A poster design for Trayvon, as well as multiple recent unresolved cases of racist murders in the Milwaukee area. Please share, print, etc.

A downloadable 18×24 poster version is available here


Three Years Ago Today, Trayvon Martin Was Killed. Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to His Family and Friends. We’re Truly Inspired By Their Courage, Perseverance and Bravery Through All This. Trayvon is Gone But Not Forgotten.

  • “Lost in all the horrible politics surrounding his death is the story of a boy. Before he became yet another flash point in America’s painful and never-ending racial drama, Trayvon Martin was just a normal teenager. Here, at last, is the story of what was lost on that February night.” Read Esquire’s interview with Trayvon’s family: http://bit.ly/1EvIcBy
  • Trayvon Martin and the Irony of American Justice by Journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates: http://theatln.tc/182Jib0 via The Atlantic
  • Trayvon Martin Three Years Later: Pain, Anger and Sadness Still Haunt Family and Friends as They ‘Pray for the Truth’: http://nydn.us/1BAHyDG via New York Daily News
  • 25 Works of Art Paying Tribute to Trayvon Martin: http://bzfd.it/182IC5q via Buzzfeed



We now know the DOJ won’t pursue Justice for Trayvon.

On the anniversary of his death, answer the call from Million Hoodies for Movement for Justice and take it to the streets…
Organize your friends, your classmates & your community to shut down your nearest hall of justice.

ACT NOW - Please your local action & Add Your City HERE

Decolonize the Verdict: Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

White Supremacy Acquits George Zimmerman

“It has been decided: black life isn’t worth shit.

Come together in force across the country tomorrow at 6pm.

Let’s not ask for justice: let’s make it happen ourselves.”

#HoodiesUp #JusticeforTrayvon


Around the U.S.: Justice for Trayvon Martin Actions

Baltimore, MD

Justice for Trayvon Martin! Jail George Zimmerman Demonstration

Sunday 7/14 5:00pm

McKelden Square, Pratt & Light Streets

Zimmerman was acquitted! We are calling on all concerned people, groups: churches, students, unions, and community to come out to express our outrage! Say No to Racist Injustices!

Boston, MA

Sunday 7/14 5:30pm

Dudley Square Roxbury

Buffalo, NY

Fight Racist Violence and Justice for Trayvon Rally

Sunday 7/14 5:00 – 7:00pm

Corner of Bailey Ave and Kensington Ave

March starts promptly at 5:00pm and the rally at Bailey and Langfield will start at 6:00pm


Charlotte, NC

Sunday 7/14 6:00pm

Marshall Park 800 E Third St

Denver, CO

Justice for Trayvon!

Sunday 7/14 2:00pm

Denver City Park

1700 York St – by MLK Statue

Detroit, MI

Sunday 7/14 6:00pm

Grand Circus Park


Travon Martin Organizing Committee TravonOC.wordpress.com

Greensboro, NC

Trayvon Martin Vigil and Speak Out

Sunday 7/14 5:00 – 9:00pm

Elm St. & Feb. 1 Plaza

Houston, TX

Sunday 7/14 6:00pm

Houston City Hall 901 Bagby


Occupy Houston

Los Angeles, CA

Justice for Trayvon Martin!

Leimert Park tonight!

Sunday 4:00pm at MLK and Crenshaw Blvd.

Phone: 323-306-6240 for more information

Madison, WI

Justice for Trayvon: Hoodie Rally

Sunday 5:00pm until 8:00pm

The verdict is in – after only 16 hours of deliberation, George Zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder for shooting Trayvon Martin last year.

No Justice, No Peace!


Newark, NJ

Emergency demonstration for Trayvon Martin

Sunday June 14 2:00pm

Broad & Market


Oakland, CA

Occupy Oakland

Gathering at Oscar Grant Plaza Tonite in response to the verdict

Rally Monday 6:00pm at Oscar Grant Plaza

Bring your hoodies and rage!

#J4TM #hoodiesup #oo

Raleigh/Durham, NC

Justice for Trayvon Martin!

Raleigh – Sunday 7/14 3:00pm

Durham – Sunday 7/14 6:00pm Rally at courthouse

New York City, NY


Sunday, July 14 1:00pm Gather at Union Square 14th St and Broadway – Manhattan

  • No to racism, police brutality and racial profiling!
  • Jobs and schools, not jails!
  • End mass incarceration and deportations!
  • End stop & frisk and the war on youth!

#HoodiesUp for Trayvon – ALL OUT NYC!

Sunday, July 14 6:00pm Union Square 14th St and Broadway – Manhattan

It has been decided: black life isn’t worth shit.

Come together in force across the country Sunday at 6pm.

Let’s not ask for justice

The clergy won’t save us

The politicians damn sure won’t save us


Take Court to the streets.



San Diego, CA

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download the flyer

Stand With Trayvon Martin!

Rally on the day of the verdict

5:30pm at Highland Park – on Fairmount between Wightman and Landis

Hear from the family of Victor Ortega, shot and killed by SDPD on June 4, 2012


Spent the day marching in solidarity, and thinking about this:

We cannot dismiss the frustrations and actualities of the oppressed. Be it discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, physical ability, mental ability, weight, or height. Being dismissive only furthers oppression. In retrospect to this event, stating that you “do not see race or color” perpetuates white-privilege and is dismissive to our differences, furthering the illusion of “sameness”. Instead we must recognize these differences and understand where our own individual responsibilities and accountabilities lie.

Today in history: On February 26, 2012, Trayvon Martin, 17 years old and unarmed, was shot and killed in cold blood in Sanford, Florida by neighborhood watch vigilante George Zimmerman.

After ignoring an order from the police department, George Zimmerman profiled, followed, confronted and murdered Trayvon. The Sanford police department then proceeded to allow George Zimmerman to go home, a free man, with his murder weapon. A massive wave of outrage followed, with huge protests in Florida and around the country demanding justice for Travyon Martin and an end to racist brutality and killings in the U.S.

Via Freedom Road Socialist Organization (Fight Back!)