Let’s take Emma and Killian for example because who doesn’t want to use every opportunity possible to talk about the show’s most adorable couple?! Their meeting was entirely an act of fate but being together was a choice the two of them made. It can be classified as the universe’s doing because what are the odds that Emma’s accidental fall into a portal would lead her to a place where she’d be of use to Cora and Killian. At the time, Storybrooke’s curse was already broken thereby giving the two the opportunity to find the wardrobe’s remains + the compass that’d secure their passage into our land. They never needed Emma or Snow. However, Killian and Emma were clearly meant to meet because they were meant to fall in love. And we saw that even in the past, when their paths crossed, the two were completely enamored with one another – though Emma knew what was going on, her attraction to past Killian was still strong. You don’t choose if you’re attracted to someone, but you choose what to do with that attraction. And for so long Emma pushed Killian away while he willingly chose to change himself in order to be worthy of her. It was Killian’s choice to become a hero as opposed to remaining a villain, and it was Emma’s choice to open her heart to his adoration. Emma could’ve fallen in love with him and became a villain also couldn’t she have? Instead she chose the honorable path only to find that she was most drawn to the sincerity and kindness he’d shown her despite his notorious moniker.
—  MG Circles (X)

A problem with the OUAT fandom is that a lot of you can’t distinguish between actor and character. Quite a few of you hate Colin and Sean just because they play the characters you don’t like: Hook and Robin. And now I am even seeing some hate for Agnes Bruckner who plays adult Lily just because she isn’t Latina. Don’t hate the actors - it is not their fault!

I’m hoping that if they go with the Emma dissapears after the finale or turns dark or whatever, Killian plays a big and major role.

Right now he just seems like “Emma’s boyfriend” which I understand. The focus is on Emma. 

But this is Captain freaking Hook. He’s been alive 300 years. He can bloody well head a rescue mission or defeat some vile villain. Now he just has a partner in crime to do so.

Reactions to Once Upon A Time “Lily”

1) Who’s that family she was with as a kid??

2) I love how they subtly explain how Regina adopted the saviour’s son after we were told that Rumple did not have his memories back until Emma came to Storybrooke at 28 years old. “Fate” is always a good excuse. lol

3) Oh Emma I know you are mad at your parents but you’re really not going to forgive them or listen to them at all? :(

4) I feel kinda bad for Lily! Its not her fault she keeps making bad choices :/ 

5) Oh I so love the SwanQueen friendship <33333

6) “I’m going to give you your heart back. But he’s going to protect it. Because I’ve proved myself unworthy.” OH MY GOD RUMPLE WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME </3333 You always find a way to make me still love you. My #Rumbelle <3

7) “She’s pregnant”.

Mouth was literally hanging open for that last one for a good half minute.


anonymous asked:

She's without her magic now... Anyone could just walk right up to her and do away with her. Maybe I should do so, and protect the world from her going dark!

Given that you’re addressing this intention to me I can only assume you are referring to Emma.  But let me assure you, the world does not need protecting from Emma Swan.

Consider your next move very carefully, grey face. Swan was well capable of defending herself long before she had control of her magic.  And should you happen to survive the attempt unscathed, I’m not known for my forgiving demeanor.

Because of your father - (Killian Jones x reader)

If we asked Gold what could happen to him worse, he probably would respond today that his only daughter falls for a pirate. Indeed, Hook had a charm that had you at once more. Yet you know that the different opposing your father and the beautiful pirate, but you could not overcome your feelings. You wanted to belong to him, you wanted to be his. Yet the pirate rejected you, he clearly showed you that you did not matter to him. He never answered to your advances, you suspect same that he avoid you, it’s to tell. You were a little upset that he does not feel anything for you  it was something but he didn’t have to be so cold with you. On Ruby advice, knowing what you felt about Killian, you decided to move on, to sail to new horizons. You began to meet new boys, while more annoying than each other. They don’t  interest you, they were not Killian. Tonight, you had a date with Dr. Whale. You were never sexier, he had agreed to meet you at Granny’s. You were just the two sat at a table, sipping a cocktail when Hook suddenly burst into the cafe. You don’t know why but you feel embarrassed that he see you in the company of a man, perhaps because you didn’t definitively turned the page on your feelings. Continued the evening and you couldn’t help but feel you look Killian posed on you.He hasn’t taken his eyes off you Your thoughts were stopped when you felt a hand glided over your bare leg. Surprise, you looked up toward the doctor who gave you a smirk. You quickly withdrew his hand, blushing. You were so embarrassed,you don’t think he would have such intentions in the first appointment. But he never could give up, he put his hand on your leg but this time she made her way into your pants. Suddenly Whale was interrupted by the voice of Killian.

“I think you should immediately remove your hand from the lady friend, friendly advice”

“Oh yes, and why?”

“Because she’s mine, go away”

Whale watching you, you wasn’t disputing the words of the pirate. Not that you agreed with his words, but you didn’t want to be groped again by the doctor. He left without a word.

“Thank you Killian, good night” you tell him by sending him a genuine smile. You put your jacket and made your way to the exit. You were finally outside, fresh air hitting your face. You began to walk towards your apartment when you were interrupted by a hand. You turned around you gently, afraid to see Whale, but no, it was Hook.

“What do you want Killian? I already thanked for having me out of this awkward situation, I think it’s quite right? ”

“I want to talk to you (Y / N)”

“I’m listening”

He looked at you, not knowing where to start.

“(Y/N) promise me that you go not that kind of appointment anymore"

“Sorry but I don’t see at all what it looks at you p>“You just kidding me ? Thanks to me you did not violate done tonight !”

“You exaggerate! A bit like when you said I was yours.. ”

“You’re mine, I love you (Y/N) and I know you love me too but.. With your father..”

“Killian.. If you really love me, we don’t care about my father. Love is the most powerful thing. Love is stronger than anything” 

The pirate didn’t answer you, no, he couldn’t because he had crushed his lips against yours. He embraced you as if his life depended on it. All the feelings you feel for one another lived through that kiss. Out of breath, he put an end to your kiss.

“I want you by my side, and I know you want it too. Do you ?”

“Of course”

Your intimate moment was interrupted by the arrival of your father … The early problems but you don’t care because you have Killian. And that’s all what you want. 

I hope you like it, I’m sorry for my english but I’m french so it’s more difficult for me ahah :)