aalienfriendly  asked:

Will you please educate me on the whole Furguson issue? I honestly don't know the details or story that took place. I do know a boy was shot buy a cop but that is it. I don't mean to sound ignorant i just would like to understand. Thank you.

Normally, on questions like this, I would tend to be snarky about it, however, this is important to fully understand. So, I will leave my usual rude commentary aside so that you’re up to speed on this important matter.

I’m going to refer to this post I’ve done earlier: Michael Brown Killing - Myth Vs. Reality. This will sum up the whole incident.

But this is about the killing. What happened afterwards is a whole other story, one that was so stressful I wasn’t prepared to cover it… nor did I anticipate the backlash for covering it. 

Basically, the community of Ferguson (which is located in St. Louis) were protesting to release the name of the police officer (which didn’t happened until a week later) and for the officer to be arrested. During this protesting, the police answered back by militarizing their forces. Because of this, riots and looting happened. Some of it was outsiders of the community taking advantage of the situation. Police used tear gas and rubber bullets to control the peaceful protests. 

Now, there were a whole bunch of snafus (“Situation Normal: All Fu*ked Up”) and fubars (Fu*k Up Beyond All Repair”) that the local government and police had done on. They did things like…

Now, getting back to the killing. There are several eyewitnesses to the murder, including 2 White construction workers who didn’t original came forward because they fear they will lose their jobs.

As far as Darran Wilson, the officer who killed Michael Brown, he was given paid time off and so far, have not been arrested. To make matters worse, the Darran Wilson fund had raised almost $500K. The fund itself is confusing, as the supporters are supporting Darran Wilson blindly, stating that the “truth will come out”, even though evidence is saying otherwise.

Lastly, before I let this go…

A twitter user and owner of HopeMob, Shaun King, laid down a Twitter essay about the government of Ferguson and why would they go this far to do what they did.

Basically, to paraphase Shaun King…

The government and the Police would let St. Louis and Ferguson burn to the ground before they let Darran Wilson spend one night in jail.