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the posture theory

for @drownedpoet​ and the two anons who asked

  • neil has great posture
  • since he’s shorter than most adults, standing and sitting up straight always gave him a better vantage point to survey areas when he was on the run
  • it also helped when he was younger and had to appear older 
    • so people would stop asking so many questions about why “such a nice young boy was doing things he shouldn’t be"
    • it made things like buying cigarettes, driving, and carrying a gun so much simpler when he wasn’t being interrogated every five minutes
  • breathing was much easier as well in the bulletproof vests he always wore
    • wearing kevlar is a lot like wearing a chest binder, it’s restrictive and makes breathing a pain in the ass
    • sitting up straight was at least a partial solution to this problem
  • not to mention it gave him an intimidating look that kept people at a healthy distance and made sure he wasn’t bothered
  • it also made it easier to jump into a fighting stance in a seconds notice if necessary
  • sleeping back to back with his mother reinforced the habit 
    • neither of them could sleep if there was even the smallest gap between their bodies
    • life on the run from people constantly trying to kill you makes you rightfully cautious and a little bit paranoid, so it’s nice to have the grounding weight of someone you trust at your back
  • he also used to be a dancer, but that’s another au/headcanon
  • andrew, on the other hand, has terrible posture
  • his childhood was spent slouching down trying to disappear and look like less of a target
  • he would sleep curled into himself with his back against the wall so he would be harder to grab
    • it also made it harder for drake to take his clothes off
  • hiding was easier as well
    • getting used to being tucked into himself made squeezing into tight spaces for up to a couple of hours at a time to avoid drake much more comfortable
  • slipping away from being held is about 90% easier when you’re slouched as it allows for quicker movement
    • this didn’t take andrew more than twice to learn
  • andrew never really saw the point of good posture when his body never really belonged to him anyway
    • this is his depression talking, but he doesn’t care
  • i mean what’s the point of worrying about posture when you don’t plan on living long enough to be affected by it?
Junjou Romantica, Act 44

Once again, thank you to the guys of penicillinshock for bringing us this beauty so soon after its release!

Nakamura-sensei, I know I got mad at you for that SIH thing you did, but because of Junjou, you’re kinda forgiven. I mean, bless that centerfold: Misaki is smiling, Akihiko is smiling, and all’s well in the world. 

Okay, so all in all, the latest JR act did deliver the big development that had been promised to us – perhaps not the one that we wanted, but –in my opinion– a much better one.

(Long post is long. Spoilers and uncalled-for analysis under the cut.)

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Am I wrong or Guan Shan was waiting for the reply?

you’re not wrong at all, anon, from the way old xian decided to draw that moment it definitely looks like that!! when guan shan receives the picture from he tian he is still in the same position as when he sent his reply, phone in his hand and eyes on the screen as if he was waiting what he tian was going to write next!!

and even more than that, many people pointed out that guan shan had he tian’s message box already opened when he tian first texted him, which means that he was probably thinking about whether to send he tian a message or not, maybe to thank him, or to tell him he got home safe!!

i said this before, but i really love all these details old xian decides to put in the chapters: they have a very limited space, so all the events and the actions that need to happen have to be stripped down to their bare essentials, and a lot of times things are left unsaid and open to interpretation, and in these cases details are necessary to clue in the reader on what a character might truly feel or think, which is exactly what happened with guan shan in this chapter. if you only look at the surface and at what he says, it seems like his feelings about he tian are still the same as before, but then you notice all the little things, like how he’s still wearing he tian’s jacket, or how he had he tian’s message box already opened, or how he was waiting for his reply, and you can clearly see that something has started to change!! 


Slowly, cautiously, Korey shuffled forward. How do you feel, beautiful?

I don’t feel like chit chatting with you right now, the blond growled in response. If you’re leaving, just go. Don’t let me hold you back, commander.

Love, I won’t be long, the vampire began to explain softly.

Do you think I care right now, Korey? Do you think I want you anywhere near me? he spat, his eyes narrowing as he spoke, stopping his boyfriend in his tracks. 

