Whilst cleaning at work - trust me, this is relevant … I happened to enter the room of a gent who - at the time was at the hospital for a hearing aid appointment - was playing the box set of Hornblower on his TV. And I had to look twice as I saw Ron Cook who played Parker in ‘the movie that cannot be named’ *coughliveactionthunderbirdscough*. In 2003, he played the part of Doughty, Admiral Pellew’s and later Hornblower’s steward in the Hornblower episode, Duty.

Just thought I’d share that with you all.



1. resemblance of sounds.

2. also called vowel rhyme. Prosody: rhyme in which the same vowel sounds are used with different consonants in the stressed syllables of the rhyming words, as in penitent and reticence.

3. partial agreement or correspondence.

Etymology: from French, from Latin assonare, “respond to”, from ad-, “to” + sonare, from sonus, “sound”.

[Billy Norrby - Hornblower]


Guardy’s Hornblower Screencaps - one screenshot per episode edition.

In other news, July 4th is everybody’s favorite fictional seafaring dork’s* birthday and I wanted to do something neat for that, like, y’know, a gifset or tHAT ANALYSIS (who even remembers that? because yes, I’m *still* working on it) but alas, it’s exam season for me, so that wasn’t going to happen.
Anyway, have some pretty pictures.

*unless you’re more of a Aubrey-Maturin kinda person, I guess. That’s cool, too.

It’s what people want to see - pretty guys in pretty uniforms. Harmless and fun Boy’s Own stuff. It’s entertaining - doesn’t proselytise, doesn’t point to a moral, it just is what it is. It’s perfectly… well, I was going to say it’s perfectly straight, but I’m not so sure about that….
—  Paul McGann (about the Hornblower series)