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Which webcomics do you read and like? (if you read them of course)

DO I READ WEBCOMICS?!? WHO DO YOU THINK I AM? I don’t think anyone can be a good comic artist if they don’t read a billion comics. I feel like this list is just a fraction of good online comics out there, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some really good ones, but without further ado, here’s:


Brainchild by Suzanne Geary

I’m so proud to have Brainchild as Witchy’s sister comic because it is SO AMAZING!!! Please read Brainchild if you like coming of age comics, cool mutants, mysterious powers and cute girls dating. Even if those aren’t usually your thing you should still check Brainchild out because Suzanne’s execution of the entire thing is fantastic! I’m so excited to see where it goes. Suzanne has a fantastic grip on colour and her panelling is always beautiful.

Knights Errant: Pavane by Jennifer Doyle

Knights Errant: Pavane is actually a reboot of the original, but let me tell you it is a reboot that WORKS. Jen is a fantastic storyteller and the pacing of Pavane compared to KE is amazing, and I’ve immediately been drawn into the world. Read if you like chivalry, political intrigue and queer knights! Jen’s pages always have this perfect balance to them, and I feel like they get the most out of every panel. 

Best Friends Forever by Mickey Quinn

If there is someone that really knows how to write a good character drama, it’s Mickey. BFF has been running for a couple of years and I swear every update leaves me crying and kicking the wall in sad, horny frustration. Recently BFF has switched from a traditional webcomic format to more of a serial, heavily illustrated story, but that doesn’t make it any less gripping. It deals with the fine line between intimate friendship and romance, sexuality, and all that other good high school drama stuff. It’s also incredibly stylish and cool!

HERO by Hwei

I’m pretty sure Hero is the comic on this list that I’ve been following the longest, and for good reason. I don’t think any comic has ever made me feel sadness and yearning as strongly as Hero has. The dialogue and prose is beautiful, as are the illustrations, and Hwei draws fantastic page layouts. The first time I discovered it I stayed up till 3 am reading it, and it still has a lot of sentimental value to me. This was one of the first comics I read that really made me want to work in comics.

Raedus by Yossra El Said

Yossra is a fantastic artist and I wish more people read her comic! She has such a great sense of colour that immerses me in the world so well. It’s still relatively early on, but the story follows two children and a mysterious man who can commune with the spirits of a long gone civilization, and it’s super intriguing. 

(I’m sorry I had to stop inserting pics here bc the post would be WAY too long and also it was eating up my day)

This Is Not Fiction by Nikki

TINF has travelled so far since I started reading it; back when it was a little high school collab project on Smackjeeves. Nikki has such a unique art style it’s such a joy to see what she does with her pages! It has another high school setting but is unlike any high school story I’ve read, where the main characters hunt down a mysterious author named Sydney Morgan. 

H&J by G.C Houle

H&J is a super stylish murder-mystery type comic where the two main characters, Helvetica and John, run a slapdash private investigation agency. The writing is hilarious, fun, and engaging and I am in love with Helvetica.

Kill Six Billion Demons by Orbitaldropkick

I only read KSBD last week but I was immediately hooked. It has the most beautifully, intricately detailed art I’ve ever seen, great colour, and some SUPER interesting world building elements based on indian and other deities. It’s just super dynamic and interesting and you should read if you love a good blood bath (conversely, avoid if you’re feint of heart. also warning because the first few pages have a bit of sexual cohersion)

Hotblood by Toril

GAY WESTERN ROMANCE WITH CENTAURS? how can anyone say no. Hotblood has a great sense of atmosphere, probably because of Toril’s nuanced colouring and the balance of slow and fast pacing. It’s rare in webcomics that there are just pages that give the audience time to breathe, and I really appreciate that in Hotblood.

Arboreta by Kara A

Another comic that’s still in early stages, Arboreta has begun with a beautiful slow pace reminiscent of a ghibli film. I love that it takes the time to linger on the little details of life and nature. 

Agents of the Realm by Mildred Louis

I have a weakness for magical girl stories, and Agents of the Realm is super promising. It has all the good stuff; magical amulets, scary monsters and weird and mysterious mentors, but at the same time feels more grounded in reality because of the down-to-earthedness of the characters.

