i’ve watched the episode six times already, what have they done to me, my life will never be the same after seeing them practically snuggling on that fucking hospital bed how fucking dare they do this to me

So, personal time again: One week from now i will lie in a hospital bed, hopefully recovering from the operation they did, probably drowsy from the narcotics, if not bored from having to spend days there and being separated from the internet, my primary socializing method, what with being a shut in and introvert. If everything goes according to plan that is.

The plan is to cut open my ear from the inside to remove some nasty thing that is eating away at the bone on my ear and causing me to gradually losing the ability to hear on my left side, something that is very annoying, and, eventually, to prevent it from going on a further eating spree through my skull bone and into my brain, which, I am told, is bad for, in general, living.

Now, the operation is primarily for two things: check if the thing they think is there actually is there, and then remove it. Preserving my ability to hear is secondary at that stage - is always nice how doctors tell you those things btw, they have sooo much care when clinically describing it.

So… let’s just hope the plan is what will happen. There are circumstances that might cause the plan to go a little bit awry… 

…in any case… I might be gone for a little time. So now you all know why.

so my dads wallet and all ids and documents have been stolen from his hospital bed and we’ve had to cancel his cards for fraudulent spending

so like shoutout to the person who stole everything from a very sick cancer patient - you’re the lowest scum of the earth possible and I hope you rot

Different Types of Slytherins
  • The Renaissance Human: does everything and does it well. Constantly working to make themselves more versatile.
  • The Team Player: hella wants to succeed, brings everyone around them up with them. Probably has a "team work makes the dream work" sticker on their laptop
  • The Snake: Doesn't really care who they take down on the way up. Has to be The Best™ at what they do
  • The Riddler: most common phrase is "oh really?" Sarcastic as hell, gains a life whenever someone looks confused after a conversation
  • The Bitch™: actually a good soul, but bitchy sense of humor. If they don't like you, you will know. Shit talks out of love. Shady as hell
  • The Sweetheart: the one everyone is confused as to why they're in that house. Actual defiance of normal stereotype, but also will probably own their own multi million dollar company later on
  • Jason: [Laying in a hospital bed, waiting for his appendix to be taken out] If I die during this operation, will you do one thing for me?
  • Tim: Anything, Jason
  • Jason: [Grabs Tim by the collar and squeezes eyes] blow up the fucking hospital
Skyline {IV}

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Warnings: None

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 4k

A/N: Guys, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all (all 900 of you [!!!!!!]) for all the kindness and support I’ve received for this story.  You guys are so great, and I love each and every one of you.  Thank you for all that you’ve done, and will hopefully continue to do, as there will be a skyline pt. 5!!!!

{part I} {part II} {part III}

Three days.  You were kept in the hospital for three days. Three days of IV’s, probing, blood pressure being taken, bad hospital beds, worse hospital food, and no access to news about whether or not Spider-Man made it out of the collapsed bank.

At first, you didn’t even remember the bank hold up.  You had woken up after passing out from a concussion and blood loss in a white hospital room, beeping all around you.  Fear had raced down your spine; was there an accident?  Why was there an IV in your arm?  What had happened?  It wasn’t until you saw the dirt covered, tear streaked face of Alex sitting in the chair next to your bed that it all came back to you.

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Peter Parker being the father of your daughter would include;

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A/N: I’m so sorry if this is short, I couldn’t think more of what would happen if he had a daughter but I think there would be a bunch of more things i just lack imagination,,

- First of all, he is too excited to hear that you are pregnant??

- When you tell the big news to him, he flips out and immediately tells everyone

- You being shocked when Ned calls you the next day, asking if the child is half spider or not,

- Being overwhelmed with all of his meaningless questions and handing the phone over to Peter because this is his fault after all,

- When the doctor tells you that it’s time for the gender reveal, you want to keep it as a surprise until birth,

- But Peter knows he can’t survive without learning so he drags you back to the examination room,

-  He squeezes your hand as the doctor tells you it’s a baby girl,

- You turn to Peter only to see him already staring at you, tears streaming down his cheeks, smiling,

- Months later, when the baby is finally born, Peter takes a photo of you two, sleeping together in the hospital bed because he can finally see both of his favorite girls together,

- Before the night of your daughter’s first day of kindergarten, you catch Peter watching videos on how to braid hair,

-The next day, you hear screams from the bathroom, quickly get up from bed, only to see Peter trying to hold your daughter in one place in order to comb her hair,

- She fights back and she is quite strong, even stronger than Peter perhaps,

- You laugh at the sight of your husband, struggling to fight a 4-year-old  back,

- “Daddy! Stop this you are hurting my head!”

