Hook is in love

My initial thoughts after watching Dark Hollow again? Did the writers even try at all on the love triangle between Emma and Hook and Neal? It couldn’t have been more obvious who Emma would end up with if the writers had put “Killian is Emma’s true love” across the screen in bold letters during every single triangle scene. Not that I’m complaining of course course, but yeah no subtlety there at all.

One of the best guides to how to be self-loving is to give ourselves the love we are often dreaming about receiving from others. There was a time when I felt lousy about my over-forty body, saw myself as too fat, too this, or too that. Yet I fantasized about finding a lover who would give me the gift of being loved as I am. It is silly, isn’t it, that I would dream of someone else offering to me the acceptance and affirmation I was withholding from myself. This was a moment when the maxim “You can never love anybody if you are unable to love yourself” made clear sense. And I add, “Do not expect to receive the love from someone else you do not give yourself.
—  bell hooks, All About Love
Unwanted Love Poems

The way to fall in love: like velcro, you attach
Hooks, link up, hold on; like the weed in the
Rose patch, you grow round the stem and
Intersect everywhere; like lines on a map, you
Happen to cross, here and here, and here again.
It is a way - weaving our selves into each other.
We become involved, complicatedly, and soon
There will be no way to be that is not part of being
With you, with me. Love is the way we feed each
Other’s needs, obsess about the same things, 
Get mixed up strangely, so that soon I cannot tell
Which part of me is me and which is you. I am
Truly caught up in the thought of you, always you.

rayestrash  asked:

But why were you called penis girl and blowjob queen MOM WHAT DID U DO

well those are two different stories… 

BJ Queen is really just… I was kind of a groupie for a lot of my 20′s.  When I say kind of, I mean that I didn’t go to shows for the purpose of hooking up with musicians. I went to shows for bands I loved and sometimes, shit happened with me and one of the band members *shrugs* Whatever. I hung out on a message board for groupies where we dished the dirt and since I was still a virgin at the time, all I did was BJs so I earned the moniker of BJ Queen.

PENIS GIRL.  That’s a more hilarious story.

So, back in the day there used to be a message board.. service, i guess?, called EZBoard.  Multiple sites used it, which was convenient a lot of the time cos no matter which message board you went to post on, if you had an EZBoard account at one, it worked the same on the other.

So, during this time, I was at one message board, where several of the men had started using pornographic pictures of women as their avatars or signature banners.  When anyone protested, they of course mansplained it and a lot of folks started to get kind of fed up.  So, I decided to beat them at their own game.  I found a picture of a porn actor I knew, standing naked fully erect and put it as my avatar.  Then I started posted all over the board and the men, the same ones with their naked ladies, IMMEDIATELY started to freak out, protest, omg it’s so gross wtf is wrong with you, etc.  and it was great.  Our point was made and the nudity was toned way down.

SEVERAL WEEKS LATER, I went to VAST’s band website and ended up on their message board.  I mostly was just reading, but I went and posted something random and innocuous and went about my day.  Totally forgetting the naked erect pornstar in my avatar.  When I come back to the thread, I find several folks having a laugh about it and I go in, with my avatar fixed, and explain what happened.  We all have a proper laugh and that’s that.

Or so I think.

MONTHS later, I go see VAST play.  I go up to the band after the show to get my vinyl record signed.  I start with the drummer and tell him, I’m RikkiSixx.  


…………… I don’t know that there is a shade of red that could accurately describe the colour of my face when he said that because I knew, instantly what he meant.  The singer pipes up and they both start cracking up and I’m mortified.  Then I asked the singer to sign the record and he made a bunch of 7 inch jokes and oh man.

so yea, that’s how I got the names. 

I was chatting with @ainda-mais earlier about the film Hook, and how if taken from Wendy’s point of view, the story is pretty heartbreaking and tragic. I mean here’s a story of a girl falling in love with a boy, her first love and as some dialogue in Hook suggests, her true love too, but in typical young male fashion, he a) at first doesn’t get it, and b) when he finally does understand about loving a girl, it’s not the girl who’s loved him her whole life, but instead her granddaughter - which from his perspective is understandable as Wendy is old enough to be his grandmother when he finally does realise about love, but from her perspective, deep down, it must be devastating, and compounded even more when she has to essentially step in and take a maternal role until he’s adopted (which in itself raises a whole lot of other questions). That scene when he gives Moira a kiss - as a young woman, that was probably all Wendy wanted - she even admitted to thinking he’d interrupt her wedding - and having probably reconciled herself to the fact that he’d never give up Neverland, never grow up, he eventually does make that sacrifice for her granddaughter - something he never did for her.

I suppose in a way that’s the one thing that Hook misses the boat on - although you can’t fault the film for not going there either - Spielberg was making a film for children, I doubt he imagined we’d all grow up, analyse it and conclude Peter was a bit of a shit to Wendy lol. There’s a hint of a resolution, or rather an understanding between Wendy and Peter in the squidge moment at the end of the movie, but as an adult watching it all, you can’t help but think that relationship deserved more of a conclusion. Oh well, random ramble over lol. Feel free to scroll past.

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Ugh just saw a post I wish I could unsee where Emma has a conversation with Neal about how she is refusing to marry Killian because she is still in love with Neal. And Neal is as fatuous a turd as ever in it about her "finally figuring out Killian is an ass." Gag. I need brain bleach.....

You have GOT to send me the link!!! 

But I’ll just say this, it shows how stupid they are, how pissy about Bagel being dead/not recognized as jeebus/etc AND how they fail to understand how real humans and relationships work that they would write such a thing…..

Because of course if you decide you love someone else MORE (and, of course, the irony here is, it’s made quite apparent Emma loves Hook so much more deeply than she ever did SMF or even realized was possible, in canon) and thus decide not to marry the other person, that doesn’t mean the other person has to be a jerk, ugly or actually bad or negative in any way. It just means you love person A more than person B. 

Interestingly, the film version of The Sound of Music (even if the Baroness was kind of a bitch to Maria and the kids) played this out quite well….and Von Trapp’s and the Baroness’s parting was very classy, dignified and sensitive. 

Alsoooooo…..it’s interesting, that in spite of EVERYTHING and this being the actual situation, Emma never, EVER rubbed Bagel’s nose in this exact situation with Tamara.

But, of course, it has to be that Emma is humiliated and controlled, by the oh-so-wise Stiltsdick and realize her foolishness in her failure to bow down. 


For @boleyngirl39, who loves the Hookfire bromance almost more than I do and still cries with me over its wasted potential: AU in which Hook and Neal are best bros, and Hook’s got a thing for Neal’s sister, Regina.

Hook: Hey. Neal.
Neal: Yeah, what’s up, bro?
Hook:Okay, so…you know your sister, Regina?
Hook: Well, I was thinking, I could date her.
Neal: Are you fucking high? No, absolutely not.
Hook: Ooh. Awkward–I already am.
Hook: Sorry.
Neal: Goddamn it. Now I  have to kill you.