Hell yeah, here comes the Horta!

Hey Horta, you know how you’re meant to be taking care of those eggs for the future of the species and all that? Well why did you just kick the crap outta one, right across the room?

I love The Devil in the Dark. My favourite fact is that the costume was created first and shown to Gene Coon who thought it was awesome and decided he was going to write an episode to use it in. First known example of cosplayers dictating the story?

@petimetrek and I recently had a discussion about what the Horta serving in Starfleet would look like, since according to Memory Beta some of them apparently served on starships as crewmember, yet they don’t have humanoid bodies capable of wearing a regular Starfleet uniform.

The result of that convo is this doodle: a Horta wearing a commbadge attached to its body through ducktape.

In Devil in the Dark, when Spock mind-melds with the Horta, the Horta probably learns a lot about Spock. (The meld goes both ways, after all).

It probably felt all the pain of his insecurities, of being half-in and half-out of human and Vulcan worlds, of being out-of-place on a human ship. And the Horta–of all creatures– probably understands what it means to be lonely. 

So when Spock tells everyone that the Horta prefers his characteristics to that of humans, maybe (and maybe he knows) that was the Horta’s way of reassuring this strange person who was trying to help him.

Even knowing that, though, he probably appreciates it.

I dunno, I want them to be friends.