- “Darling- if you could-” “Just not move for a second!” 

- As the days went by, Peter learns how to braid her hair without hurting her,

- You waking up a morning and surprisingly not hearing the sound of something being broken or just your daughter’s screams,

- You go check them out if everything is okay and you are shocked by what you see

- Peter is perfecting a french braid while your daughter is showing her daddy how she can count to thirty without making any mistake,

- Your daughter keeps telling her friends, her teachers, random taxi drivers, the cashier at Walmart and your next door neighbor that her father can climb up the walls and shoot webs,

- Everyone thinks it’s adorable for her to think that her dad is a superhero,

- Peter catching her putting his mask on very often,

- “Daddy, can girls be superheroes too?”

- “Of course they can honey, come on let me teach you some of my moves,”

- He often takes her to just swing by buildings,

- She feels “tickles on her belly” every time they do that,

- You all attend to your first wedding as a family,

- “I don’t know which one of you is prettier… But I think I’ll go with my girl this time, sorry Y/N” he holds her hand makes her spin around for a few times, she obviously learned this move when her mom and dad went to their anniversary wedding wearing fancy dresses and she knew her dad was impressed when her mom did that

- You acting like you were  jealous when Peter invites your daughter to dance instead of you,

- Him kneeling down because your daughter is only 6 years old and can’t reach to his shoulders,

- Peter’s face lighting up seeing how happy she is,

- You know he is just trying to hold back his tears

- In conclusion, he would be the best father no matter what and you all know that, bYE!

peaches: tom holland fluff

“hi peaches,” you laughed, approaching the hospital bed from its right side. your boyfriends eyes fluttered open drowsily and a soft smile set on his lips. “ready to go home?” you asked, pressing the back of your hand to his face, feeling the warmth under his cheeks.

“what time is it?” he asked, his mouth is full of cotton pads so his words are muffled.

“little after four, bub.” you tell him, brushing some hair off his forehead. he makes some incoherent replies and you look to his younger brother behind you to see if he can understand what’s happening. harry shrugs and you both laugh a little at tom’s delirioum.

a nurse pops in, giving you instructions on his medication and how to clean the wounds. she gives you a list of the soft foods that are ideal for your boyfriend to eat. she gives tom a pat on the shoulder with a sympathetic smile before leaving.

“hey! excuse me! wait!” he calls after her but it’s too late and she’s disappeared behind a heavy door. “ah man. i didn’t get to tell her about the transformers.”

“what transformers?” harry asks with an eyebrow quirked.

“in the other room she was talking like a transformer!” he reasons and you shake your head.

“alight, lets go. c'mon, peaches.” you say again, pulling his arm so he sits up. he stares at you for a minute before nodding and letting you help him into some shoes. he slides off the bed, going straight for you. his taunt body wraps around yours but his weight is unusually balanced and it sends you stumbling a little.

harry goes to take one of your boyfriend’s arms but tom waves him off before reattaching himself to you. walking is awkward at first but eventually you get it to work and head towards the car.

“excuse me, missy.” he says, tapping on your collarbone. you’re almost there and harry’s a little ahead of the two of you. “you’re using our secret nicknames.” he pouts and you avoid the urge to peck his swollen cheek.

“i’m sorry, baby. but i just saw you laying there helpless. i couldn’t not call you it.” you say, reaching across his face to anchor your hand on his ear and press a few kisses to his neck. “plus harry won’t say anything.”

“are you kidding me?? he’s already got at least four jokes about ‘peaches’.” he frowns.

“well do you not want me to call you that anymore?”

“no! no! i like it too much.” he mumbles and you two finally reach the car. you help him into the backseat and buckle his seatbelt. “just have to keep up my cool guy act when i’m around the lads.”

you couldn’t help but laugh and placed a firm kiss to his forehead. you make sure he’s correctly situated before pulling away. but toms hand catches your elbow.

“please don’t stop calling me that.” he frowns and you can tell he thinks that he’s upset you.

