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favourite nct blogs?

Okay, I’m so glad someone asked me this!! Time to list out my favs.

@taeisagod, @rookiies, @neotechs, @the-actual-grim-reaper, @taeyong-dot-com, @nctuhohahyes, @yoonohwhat, @freakydeakytaeyonq, @taeiloves, @winwinnerchickendinner, @1aeyong, @nctunbleached, @sammymunchiecheerios, @1aeil, @iloveyu-ta, @pocketsized-nct, @odetonct, @ouchwinwin, @bassbot, @teewhytrack, @beaujaehyun, @grandpa-ty, @ty-bae, @cutie-lee-taeyong, @ncttrashaf, @ueo, @leetaeyongdeservestheworld, @taeyongd, @nakamotens, @thirsty-for-jae, @cherryuta, @spicypancakedoyoung

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fiendfall & leliaanaa's ꜰᴏʟʟᴏᴡ ꜰᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ

so i’ve been feeling really grateful lately, bc rn my little corner of tumblr is the best it’s ever been. there are so many wonderful people on my dash every day, so many lovely people i interact with, & so i just wanted to do something to say a lil ‘thank you’ to everyone who has helped make this so special =]

~friends/mutuals get lil hearts & ppl i rly admire get lil bishie sparkles~

A - D

@aadaar  | @actualdoglord  | @aeducans  | @akitla ♥✧ | @aknightowl | @akumatized | @aliveria  | @anotherfraud ♥✧ | @archatlas ✧ | @archduckfranz  | @argonauticae | @art-of-swords | @bisexualanakins ♥ @bubonickitten | @burdge  | @c-aesarion  | @clarkesquad | @chiaroscuros ♥ @cocotingo  | @cucumberbeetle​  | @daggerpen  | @dalish-apostate  | @demisexualmako | @direstone​ @docianpavus  | @dorkstgram​  | @dreamsaremadeofmemes  | @drisrt | @duckswithwings ♥✧ | @dyr0z

E - H

@edwardsroy | @eldritchsmuttybarmpot  | @elisesil3  | @elucubrare | @endlessgardns  | @emmadirthera​ ♥✧ | @englishmajorinrepair​ | @eruphadriel  | @etruscanaesthete  | @facinaoris | @fairyboydammit  | @fensharel | @firewrites  | @flamestrider  | @foxmouth | @gaskells | @geekandmisandry  | @grasonjace  @hawkefels | @hawkeline​ | @hectorpriamides | @hellphine | @higheverrains  | @hirrient​ @hlwim​ @horaetio@hornkerling | @houndinghell 

I - M

@ilvalentinos | @impairedoctopus​  | @inkvellir ♥✧ | @interestinggin​  | @inquisitir  | @ironliar  | @jaded-mandarin | @jacindaelena | @jimmynovaks | @junomarlowe | @kaliri  | @kremissius  | @ladycirce  | @laviniamannons  | @lavellaning ♥✧ | @lavellanpls  | @lemonsharks​  | @letsplaysocialjustice | @lingering-nomad​ ♥✧ | @locquaciousquark @lyriumbee​ ♥ @mahariels​  @marictheirin | @marjabolkonskaja  | @marthajefferson | @medievalpoc​ | @mermaidyke | @mhythology | @missblackwood  | @motherfuckingnazgul  | @murdockstark | @mythaelogy 

N - R

@nereiids ♥✧ | @nikilsson  | @obersten  | @ofwolvesandshatteredshields  | @ohneroi​  | @ohteaseit ♥✧ | @okayophelia | @pentaghasp  | @pixiedicaprio​  | @poseyshepard  | @positivedoodles  | @princealistair ♥ | @proserpin ♥ | @pugletto  | @purplemagechan  | @pyrrhafuckingnikos | @ravel-puzzelwell  | @reysbians @ritasv | @rnaleficar  | @rose-hold ♥✧

S - W

@saintcaffeinated  | @sciderman  | @siriusorion  | @shakespeareandpunk ✧ @shakespeareismyjam | @smolperalta | @smolsalarian | @spacedameron ♥✧ | @talesfromjustovertheedge  | @talesintongues  | @tanaquil ♥✧ | @taulorswifts | @terpiskeraunos ♥✧ | @theforestofarden  | @thewritersramblings | @tinakris | @tierfal ✧@tobreakandblossom | @tolklen  | @valerie1972 ♥✧ | @vir-hanin ♥✧ | @virtuouspagans @wanheding | @warden-enchanter  | @willliamherondale | @wordsnquotes | @wormwoodandhoney

thank you all for being so fab <33

Happy New Year! 2017!!!