Bouletcorp by Boulet

Boulet’s comics are weekly strips, but on a whole other level to what I’ve seen before. Most of it is slice of life stuff, but then he’ll knock you out of the park with a huge strip that keeps you scrolling for minutes, about a man who adventures down into the center of the earth. You never quite know what to expect when Boulet updates, apart from the fact that it’ll be amazing.

Balderdash! by Victoria Grace Elliot 

Do you like slice of life comics about witches and female friendships? then you should read Balderdash! It has a super cute art and some beautiful world building ideas, and a headstrong main character who just wants to bake.

Monster Pop! by Maya Kern

Another slice of life comic with some really great character development. I’m super invested in the lives and relationships of this cool, diverse cast of interesting monsters and humans. A lot of well executed queer relationships!

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Nimona just finished up and I recommend that everyone give it a read. It’s just an all around good comic. Great writing, great art, and some really sweet and unexpected character interactions. It subverts a lot of Hero/Villain tropes.

TJ & Amal by E.K. Weaver

TJ & Amal is another comic that finished recently and it was so, so amazing. I had been reading it from the very beginning and while I hated to see it go, it ended wonderfully. It is seriously one of the most subtle and wonderful comics out there, and E.K. Weaver has such a knack for small character details. I don’t know what you’re doing if you don’t read this comic!

Cucumber Quest by Gigi D.G.

If you’re into comics and you’re not reading Cucumber Quest hurry up!! do it now!!! It’s one of my favourites and has amazing art, hilarious writing and reminds me of my my favourite nintendo game so it feels cozy and comfortable and nostalgic to read. If you’ve ever played the Mario & Luigi RPGs or the Paper Mario games, I can bet that you’ll love this comic.

Octopus Pie by Meredith Gran

Another one of my faves, another one of those “how are you not reading this if you say you like comics” kind of comics. There are a lot of stories about young people living in New York but I want to say this is the best of them. Super hilarious when it wants to be, super poignant when it wants to be, the story about the mysterious visitor legit made me cry. One of the few things where I care about the straight characters smooching.

So SORRY this turned into a colossal post, I hope everyone who’s interested in broadening their comic horizons will take a look! each comic here is gold.

the bayard is the paladin is the lion: a season 3 prediction

Alternatively titled: Watch This Child Jeopardize Her GPA in Real Time As She Ignores Her Midterms to Write Yet Another Fucking Meta

The lovely @littleblackchats already wrote an awesome post about the symbolism of the bayards for each of the characters in Voltron. But I was wondering: could we take it a step further and use the weapons - and what they say symbolically about the paladins wielding them - to make an informed guess about who’s going to end up in what lion next season?

(even if the answer to that question is no, i’m already writing this so whatever)

Since Allura, Keith, and Lance are the most likely to be swapped into new lions (or, in Allura’s case, to be put into a lion for the first time), I thought it’d be cool to take a look at what the weapons each of them wields says about their personalities, and whether that can give us hints as to who’s gonna be the Black Paladin next season while Shiro’s gone.

Alright, so in episode 1, Allura tells us that a lion’s quintessence is mirrored in its paladin, and that the paladin shapes the bayard. So lion = paladin = bayard. The lion and paladin should be similar in personalty, and the bayard should be compatible to the paladin’s style of fighting and personality as well. This is shown really well in Hunk and Pidge: Pidge’s weapon is small (like her), electric (reflecting her interest in computers), and made for precision (Pidge is more interested in finding clever solutions than just brute-forcing problems), while Hunk’s is big (just like him), long-range (reflecting his wish to stay distanced from conflict), and packs a punch (Hunk is the strongest character on the team, after all).

So the weapons tell us something about the personalities of the ones using them. But what can their respective weapons tell us about Keith, Lance, and Allura?

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I found a wonderful online comic because of you but do you think you could suggest more to me? ^_^

Ooooh I really only keep up with Ava’s Demon currently, but there are a few others that have caught my attention!

Blindsprings – This comic has really only just started, and I’ve gotten pretty far behind on reading it, but the story is starting to pick up and the art is beautiful. Definitely worth a read!

Thermohalia – This one has actually been discontinued, but I fell in love with the art style so I figured it was worth mentioning. :)

Hotblood! – A comic based in the 1800s, old-western US, only with gay centaurs. I believe it’s going to become a bit nsfw in the future? 

