I didn’t used to think about names of rabbit breeds or the particularities of them because to me All Rabbits Are Cute ™ but recently I’ve been looking into the names of breeds just to pinpoint some of the stuff that made it into the Hopps family members designs (unrealistically diverse for being the offspring of only two particular rabbits but like how I treat most issues of biology in my work I Do Not Give A Shit)

So Judy falls under Rex Chinchilla 

Due to her characteristic unfluffy short fur and royal greyness 

Sheena is a combo of Blanc De Hotot and your standard red eyed albino

Still can’t decide whether the marks around her eyes are partly natural or entirely make up. I am sure there is still make up involved.

Dolly is a chocolate Dutch 

Aw look how yummy. Diane is also a Dutch but I haven’t decided on her coloration.

Tulip, Fiona and Chet are all holland lops, but Tulip is cinnamon colored and Fiona and Chet are more palomino (and Chet is more helicoptered than lopped). I think George also falls in there.