Tsundere Jungkook

Jimin: Hobi hyung was in really good condition in the morning so he was so active but now he’s dying~ 

Rap Monster: We did have many schedules but I didn’t expect him to get tired so soon like that.

Jungkook: But hyung recovered a little because I made him laugh.

J Hope: I was lying down because I was so tired then Jungkook came over and showed me aegyo. I started laughing because I was so dumbfounded. Like what is this kid? 

Jimin: Aegyo? Jungkook, what about me? Jungkook, I think hyung (Jimin) is feeling sick too. 

Jungkook: Go to hospital if you’re sick


While everyone is complaining, Jimin finds the MC very entertaining

bonus; proof that Jimin is having the time of his life while Taehyung is MCing