The Girl From Hell City – This is another one I really should catch up on, so the plot is a bit blurry in my mind… However, the artist is a big inspiration to me and I absolutely love her style! She has done multiple comics (under the “comics” tab on her website) and you may have seen this one floating around tumblr a while ago… it’s my favorite thus far tbh (tw for body horror though)

Oglaf – Hella nsfw but also hella funny. It’s got a really diverse cast and is pretty tasteful so far as nsfw goes.

aaand because I feel obligated here’s the first webcomic I really actually “got into” y'know?

The Phoenix Requiem – I suppose you could classify it as steampunk? It’s set in a victorian-esque world plagued by ancient powers. I think if I were to re-read it now I would enjoy it less, but back in 2010 or so I loved it. Of the comics I’ve listed it’s the only finished one.

I hope this helps! If you happen to find any good comics as well please tell me about them! I’m an aspiring comic artist myself, so I love to hear about new stories!!! 

 Edit: Cause people are suddenly liking and reblogging this; I can’t believe I forgot to add The Property of Hate to this list as well Please everyone do yourselves a favor and read The Property of Hate

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From Hitblood to Zarco your style changed quite a bit. It was intentional? Byw I love the new style and your characters look so good in it.

Yes, the style shift has been completely intentional! ZARCO is a canon sequel, but I wanted to expand my visual vocabulary beyond the set of rules I’d made for myself with Hotblood!

That means: lots of spot black (and white!), gradients, and some real lighting ;^)

Thank you!


pairing: Gaara/Sakura with some Neji/Sakura

summary: ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ But just about everything is a possible enemy in a zombie apocalypse. Sakura crosses paths with a particular thief once more and has an unexpectedly pleasant night, trapped in a condemned building’s basement. 

notes: i’m like 3 hours late for @vesperlionheart and @thefreckledone fluff friday, enemy prompt, but eeeeyyyy better late than never. some fluff in a pretty grim setting hello did you know i have a zombie apocalypse au (i have a couple other drabbles set in this universe that i wanna write one day)

Konoha had been more of a tourist destination – a vacation retreat – than an actual town. With the large fortress and temple, the meticulously cared for gardens, hot spring, multitude of places to eat, and the tall, sturdy, stone wall that encircled the village, tucked away in the middle of the forest, it all seemed like something out of a folk tale.

In the end, it was the wall that saved them.

When people first started to get sick, the townsfolk didn’t think much of it and simply cared for their ill as best as they could, slowly becoming more worried as they listened to the news that an epidemic had spread across Japan.

Had spread across the world.

When communications to the outside went down and those who had fallen ill began to… react, there was mass panic throughout the country.

It was that tall wall - strong and stone and unrelenting - that kept the walking corpses out and the people of Konoha safe.

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I’m wrapping up four pseudo-NDA pieces today (and I hate not being able to show things immediately), so have some fanart of one of my new favorite webcomics - hotbloodcomic! It’s beautifully drawn and the colors are gorgeous, the setting and characters are great, and I have a big (huge!) crush on Rook. I’m also trying to add some lines into my work to practice for my own comics in the future! 

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So you think kiri is the most developed character in class 1A , in my opinion I think he is the second after bakugou , I even think he will get more character development in the future

Kirishima’s Character Development Throughout the Series

Huh? I didn’t say Kirishima is the most developed character in Class 1-A. If I did, I didn’t mean that. What I meant to say was Kirishima is the most developed SIDE CHARACTER of Class 1-A. I definitely don’t think he’s anywhere near as well developed as main characters like Midoriya, Bakugou, and Todoroki. In fact, I don’t think he’s as developed as any of the main characters. The focus Kirishima received the Internship Arc isn’t close to the focus Iida got during the Stain Arc.

or close to the focus Todoroki got during the Sports Festival Arc.

Uraraka has received more focus than Kirishima in all the BNHA arcs except for the Hideout Raid Arc, Internship Arc, and MAYBE USJ Arc.

Kirishima really hasn’t gotten much development before the Internship Arc. In the USJ Arc, the start of his budding relationship with Bakugou is decent, but he doesn’t take down any major villains. He just stands there for a good portion of the arc.

