Colleen Hurley of the Twistin Vixens hooping at Rockfest 2015 in Cadott, WI. More at

Beginner/Intermediate hoop dancing

On-body moves

waist hooping
hip hooping
thigh hooping
knee hooping
hoop one leg/back in
elbow hooping
elbow pass/bunny ear pass
duck out
duck in
front weave
back weave/reverse weave
reverse escalator
continuous escalator
chest hooping
shoulder hooping
one shoulder duck out
arm weaving
breaking and paddling
vortex up/hand lift
vortex down/drop down – waist, hips, knees
continuous vortex/corkscrew
chest roll
back roll
barrel roll

Off-body moves

stir the pot
walk the dog
two-handed lasso
drive the bus
one-hand isolation
two-hand isolation
ghosting isolations
horizontal isolation – forward and side
horizontal cat eyes
vertical isolation
vertical cat eyes
hand spins
tuck toss
toss under leg
helicopter under leg
one-handed helicopter
jump through
half mandala


Jacko Hooper - Egg Shells (Official Video)

New discovery! Shout out to Jacko for following us- your music is awesome :) 

English is not my native language, so please forgive any grammar mistakes here.

To anyone who worry about Molly Hooper ’s role in Sherlock series, i have some ideas : 

“Behind every successful man, there is a strong, wise and hardworking woman”.

There are so many reasons that Sherlolly story can’t be portrayed as we wanted.

+ Because he is Sherlock Holmes, the most legendary detective. He can’t have scenes of his marriage life or with his own children. The writers want to stick with the novel, but with the extraordinary Molly, we now have some Sherlolly moments which is implied / or appeared other character thoughts ( Anderson, Lestrade). Sherlolly scenes can’t be too MANY or too DIRECT because it will make others complain that this would be no longer a solving-crime drama. In this case we need our special investigators to dig deeper ( ex : Sherlock’s reaction with Molly engagement ) 

+ Because the series with only 3 episode each season always need to make impression. In Sherlolly scenes, instead of any FLUFF/happy momentS with greetings/ hugging, we always have HURT/COMFORT moments when they get sad, jealous, misunderstand the situation … It is the same explanation why in the end ep 1 s1 Irene can’t get away easily when committing crime or Magnussen can’t be killed by a minor characters.

+ However, if you notice, Molly is wrote as an anonymous helper. She can see Sherlock & helped him with his fake death. To protect Molly, Sherlock will not draw any attention to her or let her in any dangers. Her name is not mentioned as a special person in John’s blog. Molly is known by the public/the multimedia. She won’t EXIST in the history, if people want to find out about Sherlock Holmes famous cases. No offical information about her will be linked with Sherlock’s life later.

-> It is understandable that Molly used to be described as “moving wallpaper”. Because in reality, even in 200 years later, there is no record that Molly is a pressure point in Sherlock’s life.

I think that Sherlolly interactions will always be kept as secret  ( their private messages, greetings or farewells with hugging … ) & won’t appeared in DETAILS in the series. Still, we could totally figure it out base on their gradual closeness & timeline. PICTURES are only half of the TRUTH. We can have our own DEDUCTIONS , ASSUMPTIONS, GUESSES of their future, but it maybe not allowed to appeared in the series ( ex : When Sherlolly get old, they will have a reunion in Sussex, with the house that Janine sell to them , or Janine will be their neighbor )

-> Steven Moffat gave us our wonderful Sherlolly, with fewer complaints , we can make our own question & fill in the blank to figure out the mystery ( ex : Molly must be really so so BRILLIANT to help Sherlock in season 1, when he’s always complain with others incompetence but still need her help with the cadavers’results). 

That’s why I still enjoy Sherlolly moments as long as all talented writers still keep wrting. analyse , dig deeper for the info , or have their own thoughts of Sherlolly ^^