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Jason/piper headcanons?

-piper’s like, barely 5′3″ and Jason’s about 6′1″ and when they kiss she either has to stand on her tip-toes and he has to lean down or he just has to pick her up

-they are no longer allowed to run sword lessons together because the last time they did, a hermes camper almost lost an arm. before they even used the real blades.

-piper introduces jason to the idea of pizza rolls and she, him, and percy stay up one night and bake like six hundred pizza rolls in the oven in the big house

-piper once tried to teach jason to skateboard and it ended with her, tiny as she is, attempting to give him a piggy-back ride to the infirmary, because jason grace can be hit with a brick in the head and be fine but god forbid he fall off a longboard once

-they’re not huge on pda but the one time that jason goes on a scouting mission that doesn’t come back on time, piper stays up three nights waiting for them and when they finally arrive, she like, goes sprinting across camp halfblood to kiss him in front of everybody

-she’s not super subtle about the whole ‘climbing out my window to go see my boyfriend’ thing and eventually her siblings install a little ladder out her window so that ‘maybe she’ll be quieter about it’.

-when they fight, which isn’t often, but they do, it isn’t as angry as it is sad. like they’ll get into an argument and it’s not loud and it’s not long, but everyone can tell because clouds roll in but there’s no real lightning and piper just sits at arts and crafts all day and stares out the window and they never really tell anyone what’s wrong because they always get over it but it’s still like super awkward for the entire camp

 -piper steals all of jason’s sweatshirts and he has to borrow other people’s because she refuses to give them back. and they’re wayyyyy too big on her so they’re practically dresses and he has to admit that, yes, she looks adorable, but honestly pipes, he’s freezing

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Hey Nicole, Wlto Solangelo's first fight after they get married. One of them is forced to sleep on the couch. Or better still one of them getting thrown out of their house. Like if its Nico he ends up at Piper and Jason's place or Annabeth and Percy's place at 5 fucking a.m. If it's Will he ends up at Lou's door. Rest is up to you.... ^^

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Family Reunion~Chucelle,Daire, Ladler(C.B)

Piper  ended up on her sister’s house, preparing everything for their small family party. She was a little nervous about Jon, meeting family and all.But, she was willing to see Claire’s face, when she’ll realize that they’re somehow related. She texted Jon, the adress and apologized in advance for what he was going to see today.

Chuck woke up and he wasn’t willing to leave his bed. Classes have finished for a while and not even a small family reunion was going to stop him from sleeping more than usual. When his mother called him, the moment he heard her voice, he jumped up, wincing. “Okay, okay. Yes, I’m dressing, mom. We’ll be there. Stop it”.

Claire wasn’t used to the fact that she was meeting part of Damon’s family today. She wasn’t actually believing that Marcy was pregnant, but the more she was informing her about it, she felt happy. She was going to have a grandson and she was willing to make Damon drive her after that party and check on Marcy and feel the baby kicking. She just dressed herself and waited for Damon to arrive and drive to the dinner.