Above: image from Karen Hanmer’s website.

Book/Not Book

Today we present Karen Hanmer’s Jacob’s Ladder “book” House of Cards, produced in 2007 with an illustration by Henry Maron in an edition of 30 copies signed by the artist. On one side of the structure, an image of the White House collapses into a pile of cards as the Jacob’s Ladder unfurls. On the other side, each panel contains lists of people, places, events, and other matters pertaining to the George W. Bush administration. As Hanmer puts it: “An image of the White House deconstructs as text on reverse documents blunders and evil-doings since the 2001 inauguration.“

Once again, we have text, images, “pages,” sequence, and narrative, but it is clearly a Jacob’s Ladder. If this is a book, then are all Jacob’s Ladders books? Are we really engaged here with a book or with a toy, a dynamic political polemic, or a kinetic civics lesson?

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Calling all binge-watchers… calling all binge-watchers!

You may have seen a few of our infographics before, which shared how long it would take to watch some of your favorite TV shows, start to finish.

Want more? Good news! We’re back with a brand new edition of “How Long Would it Take to Watch…,” and this time we’ve switched up the style. We used Nielsen Social data to pick shows that people have been talking about binge-watching via Twitter, tallied up the time those shows take to watch, and organized the top 10 most-mentioned shows in one infographic.

From 6 hours to 6 days, old and new shows alike made this season’s leaderboard.