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Have you ever considered setting up an amazon gift list (can't think of the exact name), so people can spoil you with gifts??

I certainly have not.  Why would anyone want to spoil me with gifts?  And even if they did, how would I explain random new things showing up at the house to my husband?

Thank you, I take your question as a compliment, but I started this blog as a way to express and indulge in my fantasies.  With so many people following me, I feel like maybe I’m giving something to others, but I really don’t want to start taking anything from anyone.

Because I need someone to tell a story to...

I’ve spent the last few years really agonizing over my sexuality. Up all night agonizing. I’m a fully adult woman with a career and a house and a wonderful husband that I love so much. So I felt weird about it. Shouldn’t I have figured this out in my fluctuating teen years!?!
But I grew up in a massively sex-phobic religion/community. These things were not discussed, unless it was to talk about sex related sin. So anything gets pushed down. In an attempt to rationalize my orientation I applied a thick film of morality. I cringe at it now.
So realizing that you’re attracted to WHOEVER (*under circumstances????) Is terrifying at first.
But I started to figure it out. I found what I was comfortable with, what was good, what isn’t. But something still didn’t make sense.
Then I stumbled upon the asexual tag courtesy of an ace friend. I was intrigued. Because I related to it- in a way. I had begun to debate that I was perhaps bi, or pan, but never experimented because I met my husband and that was it. I wondered if I could even validly say I was such if I was in a monogamous f/m relationship.
Then I stumbled across the demisexual and grey sexual definition, and my whole world seemed to open up. Suddenly, everything fell into place and I cried. I legit cried.
More than understanding myself, I am SO happy to have discovered the Ace community and how wonderful and welcoming it is. Within a week of my personal “coming out”, I feel more at peace than I ever have. So this is my thank you to ALL of you. Everyone under the Ace umbrella.
I love you all. And I’m so happy I’m here at last.
-a Demi-grey 💜

This one time at Fancy Cakes...

She wasn’t even entirely sure she wanted to go. Eltheas had been quiet since their misunderstanding in the Exchange two nights ago. Oh, he spoke to her when spoken to directly but he wasn’t cracking jokes, he wasn’t offering the first word, he wasn’t doting on her as he usually did. He wasn’t himself. Still, Cakes was one of the few events she actually looked forward to so Ylanna got dressed, put on her make-up, and left the house with her husband to drop Marik off with his grandfather and uncle.

Sitting on the stoop with a hot cup of tea in her hands did little to calm her thoughts, though, and it took everything she had to pretend not to notice Eltheas intentionally sitting farther away than usual. Fine, if that’s the way you want to be…. she thought to herself as she turned to strike up a conversation with Lynesse. It wasn’t much, the usual social chit-chat. ‘Hello, how are you? How is life going?’ She was fairly certain the woman didn’t particularly like her but they were at least amiable towards one another. Eventually even Eltheas got involved in the small talk and for a brief moment Ylanna found herself relaxing. She was even about to ask Aelberyn, who had just approached, where she’d gotten a bright purple mana saber from when Lynesse dropped the bomb.

“Have you heard from Imrien? He went AWOL.”


Ylanna turned to stare at the freckled woman. “Wait, what? AWOL? What do you mean?” She asked. Damnit, damnit, damnit, damnit, damnit.

“He vanished from the company without telling anyone and hasn’t sent any word….” There was more, Lynesse’s mouth was still moving, but Ylanna didn’t hear it.

“Did you check his cabin in Pandaria?”  Damnit, damnit, damnit, damnit, damnit. Don’t move. Don’t flinch. Don’t blink. Don’t move.

“I’m not talking about that bastard.” That was her husband just beside her. Don’t move. Don’t flinch. Don’t blink. Don’t-

“I broke it off with him. Lady Ravenmourn told me she found him drunk and on drugs but hasn’t seen him since.”

Ylanna hadn’t even noticed the dark-haired woman approach. Her gaze lifted to Onyx and though she knew of her, Ylanna didn’t really know her so she didn’t - no, couldn’t - comment one way or another. And who was it who introduced him to those things? She wanted to say. It was wrong to blame Onyx, to blame any of them for Imrien’s mistakes or, at least, what she perceived as his mistakes, but for a split second she wanted to. Instead Ylanna bit her tongue, refusing to say anything at all. She was vaguely aware of Eltheas grumbling something under his breath but it was too quick to catch.

“Nah, I mean… I don’t even know where it is, honestly, but all the same… he went AWOL.” Ylanna’s gaze shifted back to Lynesse when she spoke up once more. There were other words, she was sure of it but, like before, she didn’t hear any of it.

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Damnit, damnit, damnit, damnit.

Onyx walked away. Lynesse wandered off to talk to the tattoo artist.  What could she say? Nothing. Imrien was gone, they didn’t know where to look. Did they even care to look?

She shouldn’t care…

But she did.

Eltheas was going to be mad at her tomorrow. Again. Wonderful.

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You know what I love? The show lowekey show us Hyde is more domestic than Jackie. Where she doesn’t have a clue on chores and cooking, he knows better and he seems to not mind it. Hell, he may actually kind of enjoy it. 

So. Hear me out: stay at home husband Hyde, going from time to time to the store just to make sure it’s fine, always in time for parent-teacher meetings, jokingly bothering Jackie about how she needs to stop working so much and put mORE ATTENTION TO HIM.

Part of new Brunswick (where some of my family lives) is under a state of emergency because there were some massive ice storms and there’s been power outages in remote towns for the past 3 days. Could yall spare a prayer for my cousin who’s currently 5 months pregnant with a super high-risk pregnancy (she has severe muscular dystrophy and has already miscarried before) and is stuck in all this? She needs to take it easy and also be able to get to the doctor’s frequently for injections and stuff and idk if it’ll be possible until things are fixed.

what do you mean these two aren’t happily married and representing morrowind at the ebonheart pact council in skyrim

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Can we have some Seven Suitors Kiki and Mitsuhide moments, especially pregnancy moments? I'm sure Mitsuhide is just the sweetest damn thing when he heard about the baby.

Today, there was nearly an international incident over violets.

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