His relationship with Bakugou and Tetsutetsu stands out during the Sports Festival, but he’s overshadowed by a lot of other characters like Midoriya, Bakugou, Iida, Todoroki, Uraraka, Tokoyami, Mei, and Shinsou.

He’s out of focus during the Stain Arc and End of the Term Test Arc.

In fact, he fails the End of Term Test, so he never gets a chance to shine.

He doesn’t get a chance to fight the villains during the School Camping Trip Arc.

I’ve read the manga since early on, probably around when the Sports Festival was happening. I’ve joined conversations, and early on in the series, people were not talking about Kirishima or were interested in him. He was known as Bakugou’s friend, and people assumed he and Tetsutetsu are practically the same person. Some people found him charming, but he was rarely mentioned in conversations. I personally didn’t become interested in him until the Sports Festival Cavalry Battle because I thought his friendship Bakugou would go somewhere interesting. To be honest, I didn’t Horikoshi would do anything with Kirishima except develop his friendship with Bakugou. Nonetheless, I was still interested in Kirishima’s character because I thought his friendship with Bakugou was interesting enough on its own. It was a little annoying seeing Kirishima not do much during the Stain Arc, End of Term Arc, and Camping Trip Arc, so I thought Horikoshi didn’t like his character or have any big plans for Kirishima.

Fortunately, Kirishima’s character started getting interesting during the end of the School Camping Trip Arc when he looked devastated at the thought of Bakugou getting captured and really wanted to fight the villains to protect Bakugou.

Fans started getting interested in Kirishima when he was insistent on rescuing Bakugou and was blaming himself for not being able to do anything to help Bakugou. That moment signaled Kirishima means business and would do anything to help his friends. It really showcased his heroic spirit and determination. Kirishima wanting to rescue Bakugou and blaming himself for letting Bakugou get captured was the most interesting Kirishima moment at that point in the manga. Unfortunately, considering the lack of big moments Kirishima had received until that point in the manga, that’s not saying much.

Even though I did say Kirishima’s character didn’t get much development before the Internship Arc, he does get a decent amount of character development during the Hideout Raid Arc. That arc shows off Kirishima’s determination and heroic personality as well as how important his friendship with Bakugou is. That’s more than enough to make Kirishima one of the most well developed side characters of the series, but nowhere close to the level any of the main characters are at. It also doesn’t help that when chapter 90 came out, some people were complaining Bakugou and Kirishima’s relationship didn’t get much development until that point, and I agree the moment would have been more effective if their relationship was built up a bit more.

During the wrap up of the Hideout Raid Arc, Kirishima and Bakugou’s relationship gets a bit of attention from the manga.

And Kirishima shows off more of his kindhearted personality by comforting Tsuyu.

However in the arc afterwards, the Hero License Exam Arc, he doesn’t get much attention. Instead of getting a badass moment, Kirishima turns into a meatball and has to be saved by Bakugou and Kaminari. I’ve kind of gotten used to the lack of badass moments from Kirishima by that point.

Kaminari praises Kirishima for his nice personality, but it’s not something any of us don’t know, and Kaminari’s comments are more geared towards Bakugou’s character development while also showing how highly Kaminari thinks of his friends. This moment is mostly meant for Kaminari’s and Bakugou’s character development. Although, Kaminari’s remark towards Kirishima is meaningful nonetheless.

Later after being rescued, Kirishima just tags along with Bakugou and Kaminari. He takes down some people to pass the first half of the exam in pretty cool moment to show Kirishima is still a competent fighter since the last time we had seen him take down anyone is during the Sports Festival.

During the second half of the Hero License Exam, Kirishima relies on his common sense and heroic spirit to save as many people as possible in order to pass the hero license exam. Kirishima rescuing people is mostly done off screen.

and Kirishima’s most notable moments during the second half of the exam is calling Bakugou out on his bullshit and then feeling bad for Bakugou when Bakugou doesn’t pass the exam.

