House Fossoway


The King in Highgarden

“Renly knew how to dress and he knew how to smile and he knew how to bathe, and somehow he got the notion that this made him fit to be king.” Olenna Tyrell

Mace Tyrell proclaiming Renly Baratheon King and marrying his daughter Margaery to him

@thegingernerdist asked for a Tyrell coronation scene - Here it is. Hope, you like it.


[Margaery’s] ladies welcomed Sansa as well. It had been so long since she had enjoyed the company of other women, she had almost forgotten how pleasant it could be.

(Some of) Margaery Tyrell’s ladies-in-waiting and companions

//  Clémence Poésy as Leonette, Sabrina Bartlett as Elinor, Aisling Loftus as Megga,  Maddison Jaizani as Alla,  Babsie Steger as Janna


The roll of arms from the Ashford Tourney, per the Hedge Knight TPB, 2nd edition. Sigils designed by Mike S. Miller,, and Richard M. Boyé.

(Note the last set includes custom sigils designed for the creators of the comic. Elio Garcia’s sigil as “Randor the Exile” also appears in the third image.)

anonymous asked:

Why is it that people believe Dunk to not be a real knight? I can't remember reading it and getting that idea, is there a specific passage that makes people think that Ser Arlan never truly knighted him?

Thanks for the question, Anon.

Well, this is what Dunk says about his knighthood:

“He always said he meant for me to be a knight, as he was. When he was dying he called for his longsword and bade me kneel. He touched me once on my right shoulder and once on my left, and said some words, and when I got up he said I was a knight.”

But this seems at odd with what we’ve seen. For one, we were with Dunk as he buried Ser Arlan, and he did not think at all about his new knighthood. In fact, this is what Dunk thought of his prospects:

I could find another hedge knight in need of a squire to tend his animals and clean his mail, he thought, or might be I could go to some city, to Lannisport or King’s Landing, and join the City Watch. Or else …

Would a new-made knight really think about becoming a squire for another hedge knight, or simply joining the City Watch of a large city (a move Dunk presumably could have made on his own without any knighthood training, given his size and strength)? It seems implausible, certainly.

Dunk is also uncomfortable when people bring up his knighthood. This happens with Ashford’s steward at the tourney:

Dunk pulled shut the door. “Are you Plummer the steward? I came for the tourney. To enter the lists.”

Plummer pursed his lips. “My lord’s tourney is a contest for knights. Are you a knight?”

He nodded, wondering if his ears were red.

“A knight with a name, mayhaps?”

“Dunk.” Why had he said that? “Ser Duncan. The Tall.”

Why would he be embarrassed so much that his ears would turn red if he really had been knighted? And why, when questioned, does he first answer not with “Ser”, but with his own plain “Dunk”? 

It’s the same nervous reaction he has when commanded to knight young Fossoway:

“Knight me.” Raymun put a hand on Dunk’s shoulder and turned him. “I will take my cousin’s place. Ser Duncan, knight me.” He went to one knee.

Frowning, Dunk moved a hand to the hilt of his longsword, then hesitated. “Raymun, I… I should not.”

“You must. Without me, you are only five.”

“The lad has the truth of it,” said Ser Lyonel Baratheon. “Do it, Ser Duncan. Any knight can make a knight.”

“Do you doubt my courage?” Raymun asked.

“No,” said Dunk. “Not that, but…” Still he hesitated.

A fanfare of trumpets cut the misty morning air. Egg came running up to them. “Ser, Lord Ashford summons you.”

The Laughing Storm gave an impatient shake of the head. “Go to him, Ser Duncan. I’ll give squire Raymun his knighthood.” He slid his sword out of his sheath and shouldered Dunk aside. “Raymun of House Fossoway,” he began solemnly, touching the blade to the squire’s right shoulder, “in the name of the Warrior I charge you to be brave.” The sword moved from his right shoulder to his left. “In the name of the Father I charge you to be just.” Back to the right. “In the name of the Mother I charge you to defend the young and innocent.” The left. “In the name of the Maid I charge you to protect all women.”

Dunk left them there, feeling as relieved as he was guilty.

