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A More Accurate Game of Thrones House Quiz

I didn’t like any of the ones I saw online so I made my own. Because like, really? If I like cold places I must belong to House Stark? Being a Stark is about being brave and honorable, and you can very much be that even if you live right next to the fucking Equator. In the same way, preferring dragons to wolves doesn’t make you a Targaryen. I’m pretty sure almost anyone would prefer a dragon to a wolf because a dragon is magical while a wolf is not. Anyway… feel free to reblog with your own answers. I’d love to know which House you identify with! ;)


[✓] You have beaten up at least one person who tried to bully you in school.
[✓] You have answered back to teachers who were rude to you.
[✓] You fearlessly confront people of authority (your boss, professors, parents) when they are wrong or are being unreasonable.
[✓] You’re confident that at least three of your friends would take a bullet for you.
[✓] You think justice is a hundred times more important than mercy.
[✓] Your acquaintances seem genuinely glad whenever they bump into you.
[✓] You’re not easily depressed. Even when you’re in pain, you have effective ways of dealing with it.
[✓] You believe the end always justifies the means.
[ ] You have a quiet type of confidence. You know you’re beautiful but you never talk about it. It’s only one of your many assets, anyway.
[ ] You think there’s no problem at all with loving your friends more deeply than you love your own family.

Score: 8


[✓] If you could have one superpower, you’d like it to be the ability to turn back time.
[ ] You badly crave the approval of your parents, but only because they’re awesome and you wish to be worthy of them.
[✓] You tend to hate authority because you think you can do better than whoever’s in charge.
[ ] You have bullied at least three people in high school.
[✓] You don’t like befriending people with a weak personality. They’re boring.
[✓] You think you are emotionally stronger than most people, but only because you know you’ve survived more terrible things than they have.
[ ] You have stolen something on a dare or to show someone you’re a badass.
[ ] You used to hurt your baby brother or sister when you were kids. You now wish you hadn’t.
[ ] Your biggest regret in your life so far is being loyal to the wrong people.
[ ] You are confident you can live through a zombie apocalypse ‘cause you’ve got skills.

Score: 4

[✓] You are kinda doubtful of people, even friends. You’re always wondering if they have an ulterior motive.
[✓] You have failed an exam before because you were confident you remembered everything so you didn’t review your notes.
[✓] Everywhere you go, you have an almost equal amount of haters and admirers.
[ ] You’re not the only ambitious member of your family. Almost all of you are accomplished in your chosen fields.
[ ] Well, you do have one underachiever cousin, but you don’t remember his name.
[✓] You prefer hanging out with people who are as beautiful, hot and fashionable as you. The photos will look better that way.
[✓] Still, you are not half as shallow as people assume. You’re vain, yes. But heartless? Far from it.
[ ] You have experienced something similar to this: You stole someone’s boyfriend because that someone called you a slut and you’d have hated it if people called her a liar. ;)
[ ] Eight out of every ten selfies you take are uploadable.
[✓] You naturally emerge as the leader of every group in your every class.

Score: 6


[ ] You’ve never—even as a kid— looked down on gay people, much less made fun of them.
[ ] You’re pretty sure your tolerance for alcohol is higher than 90% of the world’s population.
[✓] You tend to be attracted to men and/or women with strong facial features as opposed to baby-faced, angelic-looking people.
[✓] You believe that having too much patience makes one weak.
[✓] You are very protective of children, even those you don’t know.
[ ] You have never in your life been a pushover.
[✓] You think that contrary to what people like to believe, vengeance is a pursuit just as noble as love and peace.
[✓] You support the use of marijuana as a recreational drug. What’s wrong with getting high, as long as you’re not hurting anyone, right?
[✓] You believe that rape is a crime worse than murder.
[✓] You believe that only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.

Score: 7


[✓] You have never, at least in the past three years, revealed a secret that you swore to keep.
[✓] You value your white-collar, blue-collar and unemployed friends equally.
[✓] You have sacrificed your own happiness to protect or take care of a loved one.
[✓] You enjoy eating KFC’s iconic chicken just as much as you enjoy eating a world-class steak at a fancy restaurant.
[ ] Unlike most people, you don’t dread spending time with your extended family and distant relatives. In fact you love some of your uncles, aunts and cousins just as deeply as you love your parents and siblings.
[✓] Despite having a strong sense of right and wrong, you tend to be judgmental of others, almost never giving “people with a bad rep” the benefit of the doubt.
[ ] You know you’re very talented, but you never like to brag, even in the subtlest ways.
[ ] You revere the law and you value tradition.
[✓] But you think it’s okay to break the law and forsake tradition if doing so will bring happiness to the majority.
[ ] You can recall an instance where your sympathy for others has gotten in the way of your success.

Score: 6


[ ] More often than not, it is emotion and not reason that influences your decisions.
[✓] You still hold a grudge against that kid who called you fat in kindergarten.
[✓] You believe that sometimes, in order to attain true peace, violence is definitely required.
[✓] You would enjoy slapping anyone who talks shit about someone you love… even if that person is only telling the truth.
[✓] You would do cruel things to get what you want… except hurt babies and puppies.
[ ] You don’t believe in giving second chances.
[ ] You have cheated on someone before, and you don’t regret it.
[✓] If you could have impunity from the law for one day, you would murder at least five people. Criminals who got away, mostly.
[ ] You are always very confident when making decisions, and it always surprises you that 50% of the time, your decisions turn out to be tragic!
[ ] You are ambitious and determined. But now that you think about it, your short-term goals do not at all match your long-term ones.

Score: 5


[ ] When you and your friends get into a sticky situation, you are always the one who saves the day.
[ ] You are friends with all the influential people within your school, office or community.
[✓] You have tricked a teacher into giving you a grade that’s higher than you deserved.
[✓] You believe in yourself. You are completely confident that you will achieve your dreams.
[✓] You have never in the past year judged anyone negatively for his or her fashion choices.
[✓] You regularly give old clothes, accessories, books or gadgets to neighbors, friends or relatives who are a bit less fortunate than you.
[ ] You are very much aware of your flaws. In fact, you always joke about them… without secretly crying inside.
[✓] You’re good at reading people. Somehow you can accurately guess their desires and intentions.
[ ] Haters honestly never bother you. Not even a little bit. You know that for every person who wants you to fail, there are ten who want you to succeed.
[ ] You are never the source of discouragement or depression to people. You’re a positive energy from inside out.

Score: 5

How vain is it that I think my results yielded by my own test are accurate. haha I’ve always thought I was a Baratheon at heart, and I’ve always aspired to be as badass as the Martells. ^_^ What about you, which House do you belong to?