Honestly Elliot? Korey shrugged, rubbing his neck. I have no clue what you want if you aren’t telling me. I understand what you are going through but…

Then you should know that I don’t want to see your fucking face right now, the blond interjected. In any normal circumstances, this was not who he was. As of now, he was not himself. There was a monster trapped inside, clawing it’s way out. His blood ran like molten lava through his veins & he felt regular waves of sickness hitting him. He also felt needy, too needy when he knew Korey had other responsibilities outside of the manor as well.

Clenching his jaw, Korey turned on his heel. The vampire tried to remind himself that the moods were only temporary as he started to walk away in defeat. As you wish, my love, he muttered. 

Elliot cursed himself when he realized how he was acting. It was as if he were watching someone else control his body while he listened from the outside. There was nothing he could do when he snapped but just moments later, as he calmed, the regret would hit him hard. Korey loved him; he had given him his choice & in the end, they would finally be together. Nobody had forced him just as nobody was forcing Korey to care for him so well. 

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Good point, but that raises a different question, do you think Sangwoo is falling for Yoonbum or do you think this is all made to unnerve him. Because I could see Sangwoo switching from "I love you, never leave, I can support you" to "I can't believe you're this worthless even after all I do for you" just to mess with Yoon Bum and making him easier to manipulate and to gauge reactions for his own amusement. Can't you?

I think Sangwoo is falling in love with the idea of someone knowing everything he does and still being “in love” with him. He’s been shown something through Bum that I’m pretty sure he’s never dealt with before. All of the victims that we’ve seen so far have always yelled for him to stay away and to leave them alone, but Bum’s been the first one to actually call to Sangwoo to save him when Sangwoo is the one putting him through these things in the first place. 

I think he’s getting some crazy power trip from this and inflating his already big enough ego. I honest to god think that Sangwoo really believes Bum is really in love with him and that Bum’s always going to love him and I think he’s using that to really manipulate Bum more so than trying to unnerve him. Constantly reminding Bum that he’s worthless without him is probably a twisted way of him saying “You love me for this” and to me that seems much more dangerous than someone who’s aware that Bum is literally trying to do whatever he can to ensure less punishment and pain. 

Sangwoo to me at least seems to be getting more and more unstable the more Bum feeds into his power hungry ego. 

  When Vladimir casts hemoplague on someone, he is corrupting their blood to the point where it resembles his own. This manifests into a severe illness, its symptoms including vomiting, coughs, and severe pain in the chest and abdomen. In addition, Vladimir gains an acute awareness and control over the afflicted person’s blood, being able to pick them out from a crowd and even manipulate their limbs with ease. At any time, he can kill them by rapidly advancing the plague’s progression through their body, or simply leave them to their fate.

    Most enemies of the Black Rose are disposed of in this way (either that, or Vladimir simply stands from a distance and stops their heartbeat until they die of oxygen deprivation). So far, no one has been able to survive it, but Vladimir suspects that it isn’t impossible for someone’s body to withstand the plague.

About the masked man..

I really like to think it’s like…Erika’s lost brother.

In MCL almost everyone has a sibling (Lysander and Leigh,Armin and Alexy,Nathaniel and Amber,Iris and Thomas,Lucille [Our mom] and Agatha [Our Aunt] etc.. if there are others i don’t remember. Plus in Eldarya SPOILER Also Nevra and Karenn are brother&sister) But our candy doesn’t. I really wish our guardienne would anyway,because as she lost all her loved ones,it would really be an hope for her.

It would even make sense,like..Like her brother got in the mushroom circle when he was a kid and she wasn’t born yet,so she doesn’t know about him but he does and he is there for her as the only family member she has…

Okay I’ll stop

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hey sorry if this is super obvious but im confused about the "john selfcest" i saw a few times on tumblr. idk where its from. was he like shown to be attracted to one of his mirrors or??

oh kfjdslfjslkdf no, like it’s not john’s self but like his fantasy about irene and sherlock getting it on, because he always get a little…worked up when he’s talking about adlock and with irene being one of the most obvious sherlock mirrors, it’s practically a het self-cest au.

i’ll never be over the phenomenon of the Participation Award in the U.S.

Not to be a Dang-Dirty-Millenial, but Baby Boomers specifically hate the idea of Participation Awards. “Everyone gets an award for picking their nose” or whatever other nonsense they can fill in as an example, and use to absolutely destroy the recipients of said award, which is usually children.