“alright, love. you’ll be my peaches forever.” you grin, kissing his forehead a couple times. he smiles contently, his head still in a dreamy state.

harry is a giggling mess as he climbs into the drivers seat as you get in the passenger’s.

“what are you laughing at, harry beary?!” tom hollers from the back and harry instantly turns red at the childhood nickname. tom laughs longer than he should have before settling himself down.

the car ride is mostly peaceful except for tom’s soft singing of “sweet home alabama” that harry can’t help but post on instagram with the caption “peaches is drunk”.

Humans are Space Orcs - Injuries

I have been loving this tag so much for so long, I think about it all the time. I especially love ones where aliens react to humans getting injuries that the humans are super chill about. What if a human on an alien crew did something and ended up getting a huge smack to the head? Like black and purple bruises, eye swollen shut, the works

Captain Kar’rim scuttled down the corridor as fast as he could. He had just got word that Kate, one of the three humans on the crew, had sustained major head injuries. 

From the brief report he had been sent, Human Kate, as well as one of the other humans, Vincent, had been spending their allotted recreation time playing what they called “baseball.” It was something they often did. It consisted of the two of them throwing a small white ball back and forth at each other at high velocity. It didn’t see like it was much of a game, but the humans assured Kar’rim that an actual game of this baseball was a favorite past-time among their kind.

Typical that such a dangerous activity would be considered a human past-time, he thought, clicking his mandibles in a mixture of annoyance and anxiety.

According to the report, there had been a slight miscalculation on Kate’s part of the trajectory of the ball. Instead of landing in her glove, it hit her in her face. HER FACE! Kar’rim had not yet lost a member of his crew on any voyage. A fact he was very proud of. He was not going to lose that record because of a human game of all things!

Kar’rim reached the medical bay. He spotted Demfar, the crew’s medic trying, unsuccessfully trying to use whatever tentacles could be spared to shoo an effyn and two humans away from a hospital bed.

“Demfar, how is she?” He could see the answer to his question as soon as he asked it. Human Kate lay on the bed, her face looked almost unrecognizable. Her cheekbone and brow were so swollen, he couldn’t even see her left eye. Alarming shades of blue and purple were spreading across the left side of her face. Demfar passed a small bag of ice to Kate, who moved it slowly across her injury.

“By all things bright and…Human Kate! Stay with us, you’re going to pull through!” Kar’rim wasn’t really sure about that last part, but it seemed like the right thing to say. It was positive. Reassuring. To both Kate and himself. It was a lie, nonetheless. He looked at Demfar, who was applying a copious amount of pungent oils to the human’s darkening skin. 

How long does she have left to live? Kar’rim tried to send the question to Demfar silently, mentally willing the question to the medic’s brain. He didn’t want to ask aloud. It was rude to speak about death in front of the dying.

Neither Kar’rim nor Demfar possessed telepathic abilities, but Demfar seemed to pick up the question anyway.

“The humans have explained the situation to me. Human Kate will make a full recovery. As soon as I am finished checking for signs of a concussion, I will mend a few of the ruptured capillaries, and she will be free to go. The contusions and swelling should be gone in a day or two.” Having finished applying the oils, Demfar used a free tentacle to replace the lids to the oil vials and placed them in Kate’s hands. “Apply more of this whenever you get a chance until the ‘bruises’ fade.”

Kar’rim wasn’t sure if he heard the medic correctly. A day or two? Full recovery? Free to go? Had Demfar LOOKED at the patient?! He knew humans were hardy, but surely… these wounds?! The head trauma!? The report said the ball the humans had been “playing” with had been traveling an estimated 86 glatts per segment. An injury like that would have killed most species!

“What… what about her eye? Will she be able to see out of it again?”

“Ha, if not, it probably won’t affect her game any!” Laughed Vincent. Kar’rim turned toward him with surprise. “What happened to you being the starting catcher back home? You can’t even keep your eye on the ball!”

“You shouldn’t have thrown it if I wasn’t looking, ya’ chucklehead!” complained Kate as Demfar held a small humming machine up to the darkest part of her face. “I was distracted, Bett was on fire!”

“Bett is a booka, they’re almost always on fire,” laughed Vincent. 