Everyonnnnnnneeeee! Happy New Year!!!! \(≧▽≦)/

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There were lots of wonderful things that happened!!!! Really so many….but since it’s life and nothing’s perfect, of course there were some not so great things…and some of those things might continue from 2016 into 2017…but we got through 2016 and now 2017 is here before us!!! We made it!!! Like Mamo-chan would say, we’re all human, so we’re all walking together and getting past our hardships through life together!

To everyone I’m friends/mutuals with, I’M SORRY FOR BEING SO BAD AT KEEPING UP WITH COMMUNICATING. I love all of you and wish the best for all of you ^^ I’ll try to do a better job of keeping in contact and not taking forever to reply this new year!!! To those I have yet to talk with/haven’t talked very much with, I’m looking forward to getting to know you or getting to know you better this year! Ah…! I’m looking forward to getting to know all of my friends better this year as well, of course! ^^

Messages to a few specific people!!! 

@aishiteruitsumo6 Keelllyyy-chan~! I’m so blessed to have been able to get to know you this year…AND THEN MEET YOU “IRL” AS WELL!! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ Though I haven’t responded to that part of our message-conversation yet, I am thankful to have grown up in the states and have learned English fluently ^^;;; because really, if I had stayed in Japan……well…it would have it’s perks!!!!! but, then, you’re right, I wouldn’t have gotten to know you…and honestly…it makes me really sad to think of that…I’m really, really happy that we found each other and that we are friends…(and maybe we knew each other and were friends in a different lifetime? :3333? I do sorta believe in that, like we’d talked about before~ X3) Thank you~ for everything! I’m so happy to know you, and I hope we get to hang out again soon~ My New Year’s resolution…(not quite sure if it counts) IS TO LIVE IN JAPAN BEFORE THE END OF THIS YEAR!!! OFFICIALLY!! AND NEVER LEAVE!!!! RAWRR!!! I’ve said it before…probably countless times now but…本当に本当にありがとうー!私を待ってくださいね〜!もうすぐ戻るから。。。絶対、今年、この2017年終わる前に戻るから。。。また、一緒に遊ぼう!そして、マモちゃんとしょーたんの場所に行こうねー!☆ヾ(*´・∀・)ノヾ(・∀・`*)ノ☆

@tsukinokakera Kirakira-chaan! I’m really happy that you’re in my life~ Thank you for being there to listen to me when I was, LOL, breaking down… And really just being there for me in general~ Life has gotten busy for us lately, so we’re not talking as much as we used to before, but that doesn’t mean that our friendship has suffered from that at all!!! I hope that this year, we’ll find more time to talk with each other and I really hope this year is better for you…I hope that you’re doing okay and that your family is doing okay…remember to keep breathing and to take breaks away from everything if you can when you need it! If you ever need anything, know that I’m here for you. ^^ One of these days, I hope that we’ll be able to meet each other “irl”~ I’m wishing that you have a wonderful new year, Kirakira-chan! ^^ 大丈夫だよー!絶対大丈夫になるよー!信じてるー!(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

@jennshaiel Nana-chan! I’m praying that your 2017 will be better than all other years, especially 2016. I feel like you’ve been really struggling this past year, and I’m so sorry…I really wish there was more I could help you with…but I really believe, I’m really hoping that this year is better than all other years for you. Thank you for always been such an encouragement for me…Thank you for pointing out things to me…LIKEMAMO’SARMSFOREXAMPLE, Nana-chan is the reason why I always think YUMMY WHEN I SEE MAMO-CHAN’S ARMS SOMETIMES. LIKE IN SUGER, SUGER WHEN MAMO WAS SHOWING HIS SHOULDER ATTRACTIVELY TO THE AUDIENCE I HAD A STUPID URGE TO NIBBLE ON IT???!!! AND I THINK IT MIGHT BE BECAUSE OF NANA-CHAN’S INFLUENCE????!!! ANYWAYS. I FEEL LIKE I’VE LEARNED SEVERAL ODD THINGS FROM YOU….xDDDD;;;;;;;; but really though, Nana-chan is such an amazing person, (and Nana-chan’s boyfriend is as well x,D), thank you for everything you’ve said to me, your encouragements and your findings, and your gifs and photoshops, they’re all a gift~ Thank you so much~ I’m looking forward to our conversation and what Mamo has in store for us this coming year~ (≧◡≦) 

