What happens to super-villains and horror film antagonists who beat the odds and somehow manage to reach old age? Horror Vacui is an awesome conceptual photography series by Federico Chiesa that envisions what those characters are doing now in 2012. Here we see The Shining twins, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Darth Vader. It appears that the years haven’t been very kind to those who often weren’t so kind themselves.

[via Juxtapoz]

Preview of my “Paradox of Consciousness”
This large piece of paper has traveled 25,000 miles across the USA with me on tour in the last 15 weeks of my gypsy caravan tour with Palaye Royale.

It’s important to me for the physical piece of paper to be where I have been. Experience my surrounds and influence my thought process.

It’s has become a necessity for me to exist by constant self expression. To test the bounds of ones own mind. See how far experimental living can go..
Alter fixed consciousness to live and embrace an internal Age of Enlightenment.