Each house as: Shakespearean characters - Hamlet
  • Gryffindor: Laertes - brAVE, strONG, revenGEFUL
  • Hufflepuff: Horatio - precious cinnamon roll 10/10 perfect friend ship it don't drink the cup please
  • Ravenclaw: Ophelia - honestly... just... leave her be...
  • Slytherin: Hamlet - spiteful murderous emo teen yet everyone loves him smh

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poetry prompt: there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt in your philosophy

you leave traces of yourself in my bones,
your mania and unbridled desire
(desire for more, for anything)
licking at the soft marrow.

whenever i touch you, my heart is sixteen again,
nervous and thumping off-beat.
i touch my tongue to my teeth
and forget to breathe when

you tell me to talk to you in latin
(the fact that no one speaks dead languages
anymore does not faze you);
when i say, quid me nutrit me destruit,
you do not understand, and
press kisses to my neck in between
repeated whispers of te amo, te amo.

you constantly tell me,
horatio, you are always right,
but later, when your skin grows cold
and i taste the blood and wine in your mouth,
i hope to god i’m wrong.

i am hidden in your heart // m.m.w.

This interaction is one of the MANY reasons why I love this (Asta Nielsen’s) version of Hamlet.
So yes, that is Hamlet (left) and Horatio (right), and in this version, Hamlet is secretly a woman who was raised as a man to protect the royal family’s legacy.
The movie, in a vain and desperate attempt to avoid any implications of homosexuality, goes w the idea that Hamlet was secretly in love w Horatio (which…yea), and only pretended to love Ophelia for the sake of appearances.
And that would be all well and heterosexual, but Nielsen’s performance isn’t really that of woman pretending to be a man.
Honestly, this Hamlet feels way more gender fluid than *just* male, or *just* female. There’s flashes of both femininity and masculinity in the performance, making the whole thing waaaaay unintentionally gayer (always fun).
So, in this version, we actually get to SEE Hamlet and Horatio meet at Wittenberg.
Like, they get this whole little meet-cute scene where Horatio drops his quill and they both go to pick it up and their heads bump together, like in a romcom (I swear I’m not making this up, you can watch it on YouTube if you don’t believe me), which then leads to the part your seeing above this, where Hamlet basically just eye fucks Horatio for an entire scene.
What a piece of work is man, indeed.


I was so absorbed in the Valentine’s Day spirit today that I sketched up some more, this time for classic literature (because plays are heckin rad)