Only A Matter Of Time

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Hey, guys! This here is a little hotch x reader oneshot requested by a wonderful anon. What happens is you realize that you really turn hotch on a lot and that just being around you drives him crazy (I made it more that he just really, really likes you, not that you really turn him on basically) and the two of you are not dating, and the rest you will have to read to find out. Enjoy! :)

(Oh, and I’m trying something new by adding gifs. What do you think?)

At first, even Hotch himself wasn’t aware of why exactly he was constantly avoiding you. He knew that it wasn’t because he didn’t like you because he definitely liked you, and it was a little while later that he realized that he was avoiding you because he liked you a little too much.

Every time his eyes tragically locked with yours, he felt his brain go numb and his blood rush to forbidden places, all things he couldn’t have with you, so he avoided you. He avoided you at all costs. He hid himself away, taking the most inconvenient routes around the office all so that he could elude your entrancing allure and distracting presence.

For a while, you didn’t even notice, but after awhile you began to realize the fact of his disappointing absence. Naturally, your first thought was that he hated you. It was an awful thought, not only because he was your boss, but you had to admit that there really was something about Hotch that you could help but find sexy and alluring. There were mixing conundrums of his personality, brave and professional and intelligent, amazing at his job, but also infinitely kind and loyal. One Aaron Hotchner had so many piling layers that you wanted nothing more than for him to simply even like you. So when you came across the thought that he hated you, you couldn’t think of any solution other than you had to fix it.

Within the day, you unearthed the adjusted route that he walked the office for certain tasks, diligently planning to casually intercept Hotch at several intervals throughout his own schedule. You knew one thing for sure, no matter what stops you had to pull, you would eventually win him over with your dazzling personality. There was no way he could hate you so much as to no return, and you were determined to rope him farthest from that sticky center.

At first, you were under the impression that it really just wasn’t working. Hotch would typically just brush past you, ignore your babbling, and move quietly on with his chin pulled down to his chest, eyes averted from your distracting face. But after a couple of tries, a couple good interceptions and strong interruptions, you realized what was really going on and the puzzle pieces suddenly clicked gloriously into place.

Hotch liked you back. That’s why he was avoiding you. It was the complete opposite of hating you, and you couldn’t be happier. Now, if you could only get him to admit his feelings…

But despite the obvious struggle to gain Hotch’s trust and enrich his own courage, you couldn’t manage to hide the huge grin that consumed your lips in jubilant triumph.

You really should have been alone, but of course Garcia tended to enjoy walking the hidden corridors of the office when she got bored. Garcia witnessed the shit-eating grin pasted eagerly across your expression, staining your lips with an unfamiliar joy. So of course, Garcia being Garcia, she just had to get exact specifics as to why she was smiling so widely.

Carefully, as you prepared to whisper a secret to your best friend, you leaned in close to her ear, “You have to promise you won’t tell anybody!” You checked, and of course she nodded in confirmation. You looked back and forth, searching to make sure no unwanted prying ears were simply waiting to pounce on your newfound secret. Nobody was there. It was just you and Garcia in a shadowy corridor. Alone.

“Alright,” You inhaled almost dramatically, “I’m pretty sure that Hotch likes me!” You smiled excitedly, the twinge of an excited squeal hiding in the creases of your voice.

“Really?” Garcia said, and you were actually disappointed in the lack of enthusiasm in her voice, taken over by confused surprised

“Why do you not think so?” You asked your best friend, thrown off by her response

“Well, wait,” She paused, eyebrows crinkled in thought, “Aren’t the two of you already dating?”

A gasp slipped off your lips and a blank slate combed across your expression, “We’re not, Garcia,” You said, your voice more stern and serious than ever before

“Hey,” Penelope said, throwing her palms to the sky in defense, “I didn’t know. Sorry. You guys just seemed like you both like each other. A lot. I just assumed.”

A jet of air breathed out through your lips as you relaxed, “You’re fine, Garcia. Sorry. This is new for me,”

“Well,” A smile sprouted across Garcia’s lips, “Does this mean you’re going to be dating soon?”

“I don’t know,” A matching smile was devouring you as well, “We’ll see,”

You walked away. You had something to do now, something to ask Hotch, and you really really hoped it worked out how you wanted. It was all or nothing.