I remember when I played soccer in 3rd grade, we were the worst team in the area and we KNEW it. That alone was bad enough, but it was even more humiliating to get a medal at the end anyway. It just rubbed salt in the wounds that we were terrible. What sealed the deal though? My mom bitching to me, an 8 year-old, about how much I didn’t deserve that award because we didn’t win fair and square. It didn’t matter that I and the rest of my team were aware of how competitions work, it was the fact that we were rewarded for something we didn’t earn, and our parents almost hated us for that.

That’s all well and good (it’s not), but what gets me about it is that like… it’s “her people” (her generation) that put the PA thing into place. The idea is to reward kids for trying their best so they keep trying in life and don’t give up at everything by the age of 10 because “what’s the point if it never amounts to anything.”

But still they hate it. They hate it so fucking much. Baby Boomers think it is the most ridiculous thing ever when they’re the ones that set it up. If you hate it so much, just change it.

I will never understand how they can get so angry about something they did, and somehow still make it the fault of literal children. Like how does that work exactly? It baffles me

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Hi! I was wondering... I may be wrong, but coaches do need coaching certifications, right? So, how did Victor become Yuuri's coach? All he did was going to Japan and tell Yuuri that he was going to be his coach. Hope this makes sense. Thanks :3

Thanks for asking!

Yes, this a requirement, particularly for him to stand at the boards at competitions for Yuuri.

However, it must be pointed out that a lot of elite skaters do get their coaching credentials as well, particularly on the virtue of their achievements. A lot of skaters in non state-supported countries (like the US) get these credentials in order to teach and earn money to support their skating. It is entirely probable that Victor is, by the fact that he is a 5-time champion and so on, a fully credentialed coach. The Russian coaching system is also likely very different to what you and I are familiar with. So it is possible that Victor is a fully-credentialed coach and has the proper certifications to stand at the boards with Yuuri.

(Either that, or the writers handwaved it for plot reasons.)

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Sorry I'm just a bit confused why some characters can't be on here? Like just because some ppl don't like a character doesn't mean they should be able to vote them off (I know that's not what you meant it for but I really think that's what ppl are using it for now) you kinda feel like crap if a character you really relate to gets taken off for being horrible in someone's mind. Idk I guess that's what I think. I hope this makes sense.

many people with bpd are abuse victims. putting abusers here compromises their safety. we don’t want that.

you can still headcanon characters and no one is saying youre invalid. do you know how many kintypes of mine would get ripped a new one on here? but it’s not about me. i am not the priority as someone who IDs with fiction, i am the priority as an abuse survivor.

there is a time and a place for everything.

~mod wendy

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안녕하세요~~! I have a quick question, and I hope it makes sense! What form of speech is used when Koreans think to themselves? Do they use plain form because it addresses no audience type in particular? Or 반말? Thank you!!

Hello! I apologize for the very late reply. I asked several native Korean speakers, and they said that the form of speech they use when thinking depends on the situation. For example, if they were thinking something aimed at an elderly person, they would still use honorific speech. But if they were thinking something directed at themself, they might use 반말 or the plain form.

This was a very good question and something that I had wondered myself! I apologize again for taking so long to get back to you.

I am so sorry for the post spam I just had to do, but I’m very OCD about my legacy page and I don’t want posts not to be in order and not make sense. I hope you all get that and can forgive me for the amount of spam I just caused you. 😂 I apologize! 


when i saw the end of the preview where pidge was roasting the other paladins i couldnt get this out of my head lmao I JUST NEED BI LANCE

and everyone in the room knew that by “boy” he means keith ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

ok but seriously, if something really small happened in your day and it made you really happy, but you don’t want to tell anyone bc you feel that it’s insignificant to everyone else tell me, message me that thing because nothing delights me more than enjoying other people’s tiny happinesses


1 // 1 // 17

the 3 people central to isak’s storyline represent the 3 struggles he’s faced in overlapping ways that form a complete loop.


  • helps isak come out to himself and understand his sexuality
  • has mental illness that does not stop him from loving isak and vice versa

his mom

  • has mental illness that leads to isak pushing her away (but now that he knows he can love even, he’ll be able to understand her mental illness too)
  • does not stop loving isak despite her religion


  • helps isak understand that fear, not religion, is the cause for hatred
  • makes a point to admit her mistake to isak about her understanding of his sexuality