The signs playing horror games
  • Aries:Nothing but the jump scares, scares them
  • Taurus:Will finish the game no matter how scary
  • Gemini:Is so tense they start to sweat while playing
  • Cancer:Lets out a HUGE scream at every single scary part
  • Leo:Doesn't want to play the horror game
  • Virgo:Gets nightmares for the rest of their lives
  • Libra:Quits playing as soon as it starts getting creepy
  • Scorpio:Will keep playing the game constantly until they finish it
  • Sagittarius:Dies every couple of seconds
  • Capricorn:Searches up the story of the game, then plays it know when all the jump scares are
  • Aquarius:Will only play it if it's multiplayer
  • Pisces:Bad at shooting anything they need to shoot