Hoskky draws

Marathoning OUaT + hoskky being awesome = Shitty Fantasy AU is back. You’d think I’d be able to keep everyone’s designs consistent as I draw with tumblr open right in front of me, but hahaha. Though the return of Axel’s curly horns was intentional. Flower crowns are a reference to this, and Xion talking to her ermine-y love is a response to this. <3

This AU still needs a better name, especially if other people are drawing for it too. I called it the shitty fantasy AU because for some reason every time I drew it, I was working with my lowest-tier art. So it was visually shitty. But now it’s just… a silly fantasy AU. But it still needs a better name than just “[Adjective] Fantasy AU”. Suggestions?? C:


GUYS I realised a while ago that the Chargers would make great metalheads in a modern au, I mean they already have the perfect mentality for it and their “Horns pointing up” is similar to the “Horns up” of the sign of the horns. 

At first I thought the Chargers’d be a band but I like the idea of them being some kind of group well known in the metalhead community of their city; They could organise gigs or something. I’ve got to think about it. 

The band names on their shirts wouldn’t exist in a modern DA setting but I wanted to figure out the genres each of them would like best so there you go (genres added in the pictures captions). 

Other random thoughts: Bull’s vitaar are tattoos. He used to be a soldier in the army and it’s where he got his scars. Cass is the head of the security police in charge of watching fests. Bull and her know each other and plan things together so that gigs go well without the police being too pushy. Dorian’s a famous rock singer (”Don’t stop me now (dad) HAVIN A GOOD TIME”….. i’m sorry). Haven’t thought about the other characters yet. I’m so pumped for this. I have no idea where I’m going, or if I’m even going anywhere, but I’m pumped.