Enter today for a chance to win a rainbow polypro hoop or minis from Galaxy Hoop and a matching rainbow crochet top from NoeleBelle!!

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I am so jazzed about this giveaway!!! NoeleBelle [thecrochetfaerie] is such a wonderful, inspiring woman who creates such beautiful things! I am overjoyed to be running such a fun giveaway with her! I can’t wait to see who wins our rainbows!! ♡♡♡

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Oh snap! @melanie_levin took the #CleanUpAnthem to another level! I love love love this!! Slay queen! Thanks for posting x

Show me your moves! Post a video of you dancing to the #CleanUpAnthem and tag me while using the hashtag! I’ll repost my favs!

Download the song at www.CleanUpAnthem.com and watch the video at www.CleanUpVideo.com

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this is my latest video on the chicago music festivals new youtube channel…this video is in dedication to BLVisuals.com for sending such a lovley care package <3 

Hooper problems

1)Defending yourself from your friends/significant other who say “You’re getting ANOTHER ONE??”

2)Being a mild hazard to all living and non-living things around you

3)Eternal hoop bruises

4)Being treated like a child because you play with a “kid’s toy”

5)Being expected to ‘perform a routine’ for onlookers

6)Being told 'you do it for the attention’

7)Explaining to people that each hoop is different when they say 'it’s the same thing to me’ and having to justify why you are less comfortable letting non-hoopers play with expensive LED hoops without being seen as a 'bitch’

8)Same goes for giving kids hula hoops to play with, which is lovely and all, and then having to ask for it back and getting glares from their parents…

9)When your flow doesn’t translate into videos

10)When people watching you hoop make you nervous so you end up feeling uncomfortable and not being able to flow freely

11)T-rex arms

12)Awkward body shimmies

13)When the hoop hits you in the face


15)Tape scuffing

16)Dropping the hoop on harsh surfaces (like concrete)

17)Being told off for hooping in the house because you’re 'breaking all the furniture’

18)The one time where you can’t nail a trick in front of other people and you end up accidentally getting the hoop to fling into them and cause a bad impression

19)When unwelcome people try to hit on you, follow you around, stalk, harass you

20)Creeps who assume that having a hoop is like an open invitation to objectify the hooper for arbitrary qualities about them