zahhak rotation

Horuss(ancestors troll) -> Executor darkleer (beta troll) -> Equius(alpha troll) -> Horuss


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Meulin hearing is not good, 
Unless the ground shaking a lot, 
Or she would not find anything unusual, 

Disciple could be a reporter or photographer, 
Usually shoot a lot of pictures of animals, 
Also report suspected animal abuse thing. 

She saw meulin description of dugong head with mushrooms, 
they should ask some people who work in the aquarium.


meulin and her family went a resort nearby have manatee habitat,
She knew manatees like fresh water, 

During the holiday, 
She put some water every day to visit manatees, 
But one day she saw a small dugong, 
She thought it’s tail is injured, because it is forked 
In fact manatees and dugongs living habitat is different, 
It just got lost. 

(horuss want some fresh water, although his father said not too close to humans. )