The House of David Baseball team

The House of David Baseball team photo taken in Benton Harbor Michigan. This religious team began playing in 1913 and became famous during the 1920s through 50s playing amateur and semi-pro teams in exhibition games. [ Enlarged photo & more detailed information: House of David Baseball Team ]

Ebbets Field Flannels’ new round of caps includes this one, for the House of David, a legendary Jewish-themed barnstorming team from the first half of the 20th century. The club was famous for its long hair and full beards. The 1934 hat, reproduced here, is what’s called a “Cincinnati” style cap - with contrasting trim on the base of the cap and bill. Pretty neat, if you ask me. What’s more, it’s on sale.

anonymous asked:

Was Jesus part of the House of David through his mother, or his step father?

Here’s Father John’s response:

The evangelists (Matthew and Luke) both trace Jesus’ descent through Joseph, and Joseph was of the house of David (which is why he had to go to Bethlehem for the census, remember?). Joseph was only the foster father of Jesus, but in Jewish law, adoption counted as much as physical ascent. The evangelists do not specify whether Mary was also descended from the line of David.

Some of the mystics, however, claim to have had visions in which they saw that Mary too was descended from David. The Church has never made a definitive statement about Mary’s genealogy (as it doesn’t really affect the doctrine of Christ being descended from David), but it is interesting to note that more than one mystic has had something to say on the issue. At the risk of boring you, I am pasting below the passage from Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich’s “Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary” in which she explains the “double Davidic descent” of Jesus. You may find it interesting:

“I saw the line of the descent of the Messiah proceeding from David and dividing into two branches. The right-hand one went through Solomon down to Jacob, the father of St. Joseph. I saw the figures of all St. Joseph’s ancestors named in the Gospel on this right-hand branch of the descent from David through Solomon. This branch has the greater significance of the two; I saw the line of descent issuing from the mouths of the separate figures in streams of white colorless light. The figures were taller and looked more spiritual than those of the left-hand line. Each one held a long flower stem with hanging leaves like those of palms: this stem was crowned with a great bell-shaped flower shaped like a lily and having five stamens, yellow at the top, from which a fine yellow dust was scattered. These flowers differed in size, vigor, and beauty. The flower borne by Joseph, the foster-father of Jesus, was the most beautiful and purest of all, with fresh and abundant petals. Halfway down this ancestral tree were three rejected shoots, blackened and withered. In this line through Solomon there were several gaps separating its fruits more widely from each other. The right-hand and left-hand branches met several times, and they crossed each other at a point a few generations before the end. I was given an explanation about the higher significance of the line of descent through Solomon. It had in it more of the spirit and less of the flesh, and had some of the significance belonging to Solomon himself. I cannot express this.  The left-hand line of descent went from David through Nathan down to Heli, which is the real name of Joachim, Mary’s father, for he did not receive the name of Joachim till later, just as Abram was not called Abraham until later. I forget the reason, but it will perhaps come back to me. In my visions I often hear Jesus called after the flesh a son of Heli. I saw this whole line from David through Nathan flowing at a lower level: it generally issued from the navels of the separate figures. I saw it colored red, yellow, or white, but never blue. Here and there were stains; then the stream became clear again. The figures upon it were smaller than those of the line through Solomon. They carried smaller branches which hung down sideways and had little yellow-green leaves with serrated edges; their branches were crowned with reddish buds of the color of wild roses. These were always closed; they were not flower buds but the beginnings of fruits. A double row of little twigs hung down on the same side as the serrated leaves. At a point three or four generations above Heli or Joachim, the two lines crossed each other and rose up, ending with the Blessed Virgin.”

God bless you!

- Father Shane


To mark the release of the ‘Chilcot Inquiry’ into the US led War on Iraq, here’s some pics of the March 2003 anti-war graffiti attack on the Sydney Opera House.

The two vandals David Burgess and Will Saunders were later convicted of malicious damage and sentenced to nine months’ periodic detention. They were also ordered to pay $151,000 to the Opera House fund for its cleaning bill.

The band of the “House of David”, from the strange Michigan religious colony where hair cuts and shaves are forbidden, is seen playing in New York to aid the fund drive for America’s gift to France … [New York City theater district]. C.1920.