Demfar finished with the humming machine and straightened up. The darkest parts of Kate’s face were considerably lighter now. “You check out, you’re free to go.” Kate sat up and threw her legs over the side of the bed and stood up. “Don’t forget to apply the oils.”

“No prob, thanks Doc!” Kate called back as she left with her group. Kar’rim watched as they went, amazed. He knew humans were tough, their reputation was what had led him to eventually hire three onto his crew. What would have been a traumatic, life-threatening injury to many, humans seemed to see as just an inconvenience. With a sigh of relief, he muttered a phrase which had become very popular since the humans had joined the Galactic Alliance, “I’m glad they’re on our side.”

to this day- h.s imagine

“Tell me something good,” you whispered as you stared at your hand interlaced with Harry’s.

Harry let out a sniff before he smiled sadly at you. He squeezed your hand softly. “Like what, love?” he whispered just as softly.

You bit your bottom lip as you pondered what story you should have your husband tell. Your eyes lit up as you smiled softly. “Tell me about the first time you realized you loved me.” Harry let out a chuckle as he stared at the tiled floor underneath him. “You’ve heard this story a million times, love.”

You nodded your head as you gave Harry’s hand a small squeeze. “I know. I just want to hear it again.” Harry let out another sniff and smiled. “It was four years ago…”

Harry was sitting at his dining room table with a look of frustration on his face. He stared at the papers in front of him he needed to get sort out for his big meeting tomorrow. Tomorrow all eyes were going to be on him. This was going to be Harry’s make it or break it of his career. If the tiniest thing goes wrong, Harry can kiss his future goodbye. He grabbed his phone and sighed as he saw no messages from you. He really needed you right now. Although you guys haven’t dated long, Harry knew you were something special. He knew that in a time like this, you were able to calm him down. So when you weren’t responding to him, you could say that he was freaking out.

Harry let out a groan as he heard someone knocking on his door. He got up from the table, ready to tell whoever was at the door to get lost. When he opened the door he saw you. Instantly he smiled. “What are you doing here?”

You had your hands behind your back, holding something out of Harry’s sight. You shifted your weight from your heels to your toes. “I know you’ve been stressing out about tomorrow. I wanted to get your mind away from it. Just for a little bit.”

Harry’s heart warmed at the thought that you weren’t ignoring him that in fact, you were doing something for him. Harry nodded his head as he let you into his apartment. You walked inside, careful to not show Harry what was behind your back. You and Harry walked over to the living room and sat down. “So what did you bring, love?” Harry said as he nodded your heads towards you.

You smiled as you brought out a basket full of goodies for him. Harry’s eyebrows raised as he looked at you. You laughed and nodded your head, telling him to go on and see what was inside. The basket was filled with all of Harry’s favorite things. His favorite tea, his favorite biscuits, his favorite candle, you even brought bananas!

Harry there his head back in laughter as he pulled out an avocado with a neatly wrapped ribbon on it. You let out a chuckle as you shrugged your shoulders. “Figured you could use it for breakfast before the meeting.”

Harry wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into a hug. He kissed the top of your head. “Love, this was all so sweet. Thank you.”

“Even though we weren’t dating that long, you managed to remember every little detail about me. You listened to everything I said, even when they were silly thoughts. It was in that moment that I knew I loved you.” Harry said as he brought your hand to his lip and gave it a small kiss. You smiled at Harry and looked away before you looked back at him. “I can’t believe you’ve managed to keep the basket all this time.”

Harry let out a chuckle before he shook his head. “I’m never getting rid of it.”

A moment of silence passed between the both of you. The only sound heard was the occasion sniff. You were staring at the ceiling before you asked, “Remember that big fight we had?”

Harry shook his head as he looked at you. “I don’t want to think about that right now, love.” You shook your head quickly, “Do you remember what we promised when it was over?”

Harry was staring at his lap. He smiled softly and nodded. “We promised to never let things get that bad.”

You and Harry were both breathing hard from the screaming match you guys had. You don’t remember how the fight started. All you knew was that both you and Harry were mad and no one was going to crack and apologize.

You gave Harry one more cold stare before you marched upstairs to your shared bedroom. You slammed the door and locked it. Harry was quick to run after you. When he tried opening the door, he let out a groan and slammed his fist against the door. “Y/N! It’s my room too! You can’t lock me out!”