I still love this fanvid so much. It’s a classic.

i love it when hotch gets into his “fight me, bitch” moods and mercilessly destroys people on criminal minds. its so great. and it’s not just unsubs. it’s police officers and detectives… and strauss… and the director of the fbi… there is no one he wouldn’t fight, honestly. if the president ever pissed him off hotch would one hundred percent destroy that bitch. u don’t piss hotch off. u just don’t… don’t do it…unless u have a death wish..even then, u still don’t do it…

I love Criminal Minds and have put my heart and soul into it for the last 12 years. I had hoped to see it through to the end, but that won’t be possible now. I would just like to say thank you to the writers, producers, actors, our amazing crew, and, most importantly, the best fans that a show could ever hope to have.

Thomas Gibson, as reported by USA Today

It does nothing to make me feel better, but I do appreciate his statement and his acknowledgement of the fans. Still. I didn’t realize this gif would end up being so apt:


Derek: Hey, sleeping beauty. Good to see you’re finally awake. 

Hotch: I’ll get the nurses. 

You: What are you all doing here?

Spencer: We’ve been taking shifts. Half the team stays at Quantico, other half stays here. We would never leave you. 

gif credit to toyboxboy


You’re about 12-15 years old in this :)


Reid looks over at you from where you sit huddled in a chair with a blanket around you as JJ speaks to you comfortingly. “What’s gonna happen to her now?” He asks.

The police chief of (your town) sighs. “She’ll have to go into Foster Care or an orphanage. I feel terrible, (y/n)’s a good kid.”

But the agent’s already gone and walking toward you. He sits down in the chair next to yours. “Hi, (y/n), I’m Reid.”

You look at him warily. “You’re one of those FBI guys.” He nods. “How did they die?” You whisper, tears forming in her eyes.

JJ gives Reid a desperate look, telling him this isn’t the first time you’ve asked this question. He looks back at you and takes your hand. “They died protecting you, which is everything any parent could ever wish for. They went peacefully.”

You nod, tears falling freely now. “Are they-” you choke, unable to get the words out. JJ tightens her arm around you.

But Reid understands. “They’re in a better place now.”

You nod, and he squeezes your hand one last time before standing up with JJ to talk alone. He looks back over at your shaking figure before saying, “JJ, I can’t just let her go to an orphanage.”

“But, Spence, she has no family members who can or will take her in.” The blonde argues. “Where else can she go?”

He looks her in the eyes. “With me.”

Her eyes widen. “You can’t be-”

“I’m completely serious, JJ. There’s just something about her. I need to take care of her. Make sure she’s okay.” He explains, looking back at you.

“But Reid, you’re talking about adoption. That’s not just making sure she’s okay, that’s making sure she’s okay forever.” JJ tries to reason.

But his mind was set.

One year later

“Hi, (y/n), how are you?” Garcia squeal so, hugging you as you walk into the BAU offices with Spencer.

You laugh, hugging her back. “I’m good, Garcia.”

“Good.” She says, before walking with you and Spencer to say hi to the rest of the team.

Ever since your parents died, and Reid took you in, your life has been completely different. While Spencer is your legal guardian, you see him more as an older brother then a father. But, you love him all the same.

The BAU team has become your new family. They helped set up a school for you to go to in DC, and when Spencer was gone on cases, you would stay with Garcia who usually stayed at the base.

You’re pulled out of your thoughts by the sight of the rest of the team standing over a cake on Reid’s desk. “Happy Birthday, (y/n)!” They yell, smiling at your shocked face. How do they even know your birthday?

“Thanks, guys!” You say, exchanging hugs with everyone. Even Jack, Henri, and Will are present for the surprise party. “This means so much.”

“Well, don’t give us the credit, this was the boy-genius’s idea.” Rossi says, smiling.

Turning around, you look at Reid who has his hands in his pockets, smiling. Rushing forward, you pull him into a hug. “Thank you. I love you so much.”

He hugs you back, kissing the top of your head. “I love you too.”

Pulling away, you turn back around to Garcia strapping a birthday hat on your head and Prentiss handing you a piece of cake. Laughing, you take it and hug the woman with one arm.

Looking around the room, you see JJ and Will giving Jack and Henri pieces of cake, while Rossi and Hotch eat quietly, laughing as Jack manages to get frosting all over his face. Spencer is laughing at something Prentiss said, and Garcia stands by Morgan, both flirting with each other as they eat.

You smile, grateful for your new, slightly dysfunctional family.