when atem has moved long past the yami no games / shadow games
and already learned how to be kind and compassionate –

and then someone whose truly the BANE of evil exists and he just
seats himself down in the middle of a dark room no one knows about, going

               “hello, let’s play a game.”


CAS April Challenge created by cinemasims

Day 25 - Sweet Pea

I made Sweet Pea into a seemingly sweet sim, but in reality she’s isn’t exactly the most pleasant of sims to be around. She stays up all hours of the night, browsing the internet, looking for the next big thing that’s trending on the web. Always trying to search for that influential item or food that’s only instagram worthy. She’ll do anything she can just to get more “likes”, no matter how fake she comes across as. No one can run a blog like this girl can. She’s has tons of sponsors that invest in her judgement. She’ll agree to anything, even if she doesn’t believe in the product. It’s as if wifi has become her life support. She has hundreds of thousands of followers on twitter and millions on her instagram. And you can clearly see that it all goes to her head. In short, this sim is pretty superficial who’s only in it for the money and popularity. 

This girl doesn’t see herself as an internet princess, this girl sees herself as an internet queen!

I’m thinking about making her twin having a completely different sense of style, but making this sim the stereotypically “evil” twin, and her opposite identical twin the “good” one. 


dragcon was amazing!!! best day of my life so far.

mini story time: so today was actually my school’s prom and obviously i didn’t go, so therefore i kindly asked Katya (queen on the left) to see if we can pose like a cliche prom couple ready for the night, and she immediately said, “oh of course!” it was definitely an experience i’ll never forget.💜 

If you want to wake up for Fajr, do your adhkaar before sleeping. Trust me.