So there is a lot of theories concerning Arthur and Hook- the most popular that he is Hook’s father.

I think that Arthur is actually the child of Hook. More specifically, the child of Hook and Emma.

This would explain how Arthur becomes a king (child of a princess) even though Hook isn’t royal. Also, Camelot is an alternative universe that might be past, present, or future. This theory obviously imagines Camelot in the future where Hook and Emma’s baby becomes a king and rules like a hero because he has the blood of the savior and a captain, not to mention he’s the grandchild of Prince Charming and Snow White.

Movie night

Emma’s POV

“So boys what are we watching tonight?” I ask Henry and Killian.

“The lad says that he has the perfect one for me.” Killian tells me.

“Oh and which movie is that Henry?” I look at Henry. He smirks.

“Oh a really really good movie.” He says to me.

“Henry you’re not! Are you?” I laugh.

“Well he has to watch it eventually.” He says as he goes to grab Peter Pan.

“Will I like this movie love?” Killian asks me. He’s clearly confused by mine and Henry’s conversation.

“I think that you’ll be surprised by this movie.” I tell him. He nods and looks at the tv. Henry puts it in the dvd player and sits on the couch between Killian and I. We all cuddle close together. The movie starts and Killian’s eyebrows furrow.

“What the bloody hell!? That git gets his own movie!?” Killian yells. Henry and I chuckle.

“I’m sorry Hook.” I say to him.

“Swannnnnn…. why don’t I have my own movie?” He whines at me.

“I don’t know Hook.” I tell him. Killian just pouts. The movie plays on and once it’s clear that pan is a good guy, Killian frowns deeply.

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.” He says. Henry and I look at each other.

“Hook it’s just a kid’s movie.” Henry says to him.

“You know first hand how wrong this is! How can you watch this?” Killian asks.

“Well your reactions to it are funny.” Henry tells him.Killian sticks his tongue out and goes back to watching the movie. It finally gets to the part of the movie where they introduce Captain Hook.

“That…. what…. SWAN!” Killian’s eyes look like they are going to pop out of the his head.

“Yes Killian?” I ask him while trying to suppress a laugh.

“Do…. do… do I really look like that?” He asks turning to me.

“Well no your hair is a lot shorter.” I tell him. He quickly stands up and runs into the bathroom. Henry and I follow him. We find him looking at himself in the mirror. He looks back at the cartoon Captain Hook and then back into the mirror. He does this about 7 more times before he finally realizes I was just messing with him. By this point Henry and I are laughing so hard we’re crying.

“This isn’t funny! Why would they make such handsome devil look like that?” He asks.

“Oh it is so funny!” Henry says between laughs.

“You should of seen your face.” I say to Killian.

“You’re both lucky I love you otherwise this would be unforgiveable.” Killian tells us. I smile and walk over to him. I kiss him lightly.

“I love you too Captain Hook.” I giggle. Henry comes over and hugs us both.

“Yeah I guess I love you too. You are pretty cool for a guy with a perm.” Henry says to Killian. Killian playfully glares at him and then ruffles Henry’s hair. I smile and look at them. I’m a very lucky woman to have such an amazing family.

All Through The Night:CS oneshot+Ao3

“i was going to call my friend because someone is following me but my fingers were shaking so bad that i dialed your number and you insisted on saving me.” AU

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I just know. I see all, I know all. I am an observer, okay? Plus, I've offered him food and he refuses it every time. The man is not eating. You should worry about him.

Um…okay, not creepy at all.

And now I think I’m starting to see why Hook wouldn’t accept any of the food you’ve offered him. Look, I’m pretty sure Hook’s eating, maybe he just wasn’t hungry at the time or he was suspicious of the food you were giving him.    


By hands down captain swan “I’d rather be—
with you.

-» dt: Morgan, Chyanne, Jenn”


By yellow bug princess “Take my hand —
I’ll take the lead…

↝ dt; Belle 💃🏼”