Ella merece sentirse hermosa. Merece sentirse importante. Merece sentir que la cuidan. Merece sentirse respetada. Merece sentir que hay al menos otra persona en este mundo que la acepta justo por lo que ella es.
—  Maybe Not, Colleen Hoover

“C’thia eh ozhika ta’raf; skasau ek’suka’asu vah-kaik.

Ri vla-nem-tor kau-bosh-vuhlkansu.

Ret svi’c’thia eh ozhika spo’sov-lerakhovau-vel; ri wi paki-tepul.

Weh-is-tor ozhika, weh-torvau; weh-variben t’ozhika, ten-ken-tor du.

Weh-rom-variben ri t’venk du ri-ken-tor.”

“Logic and reason are impartial; they treat all humanoids as equals.

The wise vulcan doesn’t take sides.

The space between logic and reason is like a bellows; it is empty, yet has not lost it’s power.

The more it is used, the more it produces; the more you say about it, the less you understand.

It is better not to speak of things you do not comprehend.”

Hoover’s Surak’s Analects part 5.

lmao Bertholdt

When Annie said that she would get close to one of the Kings men and get married to them in order to get more info

Bertl looked so terrified LMAO

And then when Annie said that she wasn’t charming enough” Bertl was like

lmao his face both times is just hilarious it gives me life.

I s2G you’re so adorable Bertl I could just eat you up