let me tell you a story

when i was a child, i knew magic shows weren’t real magic, but i thought real magic also existed and that the only entities who could perform it were santa and jesus

when my parents, whom i trusted, came clean and told me that santa wasn’t real, i looked at the new evidence in front of me

i decided that if there was no special category of “real magic,” that meant jesus also wasn’t real

see, i was 10 years old, and things didn’t add up to me, so i changed my entire worldview over it in mild opposition to the adults around me

if you think i wouldn’t drop tjlc like a hot potato if evidence emerged that we were wrong, tell that to jesus


This is Knock Out, also known as Silly Cherry. He’s a medic with an itch that can be scratched by speeeeed and is a magnet, a Wrecker magnet, they tend to bulldoze into him at times, and most times out of the bloody blue. One time Breakdown smacked Bulkhead into Knock Out and then Bulkhead would smack Breakdown into Knock Out. HOT POTATO.

Silly Cherry is a lob ball by proxy.


Hot potato, Super Smash style. 


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Michael Scofield played by Wentworth Earl Miller

Prison Break

For anyone who hasn’t seen Prison Break, Michael Scofield is the main character trying to break out his brother who has been wrongly sentenced to death. His tattoos are not only a map of the prison but they also contain information on what to do once he’s out. This is one of the most well thought out and smart shows I have ever seen so I really recommend watching it. Plus the fact that Wentworth Miller is a hot potato helps.