A Halloween animation! Pretty proud of myself for animating the camera moves in 2d and not relying on a digital camera. Only the background is dependent on a camera. Actually did this a month or so out and have been waiting for it to be posted on the Make instagram. Well, it’s free to roam the internet now so here it is.

Thor: What are you thinking … That I could never understand. Therefore, I am always afraid of what you can do.

Loki: That’s what you think of me … But don’t worry, brother. If one day I do something, it will be just for you.

I’m was still very impressed by the recent trip to the Black Sea. And I am ready to spend eternity there, on the southern shores of the Crimean peninsula … always. But I’m ready to admit that for such a long period of absence I missed my favorite pastime. And always thought, what to start this time? Something must have been necessarily bright and sunny. And yet I came to the answer.

The work was not difficult. But I didn’t have enough time, so I painted 2-3 hours a week.

There are many details on the art that you can pay attention to.

The terrain can be any, but still everyone thinks of Asgard. And I think: why not? Rather, it is something like an alley or park.

The horses of Thor and Loki differ in coloring as in the film. Dark horse Loki means obscurity, secrecy, some kind of darkness. In the horses of Thor and Loki, you can see the symbols that define one or another of their essence on the armor: you can see a snake and small horns on the armor of the horse Loki, and the symbol of Mjolnir on the armor of the horse of Thor.

I do not know what to say about that white bird in the uppermost corner …. Probably it just carries something like light and magic at this work? I think so

The work is created with a mouse in Krita