I’ve been reading a book lately about a girl growing up with an Indian/Jewish background (Thank you TaG and obscenelybefuddled for this sudden fascination) and it mentions a festival called Raksha Bandhan (or sometimes just Rakhi in some areas) that celebrates brother-sister relationships (or sometimes cousins, but it’s always a boy and a girl) and I suddenly had Fermat and EOS feelings. A big part of the festival involves the girl giving the guy a bracelet (called a Rakhi) that she either made or bought and praying for his safety, while the boy gives the girl a gift and promises to protect her.

And I’d been thinking that maybe Fermat got really interested in researching his heritage as a kid and found out about the festival, and ended up talking Brains into doing something similar. So EOS (with help from Mr. Artist himself, Virgil) makes a little macrame bracelet each year (they’re usually purple) and Fermat probably finds her some kind of inexpensive jewelry and they have a little exchange and aggghh it’s so cute. And that’s the story behind at least one of his bracelets. (He swaps it out each year)

(Also Fermat and EOS definitely both speak at least some Hindi. And Brains counts to ten in Hindi when he’s particularly frustrated.)