I’m Falling for you again

The first time you met them was in 1817. The Mikaelson arrived in your town when you were just 18 years old. They stayed at your parents compound. They become friends of the family and they even helped around the house. That time you became very close to Klaus. He was your partner in crime and well if you had something to do, he helped you out.  Both of you spend hours and hours together talking about everything and nothing. The time passed and the much you been together how more you got feelings for him. But he was falling for someone else, one of the town girls. Ignoring your feelings you stayed friend with him, you even helped him ask the other girl out. 

A morning you woke up and they had disappeared. Without telling someone something they left. 

A few years later you left home with one of your brothers. You made your way towards one of the big cities. When were found one of the Mikaelson’s.

“Kol?” My brother said towards a man behind us. I looked back and saw Kol walking towards us with a smile on his face. He gave me a hug and my brother a handshake. 

“What are both of you doing here?” He asks with an arm around my shoulder.

“Well you know Y/N.,” my brother says looking towards me. “She wants to see the world and till she finds a husband, I’m the one who she is stuck too.” 

Kol gives me a little smile. “My girl,” he says. “Let me show you guys the city.” 

Both of you walked with Kol. The week in the city past by fast. I had a few times alone with Kol and after a few talks, we left together living my brother behind. 

Since then I traveled with him around the world.When I hit my 28 birthday, he asks me the question that changed my life.  

You rode into the city of New Orleans, You were happy to be arriving into town to go see Kol. You missed him. It has been so long since you last saw him. A day he left to help his brother Niklaus and never came back till a few months ago we had contact again and well you were happy to see the rest of the Mikaelson again. It has been 200 years since you last saw them. 

You arrived at your hotel just outside the centrum. It was like a little apartment with a kitchen, a little living room, and a bedroom. You put your bags in the bedroom and texted Kol you arrived. You walked towards one of the windows of the hotel room. The view was amazing. It was already dark outside, but the city lights illuminated made the view beautiful.Your phone ringed, you took it out of your bag and saw Kol’s name on the caller ID. 

“Hi Kol,” You said with a smile. 

“Hi, we’re drinking something at a bar just outside your hotel.”

“I’m pretty tired from the ride and I still didn’t eat anything.”

“Y/n come on. I will take care of you. I see you in 5.” And he hangs up the phone. You went back to the bedroom where you settle your bag and you took a blood bag from it. You drank it empty and made your way downstairs towards Kol. 

You were standing outside the hotel you remembered Kol didn’t say how the bar was called. You texted him and in just a few seconds you got the name of the bar. As he said it was just outside the hotel. Well, it was in front of the hotel. You walked in and you spot Klaus at the bar right away with Kol next to him. You took a deep breath and made your way towards them. 

Klaus POV 

The night was young and to celebrate Kol’s arrival at New Orleans,  we’re at the bar drinking something and laughing with each other. When in just seconds I notice her. I couldn’t believe it. Is it really Y/n?That’s impossible she can’t be alive. The woman walks towards us when in the corner of my eyes I see Kol with a smile on his face. He begins walking towards her and gives her hug. They talk for a bit as the woman touches his arm. She looks exactly like Y/n but a little older. They both look towards me and begin walking my way. 

“Klaus, you remember Y/N,” Kol says showing the woman I didn’t see in years. 

“I can’t believe your standing in front of me,” I said to her. 

“Well, it’s nice to see you too.” She says to me. I reach for her hand and give her a kiss on the hand. 

“It’s a great surprise to see you here,”I said towards her with a smile on my face. I looked towards Kol. “I didn’t know both of you were so close?”

“Wel brother, Y/N is my travel partner.” He says looking towards her. “The moments you didn’t dagger me I was traveling around Earth with her.”

She was looking at me with this sweet smile on her face. She was so grown up. The last time I saw her she was 18 years old. We were so close to each other. I always missed the connection I head with her and now here she is in front of me. Smiling towards me. 


There he was Klaus, his smile brought feelings back you thought ÿou had forgotten. It’s been so long since you saw him. He looks handsome and the haircut did him good. 

“I will get you a drink,” Kol says towards you and walks away, letting you and Klaus alone behind. 

You looked towards him and he has this smile on his face. “So how have you been?” you asked him. 

“I’m sorry..” He says. “I still can’t believe your standing in front of me.” I laughed at him. “You look amazing!”

“Thank you.” You said smiling at his words. “You look amazing too.” 

He gets closer to you and gives you a hug. “I can tell you I missed this. You fit perfectly in my arms.” He says and your heart just dropped. This couldn’t be happening again. I could not fall for him again. 

Kol was walking towards both of us with 2 drinks in his hands. Klaus breaks the hug and just looks towards you. Kol handles you a drink and without thinking, You drank it in one time.  

Both men were staring at you… “Someone want to dance?” You ask them, trying to get out of this situation. Trying to forget Klaus words. 

“I’m good.” both of them said at the same time. 

You gave both men a smile and you walk towards the dance floor. You began dancing with a few people one the dance floor. 

Klaus POV 

I couldn’t stop watching her. She looks so different. Her body moved so perfectly. She wasn’t the 18 year old he remembered. She was a woman. The girl he missed the most and the girl he was now falling for by just seeing her move. 

“Klaus?” He hears Kol’s voice. He looks towards him. “Are you still here with me?” 

I give him a smile and we went back to our conversation. My eyes not leaving her for more than a few seconds. 

Kol and I were laughing when my eyesight falls on Y/n again and I see a man getting a little too close to her. I watch them carefully. He was getting closer and closer to her. Their body’s almost touching. She gives him a little smile and stops dancing and tried to make her way towards us. When the man grabs her arm. She looks back at him. 

“Let me go.”Y/n says towards the man. 

“Come on honey… You know you like it.” The man says

Before thinking I was standing next to her. I looked the man in the eyes and made him leave. I look towards her. 

“Klaus, you don’t have to save me anymore.” and she walks away towards Kol. I walked behind her not knowing what just went through me. 

“Kol I’m gonna leave. I’m tired and having a little of jet lag.”  She says towards him. Kol gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. 

“Bye Klaus, nice to see you again.” She says walking away from us. 

The rest of the night went by fast and I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was so different. 


The sun hit your face and you opened my eyes. You get out of bed when you hear a knock on your door. You dressed in a long shirt that just covers your butt and you walked towards the door. 

You opened the door and you saw Klaus looking towards you. 

“Hi..’ He says looking at you from head to toe. 

“Hi, come in.” You said to him. 

He walks into the room and you close the door behind him.

“What are you doing here?” You ask him. 

“I wanted to show you the town.” He says with a smile on his face. 

“Okay, just let me get dressed and we can go.” you smiled towards him and you made your way towards the bedroom. 

You had an amazing day with Klaus. He showed you the town and you drink and eat together. The smile he gave you and how he looks at you made you have butterflies and you knew that wasn’t good you couldn’t fell for him again. He didn’t like you then why would he like you now.  

You reached your door with Klaus behind you. “Want to something to drink?” You asked him. 

“Yes, I would like to,” He says and both of you entered the hotel room. 

A drink after another and both of you ’re beginning to touch each other. 

His hand was on your face. Stroking your cheek up and down. “I’m happy you came to New Orleans.” He says towards you. You gave him a smile. His thumb strokes your lips. 

“Klaus…” You said to him in a soft voice and before you could end your sentence. His lips were touching yours. 


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