I think that last line is most telling. Why would Dunk feel both relieved and guilty? What was keeping him from knighting Raymun?  

Likewise, look how Dunk reacts when questioned by Lady Webber:

“A hedge knight named Ser Arlan of Pennytree took me on to squire for him when I was just a boy. He taught me chivalry and the arts of war.”

“And this same Ser Arlan knighted you?”

Dunk shuffled his feet. One of his boots was half unlaced, he saw. “No one else was like to do it.”

Dunk is clearly uncomfortable after she asks the pointed question - shuffling his feet, paying more attention to his boots than the lady - and when he answers, it’s evasive at best. 

There’s also this curious thought of Dunk’s, when Egg confesses why he hid his identity: 

He lowered his eyes. “I didn’t care if Daeron fought or not, but I wanted to be somebody’s squire. I’m sorry, ser. I truly am.”

Dunk looked at him thoughtfully. He knew what it was like to want something so badly that you would tell a monstrous lie just to get near it. 

When has Dunk told a “monstrous lie”? He’s never recounted anything in his past that involved a monstrous lie. The only real possibility, especially given the other evidence, is that he lied about being a knight, because he so wanted to be one.

So, while I wouldn’t call it obvious Dunk was never knighted, I think GRRM has strongly hinted to the same.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)


Though all men do despise us…

We are stealing House Codd’s words because they feel appropriate. We won another round of trivia…possibly due to the offering we made to R'hllor of Unsullied wieners in a blanket. We also enjoyed a variety of mini Frey pies as well as some delicious Drunken Fossway pie.

Thanks to the Upjumped Sellswords for hosting another great night of A Song of Ice and Fire Trivia! We are sorry we keep winning…

Prince Daeron gave a weary shrug. “Egg has the truth of it. Aerion’s quite the monster. He thinks he’s a dragon in human form, you know. That’s why he was so wroth at the puppet show. A pity he wasn’t born a Fossoway, then he’d think himself an apple and we’d all be a deal safer, but there you are.”

The Hedge Knight

Daeron and Aegon V Targaryen describe their brother, Aerion, to Ducan. I still laugh when I read that apple line.

:: is now half-obsessed with researching a Leonette Fossoway costume ::

…because she and Garlan are amazing.

Problem is, there’s no mention of her hair color or of anything she ever wears. I’m not dainty (oh well) but I suppose my eyes can be considered “bright”, assuming that means a lighter color like blue or green.

I prefer to believe she’s a green apple Fossoway; after all, Garlan’s aunt Janna is married to a green apple Fossoway, so it would make most sense for Garlan to be married to one himself, no?

If anyone has suggestions for anything Leonette would wear (I’m thinking greens, though probably paler greens than are usually associated with the Tyrells, with accents that hint toward apples and roses) please send them my way :D Could be anything from a dress pattern to [affordable] fabrics to [again, affordable] jewelry!

Help with Manderly/Fossoway relations

So I’m trying to finalize my ASoIaF-verse self’s background. I already know I’m Southern on my father’s side and proudly and stubbornly Northern on my mother’s. My father is a red-apple Fossoway; My mother has Bear Island ancestry a few generations back (her grandmother, a general kick-butt lady as they all seem to be) and hails from White Harbor. My question is, could my mother be a Manderly? They would fit well, being loyal, outspoken, and with a reputation for stoutness which would explain my characters’ looks.

The problem is that House Manderly was originally a Southern house, located on the Mander, and they only moved North after being driven out by House Gardener. If my mother were a Manderly, by marrying a Fossoway she would literally be returning to her family’s old land. But she would also be marrying into a House that was once sworn (if indirectly, through the Tyrell’s) to House Gardener. So does this sound like something a Manderly would do? Do you think such a marriage would be accepted, and the return to her ancestral homeland celebrated? Or do you think, even after all this time, there would still be enough bad blood between the Houses to prevent a marriage?

I don’t have anyone else ASofIaF-savvy enough to discuss this with, so your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: Also, first names! I need an “O” name for my character, Northern or Southern. The only one I can think of is Olenna, which might work considering the Fossoways are sworn to the Tyrell’s, but I’d like options.