This is the body of an amateur surfer.

This is the body of someone who has worked out six days a week for more than a year.

This is a body that bikes everywhere, can bike at 20 mph, can lift twice its own weight. This is a body that mows lawns in triple digit heat.

This is not a “before” picture, and if you think it should be…

You can go fuck yourself!


Anna Maria Kaufmann (left) and Renée Knapp (right), the two first Christines in Germany. Anna Maria Kaufmann was the principal, and stayed until 1992, when Renée Knapp took over. She then went back to being alternate in 1993-94, for Colby Thomas, and had left by 1995.

Renée Knapp also did a 4 month fill-in-run in Melbourne in the autumn of 1991.

I actually love that if I saw Jensen on the street in that shorts and sandals getup, with the beanie or hat and that beard, I would not go whoa, that’s a good-looking person. I love that he gets to be Not Gorgeous at least by a few people’s standards. That’s a very freeing experience for someone who is Fucking Gorgeous 99.9% of the time.


Bakasayu : Still mad at me pasteltail ~ >BD

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