You rolled your eyes as you began getting ready for bed. “Fuck off! Sleep on the couch for all I care!”

The next morning you woke up expecting the fight to be resolved between the two of you but instead it seemed like things were worse. You went downstairs to see Harry’s makeshift bed on the couch. Harry walked out from the kitchen, a mug of tea in his hand. His eyes followed your gaze. He let out a scoff, “I hope you feel bad I had to sleep on that lumpy couch.”

Your eyes furrowed. You crossed your arms before you bitterly said, “If you weren’t such an ass…” And then another fight began. On the third day of the fight, you were coming home from maybe one of the worst days of your life. It seemed like everything you did at work was wrong. You didn’t have enough cash for lunch and you lost your credit card, your boss yelled at you for something that was beyond your control, you accidentally ripped your skirt meaning you had to sit and stand awkwardly for the rest of your shift; it was just a terrible day.

When you got home with tears in your eyes, Harry was quick to drop the attitude and the fight as he rushed to your side. He pulled you into his arms as you sobbed into his arms. “I’m so sorry, H.” You cried. Harry shushed you as he pulled you closer to him. “I’m sorry too, love.”

“I’m so tired, H.” you whispered. Harry could feel your hold on his hand slowly getting weaker. Harry’s eyes widened with panic. In an attempt to make his time with you last a little bit longer, Harry asked, “Do you remember how nervous I was when I said my vows to you?”

You let out a cough before you chuckled, “I thought you were going to pass out if I’m being honest.”

The room was silent as you read your vows to Harry. Literally, you could see almost every guest tear up with how manful your vows were. Harry was sniffling himself as he listened to every promise you made to him. The pastor gave you a nod as he turned to Harry. “And now Harry will say his vows.”

Harry’s eyes widened. He pulled out his vows from his jacket pocket. Because his hands were so shaky, the piece of paper fell. You, along with a couple of guests, chuckled. Harry cleared his throat. With a shaky voice, “Y/N. When asked what is my biggest achievement in life, I will always say it was meeting you. I will say that it was managing to get someone as beautiful and amazing as you to fall in love with someone as clumsy and dorky as me. Before you, I have never been in love. Now I know what it is. Love is looking into your eyes and feeling happiness. Love is you laughing at all my awful jokes. Love is being with you. I promise to always be in love with you. I promise to take care of you when you’re sick. I promise to be with you till we’re old. On this day, on our wedding day, I promise you.”

Harry’s eyes began to water as he recalled his vows to you. You let out a smile, trying to make light of the situation. “I’m sorry you won’t be able to accomplish those things.”

Harry shook his head as he let out a sob. He rested his head on your hospital bed. You began crying yourself. You ran your hand over Harry’s hair. In between Harry’s sobs he choked out, “Please don’t go, Y/N.”

You let out a deep breath. “I’ve been fighting this battle for too long, H.” Harry looked up at you. “I’m afraid what life is going to be like when you’re gone.”

You motioned Harry to come closer. You placed your hands on the side of his face. “I love you. And being with you has been the best time of my life. I’m so honored to be able to say I died your wife.”

Harry closed his eyes as he placed his hands on top of yours. “Please, Y/N.” You shook your head as you continued, “Please don’t live your life in pain when I’m gone. I can’t die peacefully knowing that you’re wasting your time being sad. Live your life, Harry. Live it as if I’m still there with you.”

Not being able to hold himself any longer, Harry leaned in and gave you a kiss. It was so soft and so gentle. It was a goodbye kiss. You kissed him back, savoring the taste of him for one last time. Harry pulled away from the kiss and rested his forehead against yours. “I love you, Y/N Styles.”

You choked back your own sob. “I will love you to the moment I die, Harry.” And even though they’ve told Harry multiple times that he couldn’t get into bed with you, he climbed on to your hospital bed. He carefully made sure he didn’t mess with the wires as placed his head on your chest, “I’m going to miss you so much, Y/N.” 

You wrapped your arms around him, letting him be the little spoon, for this was probably going to be the last time you would be able to hold him like this. 


i wanted to write something different from the married series. i hope you guys liked this. let me know what you guys thought!

ps. thank you so much for all the kind messages. it means the world hearing from you guys. all the support i got from my little rant was amazing. you guys gave me the extra push i needed and inspired me. thank you to every single one of you guys