Hottest Rugby Players

It’s Time To Visit The Land Of The Springboks. Without A Doubt, Eight Man Pierre Spies Heads The List.

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Hottest Rugby Players: Saturday Edition

With His Full, Pouty Lips, His Beard, And Mop Of Hair (Not To Mention His Rock-Hard Body), Rhys Webb Is Amongst The Hot Talent That Wales Keeps Producing!

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There Will Be A Part Two, Baby!



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Article: Park Jin Young “JYP singers lack physical beauty but they make up for it by being nice and innocent”

X Sports via Nate

“Thank you to everyone for being with us at a time where our family comes together once a year. I’m sure you’re here for the different artists you support. JYP artists have one thing in common, and it’s that their physical looks are… No matter how cool our JYP artists look stage, they’re nice and innocent kids in their private lives.”

1. [+712, -45] That’s true, as long as they stay out of drugs

2. [+627, -58] Better than YG

3. [+441, -20] If I had to choose a representative face for YG, I’d choose Park Jin Young. Just look at that face, wow..

4. [+42, -2] Better than YG who solves every scandal with money… People need to be like JYP and just cut it where it hurts so that the kids wake up to reality. 

5. [+33, -0] He’s right, there are so many illegal things like drugs nowadays that anything legal is always better

Source: X



There are other articles too:

Article ‘JYP Nation’ Park Jin Young “JYP Singers, They are Pretty and Kind in Real Life”
Source OSEN via Naver

[+8639 -124] JYP is good, but, even though they do well finding talent, they can’t maintain their artists…

[+7820 -475] I do admit that they dont do marijuana or drugs ㅋPlease reflect, that next-door neighbor

[+4843 -333] It’s his own agency, do you think he will talk bad about them?

[+5391 -1151] Of course they’re niceㅋㅋStrangely, JYP has good bond/affection (to each other)

[+3581 -185] Well, it’s his own artists

[+899 -110] If you go to SM, you’ll gain your looks. If you go to YG, you’ll gain skill. If you go to JYP, you’ll gain friends.

[+781 -137] Honestly, I acknowledge that. Because (people would bring up) Nichkhun DUI incident, (let me explain). Compared to YG or SM, (Nichkhun case) is just accident. He doesnt have promiscuous private life or iljin past. When he was caught, he only drank 2 glasses of beer ㅋㅋㅋㅋ



Article Nice Friends, It’s Good Being Together…JYP Nation One Mic(Overall)

Source xportsnews via Naver

[+1094 -110] There’s no fake or bluff kids in JYP. Albeit full of celebrities, they feel like a sunny spot instead a shady one. When casting people, they pick naturalness first above every thing. Please continue being like that.

[+964 -98] JYP kids seem the nicest.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+880 -77] I like JYP. Even Park Jin Young.. He seems kind. The more I see him, he looks amazing.

[+795 -107] Sunye who was complimented the most by Park Jin Young.. Looking at Sunye, I understand how important the role of a leader is. I never thought Wonder Girls would come apart like this

[+699 -68] JYP be successful fighting!!!

[+241 -23] In the past when GOD was on top with high popularity, Kim Taewoo caught a celebrity disease…. Park Jin Young lifted his hand and discipline him on broadcasting corridor ㅋㅋㅋㅋLooking at JYP, I see that a personality is really important…That’s why, amongst firs generation idol, GOD has no record of drugs, assault, or gambling thus living showbiz live easily. Because personal happiness is more important than company profit. At that certain point, I think JYP is better than other company.

[+196 -18] Looking at other kids who was a JYP trainee and failed, I can understand how much JYP treasures a person’s personality…. Personality is the first then talent, so that you can stay in JYP….

translated by AYOSHIARI



I guess following the first night of JYP Nation’s “One Mic” concert, there were numbers of articles out.  While reading these netizen’s comments, keep in mind that they do not represent a whole nation’s opinion.  

With that said, this isn’t the first time JYP has described his artists in this way.  Almost every interview he held, where he was asked about what makes his artists different, he almost always said something similar to favoring personality above looks and talents in his artists.  

Of course, as fans, we all know that most of these comments are generalizations because in reality each and every label have their own beautiful, talented, and friendly artists.  There’s really no need for comparison, and all the comments dragging down YG, in some misguided attempt to praise JYP was unnecessary, uncalled for, and unfair to both YG & JYP.  Hate begets hate.