Would The Real Captain Hook Please Stand Up

It will probably come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with my ramblings to learn that I am a Captain Hook stan. What can I say, damaged men with physical deformities are my jam. What might surprise some of you, however, is to learn that James Hook was never meant to be a fully “dark” villain — nor was his nemesis Peter Pan ever meant to be an unproblematic hero.

Case and point — In Peter Pan, author J.M. Barrie laments Hook’s death thusly: “James Hook, thou not wholly unheroic figure, farewell.” Meanwhile, Peter laughs when Wendy and her brothers fall asleep while flying and nearly fall to their deaths, he forgets who they are constantly, and whenever he gets piqued, he begins to breath heavily because it’s believed that, with every breath he takes, an adult dies. (Holy shit!)

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