Bunch o’ replies Tumblr didn’t tell me about on the dashboard //dances

@perpetuuity said: [i should rename my tags to SMOL THIEF] 

  When did I get a tag–
  What is my tag now
  When did we do a thing
  pls don’t make this canon–

@perpetuuity said: [i ship it too x:] 
@notjustsaiyan said: (( thank goodness im not the only one. like trash child like trash mama– )) 

Yes. Come. Come ship with me.

@silverxgold said: (( You played clarinet–))

  Yes, Yes I did! My brothers liked to call me Squidward when-
  ever I brought it home. I wasn’t any good with it tho lol.

@littlegxmergirl said: *gives him her hoodie cause she thinks it’s pretty cool plus she has extra and it would be mean not to give it to the SMOL*

@sonxfdoom said: **Petitions to hand his jacket to the donation.** 

ew. he doesnt bathe. why would gohan want a stanky jacket–