rooms that people rent out of their houses. Ours was a cozy room with just an ondol mat on the floor for heating, blankets and pillows. The bathroom didn’t have a shower or a sink, just a spigot and hose with running water, but for $10 a night who’s complaining.

we explored the island, most deserted, and napped on the beach, too cold to swim. We had approximately 2 rolls of kimbab and 3 bars of chocolate in our bags, but when we strolled up to the sole restaurant we were turned away. Not staying at his manbak, not eating at his restaurant. Luckily, the owners of the Hanok Minbak down the street let us rent a grill and cook out right next to the beach. We chatted with the owners in a mix of Korean and English, and they invited us to come back for breakfast where they gave us free coffee and eggs. It was a relief to meet such kind and welcoming people on such a small island.

From here, you can see the small village as well as the sea in two directions.

The porch in front of our minbak.

The beach.

Solitude on the sea and the island.