Even in Secret Wars, Speedball (Robbie Baldwin) still continues to be writers’ punching bag and he never catches a break in all alternate versions.  

  • Speedball in Renew Your Vows - either dead or incapacitated like many superpowered heroes by Regent. 
  • Speedball in House of M (Secret Wars version) - either arrested or killed like many humans/superhumans in Human Resistance Movement by King Magneto’s secret police except for Hawkeye, Black Cat and Misty Knight. 
  • Speedball in dystopian future after Civil War - turned evil 

- Amazing Spider-Man:  Renew Your Vows #1 (1st pic)

- House of M v2 #1 (2nd pic)

- Civil War v2 #3 (3rd pic)

House of Secrets | @Lee

In the 1800s, a castle was built for the wealthy, aristocratic couple known as the Vaughan family. In the time of their great wealth, they were prosperous and business-oriented. The wife and husband who oversaw the building of their castle were known as Catherine Carlisle Vaughan and Roland Edward Vaughan. After the castle was built, the happiness and parties in it were short-lived. The Lady Catherine died in childbirth, though was able to give birth to twins. Because of this, Lord Roland closed his heart and the castle fell into a dark state of gloom. 

The children, Martine and Christopher, grew up rarely seeing their father, raised by the care of various nannies. After that time period, not much was known about the children and their father. Roland died when the children were 18 years old, either due to suicide, heartbreak of his wife’s death, or the possibility of being murdered. Martine and Christopher were not suspected as murderers. They loved their father too much to kill him, even in the briefest periods of time in which they saw him.

Not wanting to see Catherine’s resemblance in his daughter, Roland sent Martine into the city, and was very strict with his son, easily lashing out at him in anger for the slightest mistake, but never physically hurt him. After Roland’s death, Martine returned to Castle Vaughan and she and Christopher tried to pay off debts as best they could. The plantations that they owned around their house barely bore any crops, and the Vaughan siblings were forced to sell off the property once their money that was there before, became no more.

Both twins disappeared after that, and the new owner of the castle restored the place as best he could. He died, and the castle was passed onto many more generations and families, until the last person owning the mansion had died as well, childless, and without a spouse, almost like Roland. The castle finally was abandoned and ghosts of the past residence are rumored to wander the empty halls at night.


Today begins the unfolding of an epic saga of romance, dreams, and mysteries…this week we will introduce our six characters as they head toward a Long Island mansion and each other, their fates entwined in a single evening at the House of Secrets

Transwomen are sometimes stigmatized—considered “not really” transgender—if they do not present indicators of femininity, so it’s a case of being damned if you do and damned if you don’t. What’s more, many of us wear makeup in the beginning stages of transition not because we necessarily want to, but because we need it to hide or modify signs that could get us “read” as transgender, like a bluish beard shadow or an overtly masculine facial structure. I have an androgynous, if not feminine, face, but when I began, prior to coming out, to leave my house in secret, dressed in the women’s clothing and makeup I had purchased by pretending they were for my sister, I was so often terrified of being read as transgender because of all the makeup, even as I felt too scared to venture into the world without it. That is no longer as great a fear, thanks to laser hair removal and hormone therapy. But an everyday trip to the grocery store can be traumatic if you feel the need to put on an entire face of makeup to avoid overt discrimination, if not violence. This is not equating womanhood with clothes or makeup; it is a survival mechanism.

Flight of the Ruler by Gabrielle Bellot 

Read this beautiful piece by Gabrielle Bellot on home, coming out as transgender, gender identity and the state of trans rights in her native island of Dominica and the Caribbean. 

I always regret watching anything on Lifetime because while you’re watching one thing you see commercials for 13 other things that you want to watch, and then you end up sitting there for 7 hours watching movie after movie that you would probably never care about otherwise, but then because you’re watching Lifetime, it is THE single most important thing of your life.