By the end of the Hero License Exam Arc, Kirishima is a well-liked, charming character by the fans. However, he doesn’t have a lot going for him in terms of development. At least, he’s nowhere close to any of the main characters in terms of development. He’s kindhearted and good friends with Bakugou, but he comes across as a simpleminded, typical, kindhearted, hotblooded shounen character whose characterization is centered around Bakugou. He’s a great character and certainly developed enough to gain fan attention, but he doesn’t nearly have the development the other main characters get, and I don’t think the attention and character development he gets during the Internship Arc is enough to claim he’s as well developed as any of the main characters yet. His character development during the Internship Arc is a pleasant surprise since we knew Kirishima was due for development; we just didn’t think it would be this much this quickly.  

Let’s see…what happened to Kirishima during the Internship Arc?

He gets lots of screen time with the main character.

His low self-esteem is addressed.

He finally gets a really badass moment and a noticeable improvement in his Quirk.

His past is hinted at.

He has a mentor and senpai whom he thinks highly of.

He helps take down some very tough villains while being severely injured in the process.

Kirishima gets a lot more screen time during that arc overall.

That development is more than enough to make Kirishima the most prominent side character in Class 1-A. HOWEVER, as I mentioned before, Kirishima got so little development in early arcs that the development he gets here doesn’t catch him up to the main characters’ levels. Uraraka and Iida have had arcs where they’re a bit out of focus, but their focus and character development have been more consistent, and they’ve been prominent in the manga since the beginning. They’ve gotten decent development and panel time every arc simply because they’re main characters and close friends with Midoriya.

This is only my interpretation though. Others may think differently.

I don’t think Kirishima is as developed as any of the main characters. He’s getting there. He just needs to get more consistent screen time in future chapters, and considering the development he has gotten during the Internship Arc, that likely will happen. Horikoshi has plans for Kirishima’s character.That has been apparent since the hideout Raid Arc.  

(I did not intend for this answer to get this long.)

Wyoming, 1873: A Hotblood! Fanmix

1. Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now - Needtobreathe 2. You Rascal You - Hanni El Khatib 3. God’s Gonna’ Cut You Down - Johnny Cash 4. Green Rocky Road - Department of Eagles 5. Come Alive - Hanni El Khatib 6. Ghost Riders in the Sky - Johnny Cash 7. The Darkness - The Cat Empire 8. Down the Road - C2C 9. Wild and Wasted Waters - Kill It Kid 10. From the Wreckage Build a Home - The Wind and the Wave

Listen [here

Well guys, I bet you know what this is gonna be…

After many adventures, escapades, and hopes HotbloodedPinkie is over. I wasn’t just gonna let this thing slip off into the brink quietly, but it took a while to think of a good picture to sum it all up. It was a fantastic four years rolling with you boys and girls, but now things are definitively at their end.

For those of you that stick around, the old HBPP posts will be archived an annexed to their own blog and this will become a general art Tumblr. And hey, with any luck the new stuff I draw will make ol’ Pinkie look like shit!

Anywhoo, I hope you all enjoyed following this blog as much as I enjoyed drawing it, and maybe we’ll meet again, someday in the sea of stars…  


Kagehinatsukkiyama HCs

So I really love this ship and all variations of it I’m so sorry but I just reallllyy love Kagehinatsukkiyama ahaha okay so here are some headcanons:

-Aged Up! AU Where they live together.
-Hinata is a big cuddler. So whenever they have sleep, they take turns “sacrificing body warmth” to Hinata in their futons. (Kageyama secretly hogs him more. Don’t tell the other 2.)
-Yamaguchi and Hinata drag Kageyama and Tsukishima to go shopping together for cute hair accesories and outfits!
-“SHO YOU LOOK SO CUTE!!! AAA I COULD JUST EAT YOU UP!” *picks Hinata up and spins him*
-“TADA-CHAN LOOKS SUPER CUTE TOO!!” *Giggles* *gives him cute kisses*
-Kageyama and Tsukishima are fighting their nosebleeds in the background.
-“S-s-o King… can you still handle it?” -“Y-yea… no… this is too much.”

-Hinata makes Tsukishima pick him up and ride on his shoulders.
-Tsukishima grumbles and complains WHILE carrying him on his shoulders.
-Sometimes he’ll just swoop him up bridal style. Then kiss him where ever he wants. Hinata beams.

-Tsukishima and Yamaguchi watch Dino movies together and Yamaguchi would have to deal with useless Dino facts and crying everytime one dies. But he doesn’t mind, he’ll kiss all the tears away.

