Upper Lawrenceville.  I do a lot of paintings from this area because it is where I live. Many subjects are chosen over a period of time. Seeing them at different times can trigger an idea that had been percolating in the subconscious. Suddenly I see the scene as a painting. It is strange when this happens because I know exactly what it will look like as completed piece. That is what happened here and it was as if the wind blew the paint on – effortlessly.

The strange, existential pleasure of an airport lounge. #Hopperesque. “Edward Hopper belongs to a particular category of artist whose work appears sad but does not make us sad – the painterly counterpart to Bach or Leonard Cohen. Loneliness is the dominant theme in his art. His figures look as though they are far from home. They stand reading a letter beside a hotel bed or drinking in a bar. They gaze out of the window of a moving train or read a book in a hotel lobby. Their faces are vulnerable and introspective. They may have just left someone or been left. They are in search of work, sex or company, adrift in transient places. It is often night, and through the window lie the darkness and threat of the open country or of a strange city.” –Alain de Botton (at Delta Sky Club at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport)

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