this is so me


“Throughout all of these turns, Ali exhibits so much talent, resourcefulness and dashing, mega-watt charisma that it’s something of an embarrassment that no one in Hollywood has made him a matinee idol yet. He has triumphed as a supporting actor this year not by resigning himself to second-fiddle status or self-servingly stealing the show, but by fostering deep-rooted connections with the actors in his company and making every single moment pulse with resonance, no matter the size or stakes. That is what real support looks like. That is the Mahershala Ali way.”

2016 belonged to Mahershala Ali. Matthew Eng explains why.

  • me watching parks and recreation: working in government is fun and will lead to lifelong friendships and great change for citizens!
  • me watching veep: working in government is terrible and will make you hate everyone and prove change is impossible!
  • me watching west wing: working in politics is honorable and courageous and will let you interact with the greatest and most heroic people in the country!
  • me watching house of cards: working in government will get you murdered!

The best way to oppose Trump’s presidency is to be nothing like him.

To do this, we’ll need to read books. Think. See beyond ourselves. Empathize. Embrace the definition of humility. Respect others. Be kind. Defuse conflict. Control our temper. Refuse to belittle those who disagree with us and threaten our sense of self. Strive towards psychological maturity. Admit mistakes. Apologize. Listen. Care about the well-being of people who aren’t exactly like us. Safeguard the environment. Buy fewer things. Turn off the television. Watch documentaries. Take down walls. And tell the truth.