Gintama antagonists and protagonists as 7 Deadly Sins and 7 Heavenly Virtues 

~ Itou Kamotarou & Kondo Isao as Pride & Humility: a leader who believed he was better than anyone and a leader who saw everyone as equal

~ Princess Kada & Otose as Greed & Charity: a queen who desired everything and a queen who was giving and never waiting for anything in return

~ Hosen & Hinowa as Lust & Chastity: a man who was ready to prisoned a woman to get her for himself and a woman who kept a pure soul and love in her heart

~ Jiraia & Tsukuyo as Envy & Kindness: a master who tried to destroy everything he once had had and what his student was able to build later and a student who wanted to gave away all she had to save others

~ Kamui & Kagura as Gluttony & Temperance: a brother who was killing for his hunger for blood and a sister who listened to her humanity, not hunger

~ Hajime Obi & Shinpachi Shimura as Sloth & Diligence: an older and strong brother who didn’t have enough strength to fight with himself sooner and a younger and weak brother who worked hard to be like him

~ Takasugi Shinsuke & Gintoki Sakata as Wrath & Mercy: a friend who lost everything and hated the world and a friend who lost everything and learned to love everyone even more

Kamui, you're walking down the same path as me. You take everything you want by force. 
You can only express love and hate through fighting. But when you're old and look back at the path you took, you'll find that your path is empty.
Even you find something you truly love,you lack the arms to hold it.
You can only sink your claws into it.

The more you reach out for them, the further away they go.