One day–some day soon,
you will pick me up from the airport in the rain
and I will load my weekend things
into your car.
We will stop and get coffee on the way home
at the cafe you can’t stop talking about,
and trudge our rainboots through 
the wet, green grass;
breathe in the fluttering leaves
and evergreens.
I’ll make home on your fold-out couch,
fall in love with the dim lighting
and small solitude of your apartment.
There will be red sangria cooling in the fridge
and nachos hot on the stove.
And we will talk.
We will talk so long
and so fast,
it won’t matter how long
we’ve been apart
and the night will just be an overdue excuse
for  catching up on all the ways
we’ve come to say “I miss you.”
—  Schuyler Peck, Voodoo Donuts

QB Wilson will join Rangers for Spring Training

Russell Wilson will report to the Texas Rangers in spring training, his baseball agent told Fox Sports’ Jon Paul Morosi. 

Fresh off helping deliver Seattle’s first Super Bowl in 38 years, and the city’s first major pro sports championship since 1979, Wilson will be wearing rival colors when pitchers and catchers report Feb. 16 in Surprise, Ariz.

Don’t worry. It’s not going to be awkward, and he’ll still get cheered on as he steals two bases vs. Felix Hernandez on a balmy June night. Don’t worry. The Rangers isn’t a gateway drug to the Dallas Cowboys.

The Rangers selected Wilson off the Colorado Rockies as a Rule 5 Pick, and GM Jon Daniels claimed it was more than a publicity stunt.

Wilson was first drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in 2007, but chose to play college football at North Carolina State. He played two minor league seasons as a second baseman beginning in 2010, when the Rockies drafted him in the fourth round. 

The second African-American to win a Super Bowl has career slashes of .229 BA / .354 OBP / .356 SLG, with five home runs, nine doubles, eight triples and 19 stolen bases in 379 plate appearances spread over Class A short season and Class A. 

That superior minor league walk rate coupled with his speed makes a pro ball career plausible. 

“I’m sure I’ll go down there [to Surprise, Ariz.] for spring training and just talk to some of their players and hang out some,” Wilson told ESPN in December.

Motivational speakers typically don’t get baseball agents. Woooo!