There are really so many more people I’d like to write messages for…maybe I should make more posts with messages~ ^^; 
@ace-of-derp, @carpedenarium, @cncordia, @thefaunusfox, @aruarudayo

@shuuchans-jollly-pajimmyjams, @tokiyasstar, @atutsie, @anitafishikela, @doaaradwan, @lavandeperles, @natsustarrevolution, @gloriouscrowncreator, @ms-c0ld, @fallinlovewithmiyanomamoru, @koto-wari, @yuurinikiforov, @mee-sosoup, @arellethram, @aquilalyra, @these-dorks-stole-my-heart, @winterchocolate, @kirisako, @kyzaness, @getthreecoffinsready, @amazing-rin, @nekomas-heart, @takomoshimochi, @chiisaii-otaku@shirobatheprincess, @sakurawatching and @tinklefish also anyone else that sees this~! 
Whether we talk a lot, or we’ve only talked once or twice…or we talked for a bit and then I was a terrible person and never got back to your messages because OTL……T_T……OTL……o(〒﹏〒)o

I hope that we get to talk more this year and that this year is really better than all previous years. I pray that each and every one of you are able to get a little closer, if not reach your goals and dreams as well as go beyond that in this year, 2017~ I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone a little better and walk step by step into the future with everyone! I hope this first day (or…second day…depending on where you are…!!) into the New Year was a wonderful one, and that each day you all live your fullest with no regrets~ And though it’s impossible not to have challenges and hardships, I hope that you go through each day with a smile and have lots of wonderful things happen~

Here’s to 2017!!!! (≧◡≦) ♡


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A List of Things That Are Hugs:

  1. Hugs

A List of Things That Are Not Hugs:

  1. Hugs that start as hugs but end with someone being stabbed and/or traumatized and/or generally wounded in any way whatsoever

hey cuties c: so i was planning to do this for a very long time. but there are so many awesome blogs and so many amazing persons that it’s really hard for me to choose my favourites. ughh and i know that there are some that i had forgotten, i’m so sorry i love you all so much, you’re my sunshines♥

mutuals | i’m in love with all cuties listed below but bolded ones are my crushes

i’m sorry if i fucked up with italicizing

A - B - C - D

abaddohn | abaddonfell | absolutegadreel | deanmons | boldcastiel | brothersandlovers | capturedean | carelessdean | casmyoverlord | caswinchseter | chevroletdean | claireenovk | condemnedcas | croatoansammy | deanbreaks | deandamned | deanlirium | deanwnchesters | detoxdean | devoutdean | dimplestiles | douchecrowley 

E - F - G - H - I

ermdean | eroticsam | ewdean | exboyking | featherscas | fierysam | fluffyweecest | fluffywincest | frailcasfreckledcas | gadree | gostfacers | hailgadreel | halokevin | helpcas | hopelesscastiel | humblecas | ivorycas

J - K - L - N - O

jimmynokavs | joharvxlle | kevinshope | lostchesters | naughtycastiel | neptuncas | nosignofwings | oblivionsam | officialkevintran | ohshitsam 

P - Q - R - S

padadimple | peacockcas | praysammy | precioussammy | protectgadreel | queenabaddon | redemptiondean | rubychesters | samjjess | sammyfbi | sammyrises | samuletdean | sappycas | sassydean | satincasseasidecastiel | sexygadreel | sinfuldean | slutjensen | slutnovak | soproudofus | starrycas

T - W

teasingcastiel | thenewdean | tiedupcas | trenchcoatedcas | trenchcoatstiel | trran | trustgadreel | trustingcas | trustsammy | twerksam | twinkcastiel | whispersinpurgatory | wificas | wonderfulcas | worriedsam | worshipsam

maybe some of these blogs i’m not following for a very long time but you all deserve to be here. i can’t tag everyone so i really hope you will all see this.

*list will be updated.

psssst we should be friends (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