Emma wonders why Killian only eats the donuts with rainbow sprinkles – it’s because he likes his pastries to look festive. PIRATE LYFE <3 


The non-photo blue pencil in the brush pack! For anyone who is confused, the blue pencil is like a drafting pencil..it’s supposed to be this light so you can go over it later with a darker line. Veeery easy to sketch with, me like. Please send me a message if you would like this sketch to be more…finished, lol. Will be done only by popular demand, otherwise it stays like this.

Say 5 nice things about your NOTP

So anyone who follows me knows I’m not much of a OQ/CS fan (mostly cuz they’re rival ships to my OTP) BUT still I’ll attempt to spread some positivity in the OUAT fandom. Here’s to you fellow Oncers!

Captain Swan

1) Hook is really handsome

2) Colin is a great actor

3) As a Oncer, I thought the finale ILY was romantic! (I said so in one of my earliest posts on Tumblr)

4) AU Hook was a sweetheart

5) I kinda dig the idea of bad boy/good girl couples so I can understand the appeal of CS

Outlaw Queen

1) Robin’s son Roland is SO ADORABLE!

2) OQ were cute in the beginning

3) I thought Sean was a good sport in the recent cons

4) As a Oncer, I thought AU Robin saving Regina from Evil Snow was a nice moment

5) I like that Robin made Regina so happy (especially before s3 finale)

Feel free to make your own “Say 5 nice things about your NOTP” posts. The more the merrier! 

Try it, it won’t hurt you. ;)

Say 5 nice things about your NOTP

Captain Swan
1. S2 Hook’s double entendres brought a new flavor to the show, that i liked, he easily turned anything into a sexual comment, and was the ONLY character who offered that in the show. It really provided something different to the mix.

2. I identify with Colin, i think he’s sweet…i play guitar, i love “old” music… i didnt have friends, am a bit geeky and am studying acting. So when he said “i could be an actor and pretend i have friends” it broke my heart, cuz i get it. He’s who i identify with the most.

3. I like that emma’s the top of their relationship. She asks him out, she holds him down.  And he lets her, for example the bed scene she’s holding his hands down. That’s very toppy of her.

Outlaw Queen
4. (this is so embarassing) but it’s the truth….i like that Sean never misses a chance to slightly touch Regina’s butt…it’s like he acknowledges it must be touched….

5. I enjoyed seeing that giddy side of regina,  on early OQ, we got to see her smile and kissing, and sexy times and that wouldn’t have had happened without OQ.
#i dont know if im doing this right

idk if they’re actually my NOTPs?
“Ships” either resonate with you or they don’t.
And SQ resonates within me…deeply, is all.

“Feel free to make your own “Say 5 nice things about your NOTP” posts. The more the merrier! Try it, it won’t hurt you. ;)”- frankie-blue-sq