-Tsukishima facepalms and Yamaguchi snickers. But they secretly find it endearing.

-Yams and Kags go to buy cakes together ocassionally while the other 2 sleep on the couch all cuddled up.
-One time it gets cold and Yamaguchi realizes he forgets his gloves.
-“S-stupid… take this…” and Kageyama gives him one if his gloves then proceeds to take Yamaguchi’s otherhand in his and shove it into his pocket. Kageyama is blushing madly and Yamaguchi giggles.
-“You and Tsukki are the same… I love you all.”
-Kageyama nearly faints that was too cute.
-It becomes routine and Yamaguchi always “forgets” his gloves. Not that Kageyama minds at all.
-They buy Tsukishima strawberry cake and Hinata chocolate cake!

-“Stupid King, hotblooded useless…” -“Tall gigantic egoistical pillar of salt.”
-Stuff like that are muttered in between kisses and Yams and Hina are just staring at them like *sighs* “They never change.” “It’s still cute though.”

-If anyone DARES to hurt Hinata, he’ll have 3 guys, all over 180cm, ready to fight and wearing the scariest expressions ever.

-Tsukishima is the only one able to kabedon™ Kageyama. When he does it’s usually really intimate and he whispers all sorts of stuff in his ear to make him blush.
-Hinata and Yamaguchi are watching all of this with matching blushes and squeals.
-“It’s like one of Noya-san’s BL mangas…”

-Daichi is kind of concerned at times like “IS NOBODY IN YOUR HOUSE RESPONSIBLE BESIDES YAMAGUCHI????” When he and Suga come over to check on their kids.
-Sugawara smiles and shakes his head.
-“You kids are wonderful but how about trying not to wreak havoc throughout all Miyagi okay?” With the Mom Face™ and Mom Tone™ and honestly they’re all more terrified of him than Dadchi. (Daichi totally understand because Suga scares him too 60% of the time.)

-They all hug Hinata when he’s feeling down and he feels super loved. “Stupid Hinata, we love you don’t ever doubt that.” Then they all carry him around to make him feel tol.
-Yamaguchi gets warm loving words and cheek kisses from everyone. (Tsukishima aims for the mouth though that cheater.)
-Kageyama gets Hinata and Yamaguchi  pulling him to dance around the room and Tsukishima ruffles his hair. It’s an odd comforting method but he loves it.
-Tsukishima gets movies AND cake AND 3 wonderful boys snuggled up beside him. How spoiled.

-Hinayama dates are like: Yamaguchi takes Hinata out to the lake and they gaze at the sunset leaning on each other. They say the sappiest, cutest things.
-Kagehina is when Kageyama takes Hinata out on “dates” and brings the volleyball so its 70% volleyball, 20% making out, 10% actually being romantic and 100% chance of BOKE! They run around open fields and make flower crowns too that’s super cute and fluffy.
-Tsukkiyama dates usually include going to museums (the other 2 are kinda ummm yea not into that) and Yamaguchi gets to see Tsukki light up talking about Dinosaurs. He gets to tease him but it’s really cute. Awww. Slow dancing under the moon at night too.
-Tsukkihina dates include “Tsukki take me to see the floating lights!” “You mean the stars?” So they go to the observatory. “The stars look just like the ones in your eyes.” Tsukishima almost cries because that was adorable. They’ll walk home at night hand in hand with matching blushes.
-Tsukkikage dates are… relatively normal. They chat in cafes with lots of banter but they enjoy it alot and share milkshake. Tsukki likes to rub it in that he’s taller. It’s fun riling up his king.
-KageYama (no wait Yamakage makes more sense.) Dates include watching romcom movies in the theaters and Yamaguchi attempting to explain the jokes, puns, romantic lines, etc. Kageyama is kinda… blank??? But Yamaguchi finds his innocence super precious. So throughout the movie Kageyama mostly just watches Yamaguchi and honestly it’s so much better than any movie.

-When all of them go out together it’s SUPER HECTIC BUT SUPER FUN and they do all sorts of stuff yayy!!!
-Super surprising but the one who cooks the best is HINATA. So he’d make them breakfast and dinner and it’s just sooooo good.
-This ship is so pure please consider it thank you.